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Wedding Vow Renewal Dress

Front part of the dress
Back part of the dress
Prick stitch the zipper
Skewed tulle is buttressed under the flounce to support the flounce
Waist stay
Front part of the dress

Front part of the dress

I made this dress for a client who is going to wear it for her wedding vow renewal. The dress is made out of silk organza, underlined with cotton batiste, and lined with crepe back satin. The ribbon is double faced satin. Bodice has corsellette foundation. Flounce is supported with skewed tulle that is butressed underneath the flounce. I use chiffon/narrow hem for the flounce, and catchstitch for the lining and the fabric. Prick stitch the zipper and the ribbon sash, slip stitch the lining, french tacks the lining to the skirt, waist stay, button hole inside the lining for the waist stay. This dress was inspired by one of Oscar de La Renta's design (the pleated bodice and flounce).

Pattern or design used: My own design - Ning Watson

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sewmafrani sewmafrani writes: Very nice! I hope your client was satisfied and proud to wear your design.
Posted: 12:06 pm on June 16th

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