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I'm a new (yes very new) designer...well make that hopeful designer.

I've finally decided to pursue a lifelong dream of fashion designing. I don’t hope to become famous but I would like to eventually open a small boutique. So I am asking for any advice anyone has to give!!!!

I want to design and make my own dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry, shoes etc.

I am looking in to purchasing an adjustable mannequin and would like to know what other supplies I should look for.

Again I’d love some advice, thanks a ton!

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alanperez alanperez writes: I really like it.. Well done
Posted: 2:28 am on July 9th

amm amm writes: Hi Meirra,
Threads has done a number of great articles about the tools that we think are essential. If you don't have access to the issue, you may purchase it from our customer service department. You can reach our customer service department by phone--800.477.8727 (toll free from all US locations and many international locations) or 203-426-8171 (from any location); on the; or via I'll list some of the Threads articles below.

Essential sewing tools, #120, pp. 16-22
A pin for every purpose, #120, 24-28
Rotary cutters and mats, #122, pp. 46-48
Tools for making patterns, #94, pp. 68-71
Tools for taking measurements, #111, pp. 40-45
Pressing tools, #62, 40-43
On sewing rooms, #44, pp. 54-59
On small sewing rooms, #45, pp.37-39
Streamline your sewing space, #119, pp. 40-45
Tools for tight places, #140, pp. 49-53

In addition, SewStylish magazine's spring 2007 issue has an entire section devoted to the things you need to get started (also available through our customer service department).

I hope this information is helpful to you in getting started, and I wish you the best as you follow your dream!

April Mohr
Threads, SewStylish, and
Administrative Assistant
Posted: 10:45 am on April 24th

LadySewWise LadySewWise writes: You can find alot of helpful info in the gatherings section of this site. I too want to start my own at home sewing business eventually owning a boutique. I have found helpful informattion there from current and previous posts. Blessings on your search.
Posted: 1:41 pm on April 23rd

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