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Re: Vintage Inspiration

It doesnt take me long to yeild to the need to look at the back cover of ANY Taunton magazine - Fine Woodworking, especially. Can never get enough detail info - thanks!

Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

honestly, I don't remember which machine my mom was sewing with or what age I was when I started sewing. Mom was a professional seamstress and I grew up under a cutting table!
I was maybe 17 when I bought my 1st machine - used! - a Morse portable that has maybe 5 built in stitches and weighs a TON.
My other machine was also purchased used in 1974 - an Elna Super with a bunch of cams in place of computerized stitches (and weighs a TON). The only part that has broken is the ONLY plastic part. Whenever I get either one tuned up, I'm always told to never get rid of them because they're all metal & will outlast any new machine.
I sure wish I had a featherwieght, too. But I think I might need to get a new computerized machine soon as its getting really difficult to see well enough to thread the needle!
Right now, I find that most of my sewing doesn't need anything too fancy, so have been using my trusty 50 yr old portable. Hello Kitty is sure tempting, though...