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Custom Shoulder Pad Pattern

A classic French jacket can benefit from subtle shoulder shaping.
The shoulder pad is covered with lining fabric for a clean, smooth finish.
A classic French jacket can benefit from subtle shoulder shaping.

A classic French jacket can benefit from subtle shoulder shaping.

Photo: Jack Deutsch

Author Mary Funt, an expert in couture construction, has studied and re-created garments by many top designers. When making a softly structured cardigan-style jacket inspired by Chanel, she likes to add a little shoulder support and shaping. To do so, she builds a shoulder pad from cotton batting, covered with the same fabric used for the jacket lining.

free pattern  

To make your own shoulder pads, download and print the patterns shown and follow Mary's instructions in Threads #193 (Oct./Nov. 2017) to make the pads. Check that the marked lines print at the measurements given.

These pads are easily customizable: Simply enlarge or reduce the original pattern as desired, and add or omit the inner layers to personalize the thickness. If your shoulders are asymmetrical, you can make one pad slightly thicker than the other to balance your silhouette. Don't hesitate to try these shoulder pads in other types of jackets and blouses. Insert them in any garment that could benefit from a bit of oomph at the shoulders.



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Vidales Vidales writes: amazing outfit!
Posted: 2:47 am on September 19th

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Posted: 6:47 am on September 18th

Lopot Lopot writes: The same way my mother used to
Posted: 4:47 am on September 18th

Koritz Koritz writes: nice!
Posted: 7:50 am on September 15th

Wlake Wlake writes: Very good!
Posted: 7:15 am on September 15th

Leizders Leizders writes: Great pattern
Posted: 5:29 am on September 15th

Jowof Jowof writes: Może w czymś pomóc
Posted: 4:51 am on September 15th

Nhyleli Nhyleli writes: bardzo ciekawe
Posted: 4:01 am on September 15th

Kobij Kobij writes: yeah, definetly good
Posted: 3:57 am on September 15th

Afarans Afarans writes: very nice look
Posted: 8:49 am on September 14th

capitalstudio capitalstudio writes:
Very nice clothes
Posted: 6:38 am on September 14th

capital studio capital studio writes: good
Posted: 2:50 am on September 14th

capital studio capital studio writes: srednie
Posted: 2:50 am on September 14th

Klehu Klehu writes: stroke
Posted: 2:40 am on September 14th

Djylu Djylu writes: ciekawy patent
Posted: 2:12 am on September 14th

Opuby Opuby writes: good job
Posted: 8:42 am on September 13th

Vusyves Vusyves writes: Nice

Posted: 8:59 am on September 12th

Adinytyj1 Adinytyj1 writes: godd
Posted: 7:39 am on September 12th

Mumya Mumya writes: nice
Posted: 8:47 am on September 11th

Hkoni Hkoni writes: nice
Posted: 7:54 am on September 11th

Nraty Nraty writes: Nice
Posted: 6:32 am on September 11th

malikk malikk writes: amazing!
Posted: 5:53 am on September 11th

Vivef Vivef writes: pretty lady as a model
Posted: 4:41 am on September 11th

Togya Togya writes: żadna nowość tak ogólnie. moja babka już tak szyła
Posted: 3:53 am on September 11th

Theka Theka writes: I like this

Posted: 2:28 am on September 11th

Slyna Slyna writes: Such entries I love
Posted: 2:04 am on September 11th

kancelaria-ppz kancelaria-ppz writes: Cool
Posted: 1:25 am on September 11th

mkpunktrent mkpunktrent writes: Good
Posted: 6:22 am on September 8th

alchemiawlosow alchemiawlosow writes: Cool
Posted: 5:15 am on September 8th

Pervenis Pervenis writes: Excellent
Posted: 7:56 am on September 7th

polkardbis polkardbis writes: Super!
Posted: 6:17 am on September 7th

polroll polroll writes: Super!
Posted: 2:22 am on September 6th

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Posted: 5:35 am on August 28th

user-6729738 user-6729738 writes: Would have loved to have had some suggestions for adapting for forward shoulders! I will experiment...
Posted: 8:09 pm on August 24th

Jochu Jochu writes: looks promising
Posted: 4:05 am on August 24th

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