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Spring sweater

Blue sweater with spring dress
Blue sweater with jeans
Blue sweater with spring dress

Blue sweater with spring dress

I needed a little sweater to wear with the previously posted Spring dress. I used a navy blue ponte knit. What a dream to sew!( It has nylon in the fabric so be sure to use a press cloth when pressing seams.) Could'nt find a pattern to my liking. Since this paticular ponte was so stable , I used the bodice portion of McCall's 7084, a shirt dress. To add some visual interest,  I top stitched each side of the vertical seams and used a double needle for the hems and front opening.  I ommited the front band altogether. The princess seams add to the streamline look and and dress up the basic blue. Also shows off my growing belt buckle collection when worn with jeans and a T-shirt.

Pattern or design used: McCall's 7084 (Bodice only)

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