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Announcing the Winner of the Fluid Fabric Challenge!

Winner, The Memory of Trees by member, musedesigns.
Infrared by member, davia518.
Charmeuse Dancing Frock by member, sewing_kit.
Winner, The Memory of Trees by member, musedesigns.

Winner, The Memory of Trees by member, musedesigns.

Threads is proud to announce the winner of the Fluid Fabrics Challenge: The Memory of Trees by musedesigns! The editors were won over by the beautiful drape of this dancer’s costume, created for a pre-professional ballet competition. The skirt design accentuates the fluidity of the fabric without being overdone, and conveys its soft, supple hand. The gauzy veil also adds to the overall fluid effect of the design.

Congratulations, musedesigns! And  thank you to everyone who submitted an entry! There were so many great garments to choose from, we would be remiss in not sharing some our other fluid favorites below.

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The Winner!!!  The Memory of Trees by member, musedesigns.



Infrared by member, davia518.

We loved the contrast in this garment between the tight machine-knit fabric on one side and the fluid silk charmeuse, which seems to explode out of the other side.


Charmeuse Dancing Frock by member, sewing_kit.

The weaving on the bodice of this floor length dress is impressive, as is the color gradation of the design.


fluid fourties by member, SewSueMe.

This blouse and skirt are a study in the simple beauty of fluid fabrics.The garments rely on the fluidity for its sophisticated, classic grace.


Prom Dress--Silk Charmeuse Fabric by member, Lucas53.

This silk charmeuse bias dress is a column of spun gold. We particulary enjoyed the criss-cross detailing of the back straps.

Siren of the Deep by member, evek.

The asymmetrical layering of silk chiffon in this garment exude motion and lightness.



Comments (6)

illy illy writes: hola! no se el idioma ingles pero solo de ver tus creaciones me encantaron estan bellisimas y llenas de creatividad muchas felicidades!!! todos los vestidos ajustan perfectos,saludos de merida yucatan ,mexico
Posted: 10:55 pm on May 14th

musedesigns musedesigns writes: Hi CODMissbarb, thanks for the kudos! I don't currently have a good photo of the front of the bodice of this piece...I am considering ordering more shots from the photographer but they are pricey. One fantastic resource for we fellow ballet costumiers is on the Ballet Talk for Dancers website. There you will find a forum called the 'Pro Shop'. There is a wealth of information on everything from tacking tutus to running a costume shop. Most members are from pre-pro/regional companies, but there are a couple of big company pros, too.
Posted: 5:17 pm on May 5th

musedesigns musedesigns writes: Hi seamster! I don't know whether it is your computer or not. In ballet terms the position is called 'attitude effacée derrière, sur la pointe'. In other words, the dancer is standing on her left leg while en pointe, her right leg is lifted behind her, bent at the knee.
Posted: 5:04 pm on May 5th

CODMissbarb CODMissbarb writes: I too am a costume mistress/designer for a pre-professional company. Your costume is beautiful and enhances the dancer. Do you have a picture of the front of the bodice? The design and embellishment look intriguing. Do you know of any sort of organization for us pre-professional, school designers? I'd love to hear others hints and tricks.
Posted: 8:08 am on May 5th

JacqueinDe JacqueinDe writes: Actually what you are seeing is her right foot is pointing up and to her left, it give the illusion of her leg being disjointed. Go On! Eileen I dare you to try it.LOL.
Posted: 9:22 pm on May 4th

seamster seamster writes: Is it my computer? but it looks like the person displaying "Memory of Trees" has a disjointed body. The legs seem to be that of another entity. Eileen Clark
Posted: 11:37 am on May 4th

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