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Some of my favorite projects

Tennis Dress 
Tennis outfit
Classy simple black dress
Casual dress
Adult tutu
Tennis Dress 

Tennis Dress 

I love the art of sewing and I constantly look for challenges.  The pictures I posted are a few of my easier projects.  The tennis dress and outfit were made for daughter and they were self drafted.  The black and white dress was made using a simple sheath dress pattern, measurements were made for the cutouts to insert the white fabric (pattern was found on Pinterest).  The casul blue navy dress was made by creating a shirt and attaching a circle skirt, creating belt loops and belt.  The edging is double-stitched gold embroidery thread.  Lastly, the afult tutu was constructed by making a simple skirt with lining and 8 layers of tulle which was attachted to a satin sash and finished with a hidden zipper. 

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Erica Parks
EP Collection

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Posted: 5:40 am on August 1st

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