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Tapestry and denim jacket



Fitted jacket made with tapestry and denim fabrics.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Carolina Soma

Comments (34)

FineTexan FineTexan writes: I am sure the inside is as well made as the outside. The flowers look like they are bluish. So much for those who said the denim did not 'match' the fabric. There is cotton damask or tapestry. Perhaps this is what you see here. I do not see any problem with them together. So immmaculate!
Posted: 4:43 pm on January 9th

Dressmakers_dummy Dressmakers_dummy writes: Wow I really love this jacket. Is the trim light weight denim? I have lots of scape demim, I never through out old jeans and this gives me some ideas of how I might use it.

To all those with critisisms (sp?) If you cannot voice your opions with some tact - then don't.
Posted: 4:34 pm on July 2nd

quiltermachine quiltermachine writes: Fabulous! I love this updated modern look for traditional fabrics.
Posted: 1:42 pm on August 9th

GeoaDesigns GeoaDesigns writes: Your jacket is amazing. The pattern, colors and texture of the fabrics are beautiful.
Posted: 11:02 pm on July 8th

ipodgrannie ipodgrannie writes: I like it too but think it probably looks better in person that a picture of it. I have found that to be true in many cases.
Posted: 11:48 pm on June 6th

deniseo2l deniseo2l writes: It looks very well constructed and like at has a beautiful fit! well done....
Posted: 2:50 pm on May 27th

Mariesainte Mariesainte writes: It's original, but I just can't get past the combination of these particular fabrics. Maybe if there were some blue in the tapestry? I admired fabulous Indian silks and tapestries while visiting there last year, and their uses of these fabrics seem not to be so stiff. Tapestry can also be soft, which is usually more comfortable. These are design issues, tho, not construction--looks well made and like a challenging learning project for pleated trim, lining, & tailoring.
Posted: 3:19 pm on May 25th

SabrinaStyle SabrinaStyle writes: I really like the style of this jacket and it's so well-made. Well done!
Posted: 12:38 pm on May 5th

DesignsByAlicia DesignsByAlicia writes: I love it!!!
Posted: 4:56 pm on February 23rd

loyl loyl writes: I think this jacket is very cute and looks well made. I love fun and differnt combos. It is a young jacket to me so maybe thats why some dont like it. As Coco Chanel once said "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." I think you did a great job!!

Posted: 3:49 am on February 20th

LeeAnne07 LeeAnne07 writes: Looking good! Well done!
Posted: 11:10 am on November 22nd

IdeaGenerator IdeaGenerator writes: I love the way the trim accents the opening when the jacket is partially open. Great job!
Posted: 4:11 pm on October 27th

BirgitdeBoer BirgitdeBoer writes: Simply: WOW!!!!!
Posted: 9:03 am on September 24th

Marcia05 Marcia05 writes: Great job!
Posted: 12:43 am on September 5th

Simple_Simon Simple_Simon writes: This is really beautiful. I love the fabric it can be worn casual of formal without the dmin trim. I love it!
Posted: 9:32 am on August 24th

LottaTroublemaker LottaTroublemaker writes: I just LOVE this! Without the denim trim, it would have been just another cute jacket for me, there are lots of those. And they often get a bit too boring for me. Especially many of those flower pattern fabrics, if you know what I mean... Even if it had been without the trim, I would have admired the work, as it looks as if it is beautifully done. Another person pointed out that you didn't post a photo of the inside, but judging from the outside, I somehow guess that you aren't the type of seamstress who just think that nobody sees the inside anyway, so why bother? ;P To me, your jacket stands out in the crowd. It pleases my eyes and my mind, looking at it is inspiring and makes me interested in exploring and trying out more myself (just starting sewing again after a long break). It's things like that that make fashion fun for *me*, otherwise I can't say I'm one of those really interested in the latest runway trends etc. As much as I love nice clothes, in general, that's all they are to me (keep me warm etc.) - not something I burn for like other things in this world - BUT, creating something, that's a whole other story, and now it's clothes again, FUN! So, thanks for inspiring me today with your jacket which could have been just cute, but is interesting, fun, different etc. Those little pieces of denim makes this jacket sassy! And, it's really a great wardrobe piece, you can dress it up and down, combine it with a pretty skirt and pumps for a more formal occasion or combine it with a pair of jeans and boots etc. etc.

I'd really love to hear about how you made it, if you used a ready made pattern or if it is self drafted, of maybe you used a pattern as a basis and altered it into your own design? No matter how, thanks a lot for the inspiration! I might not make a jacket any day soon, but you made me really feel like creating, you got my creative juices flowing by using those little denim pieces!!! :)
Posted: 6:26 pm on August 21st

Sewista Sewista writes: Outstanding jacket! Love the denim trim and how it's body holds up the pleats so beautifully.
Posted: 7:22 am on July 1st

littlemsdynamite littlemsdynamite writes: Outstanding! It's nice to see a jacket that is stylish yet wearable to work or just to look good. You would make a great designer for project runway.
Posted: 6:01 pm on June 30th

stashmonster stashmonster writes: You have created a beautiful piece. The contrast color creates a dramatic affect. You have a good eye for design. Kudos
Posted: 12:28 am on June 30th

LLaMona LLaMona writes: I love the pleasted neckline/collar. Interesting use of tapestry and denim
Posted: 9:17 pm on June 29th

photomom photomom writes: Well, I gotta be honest. The work appears to be very well done. However, I don't see a photo of the inside. In my opinion the lining and its finish is just as important as the fashion fabric finish. If one can wear a jacket inside out and have it look just as good, then it is a great job. Personally, I don't like the combination or colors. But, that's OK. I'm not the one wearing it.
Posted: 8:35 pm on June 15th

DamePixie DamePixie writes: I was very inspired by Lavender123's use of denim as trim on the brocade.
Unlike alot of costumers I did NOT keep too much scrap when I moved, but a costumer I worked with on a movie, said keep the denim you cannot buy it by the yard like that, now I know HOW I shall use it, as trim and not as the entire skirt.
Lavender 123 should be on broadway, modeling AND designing. marvelous quality of work here, I have to take my time, to really get where some of you are.
my designs are A work my tailoring NEEDS work.
Posted: 2:23 pm on June 8th

KharminJ KharminJ writes: That's just beautiful, Carolina!

While it's true that some unconventional combos work better than others, it all comes down to your definition of "better" and that depends on many variables, including personal taste.

Please, consider entering this in the Burda new-pattern competition that I just read about on this site. The shape is lovely, and I would *definitely* be interested in knowing more about your process! Bright Blessings!
Posted: 3:37 pm on June 1st

andsewon andsewon writes: Love your jacket!! how did you go about designing that jacket? Did you start out with a basic pattern and redesign it from that?
Posted: 12:03 pm on May 31st

Stormee Stormee writes: I really love this jacket, I am glad you did not listen to the ones that say that your can't blend those two fabrics. I love blending denim with other fabrics, even fancy fabrics. It is such a versitle fabric. This is a beautiful jacket.
Posted: 9:36 am on May 22nd

MCarolina MCarolina writes: I really don't know who said that you can not mix tapestry and denim, do you??
Posted: 10:57 pm on May 21st

Deana Deana writes: Beautiful! love the pleated trim!!
Posted: 1:02 pm on May 20th

chezshelle chezshelle writes: Tapestry and denim? you have got to be kidding.
You should really meditate on WHY you mix fabrics. This piece needs some more consideration.
Good try on the construction though, the design factor leaves a lot to be desired.
Posted: 11:48 am on May 20th

kare kare writes: I do love this, the pleated stand-up trim makes it ''POP to the TOP!!!
Posted: 1:19 pm on May 19th

costurita costurita writes: hola, este saco esta hermosisimo, se ve que la persona que lo confeciono es una experta en este arte, te felicito por tan lindo trabajo
Posted: 7:59 pm on May 18th

brocadegoddess brocadegoddess writes: Oh, this is just gorgeous!
Posted: 11:27 am on May 18th

_nikki_ _nikki_ writes: wow! Very cool!
Posted: 1:36 pm on May 14th

corikittens corikittens writes: This is beautiful! Nice work. :)
Posted: 12:43 am on May 11th

gypsylady gypsylady writes: Outstanding! Great job.
Posted: 10:07 pm on May 10th

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