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Nashville, UM

A senior who still likes to sew and create projects for others.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, gifts, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 11/24/2009

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Re: Learn to Make a Vintage-Inspired Neckband

I will try this vintage-inspired neckband on one of my favorite blouses. It seams like a great idea for the blouse that have a neckline a little lower in the front than I like to wear.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Handbag Workshop"

After reading all of those wonderful things I could learn about handbags in this book, I am really excited about making a one of a kind handbag for me. I like those wristlets to use. I plan to make the quilted one for to use at my next outing. It's nice to keep with you and not worry about losing anything, just leave your main purse in the car trunk. I would love to receive a book like this for Christmas.

Re: Book Giveaway: The Art of the Handbag

The most incredible handbag I have seen was in the book, HANDBAGS by Anna Johnson. On Page 57 of the Elegant Icons chapter, there was a picture of an unusual handbag. The bag looked like an underwater creature designed by Priscilla Snyder in 1997. The description from the book describes the handbag "As scaly as a dragon and as light as a feather." Priscilla Snyder embroidered the handbag by sewing miles of multicolored machine stitches onto sturdy cotton canvas in the shape of the sea creature including legs and feet. If you carried a bag like this, onlookers would always remember it.

Re: Project Runway Season 13: Episode 3, "Welcome to the Future"

I didnot agree with the judges this time. Instead of Sandhya winning, I would have chosen Emily's dress and her jacket. I really liked that jacket.

Re: Project Runway Season 13, Episode 1: "The Judges Decide"

I was disappointed with Jefferson. I thought he was going places but I guess I'll stick with Amanda. I have seen her fashions locally and they do look great for Music City buyers. I hope Amanda does better than she did last time. I'll keep looking at Project Runway.

Re: Meet the Project Runway Season 13 Cast

I like Jefferson Musanda. He looks like a happy, friendly guy and I am hoping he translates his fun attitude to his designs.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Patternmaking Made Easy," Third Edition by Connie Crawford

I like to make loose and layered styles of clothing for most of my garments. I choose patterns that feature simple uncluttered construction and complicated styling. I buy beautiful, colorful fabrics. The more basic my garment is, the easier it will interchange with other items in my wardrobe. The garments I make usually require the least care even if I'm away from home. I would like to have a copy of Patternmaking Made Easy to add to my sewing library and start making my own patterns. Thanks for the offer.

Re: The 2012 Threads Annual Magazine Index

Thank so much for the Annual Threads Index for the printed magazine reader. Earlier issues printed them in an issue but I have removed them and save them in a folder marked Annual Threads Index. It has become quite a handy folder for me.

Re: How to Draft a Square Sleeve Cap

I will certainly try this square cap sleeve on the dress I am making for Spring. It looks simple enough for me since I am a seasoned dressmaker. I have two or three of Kenneth's books and his directions are quite simple.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing"

I have books MAKING VINTAGE ACCESSORIES and MAKING VINTAGE BAGS by Emma Brennan in my sewing book collection. I make vintage bags and accessories for myself and friends. I have added vintage appliques to eveningwear for one occasion. I would surely like to add Gertie's book to my collection and try my hand at making some vintage oufits to go with my bags and accessories and add her book to my vintage collection.

Re: Book Giveaway: Dressmaking: 200 Q&A

My tip is to make sure your table and your machine is sitting at the proper height for you to sew comfortablely. This will keep you from being too tired. I would like to have this month's give-away book because I know there are questions I have not thought to ask.

Re: Enter to Win a One-Year Subscription to Threads!

I use my Threads Magazine like it is my sewing Bible. I subscribe to them so I want miss an issue. I would be grateful to receive a A free year's subscription because I refer to Threads many times when I have questions about fabrics and seams. I save them, too. No matter what space they take up, I just accommodate the room. I love my magazines. The information in them is priceless.

Re: Win a One-Year Threads Insider Membership!

It would be a joyful occasion for me to have Threads Insider in my home to watch at my convenience and learn how to make new things professionally. I do have many copies of the printed editions and I am a current subscriber but at my age seeing is better than reading. Thanks for offering this gift to all of us.

Re: IPCA Ticket to Paradise Contest Winners Chosen

I like classic tailored clothes like Nancy Roberson's pant ensemble. The number 1 is a bit too flimsy for me.

Re: Video: A Fast Look at Pattern Drafting

I have drafted my own patterns before. I have slopers in different sizes since my weight fluctuate sometimes. I enjoy making my own patterns and changing them. My biggest obstacle is when I am making darts. I have to draw and measure and do that again before I have an accurate dart. I prefer draftng my own patterns although it is time consuming, my garments fit so much better.

Re: What's Your Sewing Storage Solution?

I have my patterns separated in two pattern boxes since I use only Vogue and Butterick. A lingerie holder from a thrift store was quite handy for me. I put all my scissors, notions and other things I need in the vinyl zippered pockets and hang it in my closet where my sewing machine is stored. A handy heart-shaped pincushion is always hanging on the doorknob for quickies. I keep all my fabric in large plastic containers stacked neatly in a corner. Each fabric piece has matchinng thread folded inside. Shoe box size plastic containers hold other threads not matched to fabric.

Re: Mega Quilt Giveaway

My quilting experience happened a few years ago. Our church was being renovated and the minister asked the senior group to make a quilt to hang over the mantle. Only two of us volunteered and we worked diligently to get the quilt done by the time the renovation was done. A quilting company quilted it for us free because it was a church project. It was a full size quilt. We were very proud of this project. It hung for a year and was replaced with other quilts volunteered by the congregation. I would like to receive one of the quilting calendars. They always have pictures of lovely quilts and I would never throw it away.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversations"

I would be honored to receive a book about Schiaparelli and Prada. Learning about their inspirations and private lives would help me to appreciate why they would choose to make one garment beaded in a certain place and another garment pleated. It makes me think about what person would spend hours making a gorgeous dress for another person to wear. I would like to read about the fashions that were important during the Post War era (1939) and the fashions that were important during Prada's times. This book will be an asset to my sewing library if I win it. Thank you.

Re: Enter the Thrift Store Runway Fashion Contest!

I often shop at thrift stores and I alter some outfits. One outfit I made for Spring was very useful. I found a plain fabric straight dress and a flowered A-line skirt. I made a two-piece outfit by making a bolero type jacket from the skirt and coordinating it with the dress. I've used the jacket for another dress, too.

Re: Project Runway Episode 13: "Finale, Part 1"

I thought the designer's collection was a little bland and colorless but my favorite piece from the preview was Dimitry's dress. I like the lines in the dress. I'd pick Dimitry, Fabio & Christopher leaving Melissa's designs behind. She & Fabio like the stomach out designs. I am betting on Dimitry to win this season.

Re: Project Runway Episode 6: "Fix My Friend!"

Fabio's design was good but his accessories were not. I didn't like those clunky shoes with the dress. I liked Sonja's design but it was too short, an inch or two would have helped. Nathan's look was not the worst. Accessories would have helped his design also. Ven was really in a bad mood. He thought he was discriminated against because he had a plus model. If he went to FIT like he claimed he was taught to dress all body figutes. FIT is a fine school and a complete fashion school. I was taught to design for all figures when I took dress design. Ven just didn't want to take the time to make his model look good. I am glad Project Runway chose to keep Ven because he is a good designer but he must learn that all clients do not have an hourglass figure.

Re: FIT Museum Relaunches its Online Collections

I have not visited the Museum at FIT's galleries but I do like to visit museums. They have so many unusual and interesting details on the clothing created by designers. I like to browse the e-museum by eras, designers and individual garments and accessories. The e-museum is full of inspirations and ideas. I have saved the e-museum database so I can browse again when FIT puts more fashions online. Thank you for introducing me to the FIT Museum, now I can browse the newly refurnished museum at my leisure.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

I would like to own a complete (so far) set of Louise Cuttings DVDs to continue sewing at my best potential. When I see a video of her teaching a new or better way to make a seam or some other technique, I play the video over and over while I use the technique. I have a 30" doll that is my model so I can perfect the technique using inexpensive fabric before actually using it on my full-size garment. Thank you, Louise for sharing your secrets.

Re: New SewStylish Pattern

After July 4 and family reunions are over, I get busy looking for the latest fall fabrics, patterns, new fall colors and styles. I make sure they are right for me.

Re: New Designer Patterns

I am a fan of Marcy Tilton's but Vogue 8813 is not one of my favorites. The knitted style is okay. Pockets on the hip-line would not work for me. Wonder how would it look without the pockets? I really like the looseness of the style of the dress. I own at least 6 patterns by Marcy.

Re: Create a Travel Wardrobe

Each time I travel, I create a different wardrobe. It depends on where I am going and the time of year I am traveling. My favorite time to travel is spring, summer or fall, that way I can choose a comfortable pattern style with plenty of wearing ease for hours of sitting, eating and drinking. I make tunic blouses that don't have to tuck in and pants with elasticized waists. Drapey crushable silks and silk blends are easy care, warm when layered and wrinkle-resistant. I try to make my luggage as light as possible since I carry it on flight or take up small space in a car.

Re: Free Patterns for Three Apron Styles

I think it is a wonderful idea to learn how to make an apron as your first project. The apron is useful and it will remind you of how well you made your first project. TEACH YOURSELF TO SEW is a great series for beginners and those who wish to brush up on sewing skills. I kept my apron that I made in the eighth grade for years and passed it on to my grandchild when I was teaching her to sew. She still has it.

Re: Gifts for Sewers - A Gift Guide to the Holidays

Oophs! I was telling what I was making for my family. MY WISH is to own a copy of Kenneth King's book, "The Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques". I own other books by him. They are all so easy to read.

Re: Gifts for Sewers - A Gift Guide to the Holidays

My sewing gifts are: monogramed lined shoe bags and lingere bags for traveling, aprons for my family cooks, monogramed pillow cases with scalloped edges. To shorten the time, I embroidered readymade pillow cases. I have just about finished them for mailing to each family.

Re: New Fashion Design Degree Program Launches

I have studied fashion design. As a senior, I still sew and change commercial pattern designs to fit my needs. Sewing is very important to a fashion designer. After drawing the design on paper, you need to know exactly how many pleats will fit the body or where exactly the darts fit the body. A small version of the design made up in muslin using half measurements of the body will enable you to make any adjustments. Seeing your design sewn up in your favorite fabric is quite rewarding.

Re: Sleepwear patterns

Glad to hear about Jan Bones. Never heard of her. I'll be looking for her comfort lingerie patterns. I have been using Martha Pullen's comfort lingerie patterns. They work for me. Also I have been using ideas from Karen Morris' book, SEWING LINGERIE THAT FITS.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Threads Magazine Archive, 1985-2011

I would love to have a 2011 DVD to keep and use. My issues start with #8. I have never seen #1. It would be wonderful to have all issues in one place. My storage in the boxes are overstuffed with issues and it certainly would save space and be accessible when I need to find an article.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: "Quick Stuff to Sew"

My daughter is planning Christmas for a friend with two cildren 6 and 10. She will do the decorations, trim the tree and make goodies for them. I will make stockings for all of them, children and adults. I will personalize each stocking and fill it with needy items. The family will spend Christmas Eve and leave on Christmas Day after dinner. I would like to own a copy of Quick to Sew items. I'm always looking for new ideas. Seniors like me are happy to make things to give away.

Re: Valentino receives the 2011 Couture Council Award for Artistry of Fashion

What I like most about Valentino designs is his consistent color of red and his off the shoulder and one shoulder gowns. I like the idea of him standing in the photo with his models and that lets me know he is proud of the design that he made especially for her. Valentino is a great designer. My customers have chosen his designs from Vogue Patterns for me to make many times. Red is my favorite color for any apparel I'm wearing.

Re: Getting Together to Sew and Eat?

We often share food dishes or sandwiches at sewing get- togethers. Our rule is to eat first, discuss food or sewing ideas before we start sewing. Our second rule is no food allowed in the sewing areas because of stains, food odors and spillage. We have a good time chatting.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Couture Sewing Techniques" by Claire B. Shaeffer

I am truly a Claire Shaeffer fan. I have two of her books: "High-Fashion Sewing Secrets" and "Couture Sewing Techniques." I find her step-by-step instructions helpful and my garments always turn out great. I would like to have the updated book of "Couture Sewing Techniques". I am sure I will find a new way to make buttonholes and pockets or learn to apply a new couture technique for making pants and skirts that fit.

Re: Singer turns 160 years old

I am definitely a Singer sewing machine fan.In the early thirties our sewing machine was a real workhorse because Momma was a seamstress and Daddy was a tailor. Momma used the machine in the day to make clothes for us and her customers. She would cut out her patterns at night; on the other hand Daddy would cut out his tailoring projects in the morning and sew at night. The poor sewing machine was used everyday except Sunday. Even though it was a treadle machine that sewed only straight stitch, it was a money maker for our large family. My daughter still have the fancy Singer sewing machine with the slant needle in a desk she purchased in the seventies. I am glad they modernized the machine because I don't think I would be able to continue use it much since I am a senior past seventy.

Re: Who influenced or taught you the most when you started sewing?

My Home Economic teacher taught me the basics of sewing when we had to make an apron before we could learn to cook. I became an expert at taking seams out but it taught me how to make them straight and curved. My mother was a dressmaker and my father was a tailor. Our home Singer was quite busy so my sewing machine at school was my best friend.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: SewStylish Fall Fashion

I would like to see the rich colors of late summer in pants and skirts coordinated with overdyed prints for blouses this fall. I would also like to see lively, fun colors in rainwear to help ease the dreary days of the rainy season. The Fall issue of Sewstylish magazine would be a geat place to inspire me to sew after taking off for summer.

Re: "Project Runway" Announces Season 9 Designers

I reviewed the designers before Season 9 and can't wait for it to start. I am a big fan of young and upcoming designers. After looking at the closet tours and reading about the designers, I chose Laura Kathleen. She designs the style of clothing I like. The Marilyn Monroe style is a good choice for her clothes. I think she will be a standout from the start.

Re: From Botch Job to Beautiful in an Afternoon!

Kenneth King is awesome! I have watched him for years on TV. His new book, "Cool Couture" is a wonderful hands on book that teaches you how to make ordinary clothes extraordinary. I have an expensive jacket I have refused to throw away although it is outdated. I plan to try Keneth's method to make a vest and I am sure I will enjoy wearing it.

Re: Finally! Project Runway is Ready to Roll

I do plan to watch Project Runway just as I have years before. I like to see the way the designers are chosen. They showed it on one program but I haven't seen it again. It helps me stay with the designer and watch him/her grow on the show.

Re: Sewing UFOs

I wrap my UFOs in tissue paper with the pattern and place them in an unused luggage. Sometimes they do sit around for a long time but I do revisit the luggage from time to time when I have a need for a specific garment. I recently finshed a culotte skirt, a pair of shorts and top and a jacket. I didn't finish the culotte skirt as I had original planned, I added appliques to it and a sleeveless sweater to make a set. I did finish the shorts and top as planned. I lengthened the jacket so I could wear an overblouse underneath it. I may spend a week cutting out garments. I never sew the day I cut. This gives me a chance to really decide if I want to continue; give up for good, make something altogether different or give the fabric away. At some point, I have done all four.

Re: New Sewing Show, "It's Sew Easy," Starts June 30 on PBS

I'll be looking forward to seeing "It's Sew Easy" show. My Channel Guide book does not show a listing for the show on June 30 but our local PBS station may still show it. Listings in the book doesn't always carry our programs in Nashville, TN so I rely on the TV guide channel to let me know what's playing at the time.

Re: Color Coordination

I tend to wear colors that are more flattering to my skin type. Honeysuckle, emberglow. and nougat are colors that would fade in my skin color. I like yellow but it needs to be darker. Colors do affect my moods. I feel more vibrant in a red dress. I am a true primary color person, don't like colors mixed with black like burgundy. I do like pastels though.

Re: 'Project Accessory' Begins Casting Soon

I'll be watching Project Runway this season as always. That is one show I look forward to seeing because the creativity is new and the inspiration is what keeps me sewing and designing new garments for myself. I am glad the show will have a spinoff of accessories. Some times I think will that belt or purse go with that style of dress? I'll be watching for the new show.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: "Designer Techniques"

My favorite designer is Marcy Tilton. She designs high-fashion garments that are eloquent and perfect for my lifestyle. She inspires me to make one of a kind garments and handbags. Her Parisian looks are transferred into wearable art designs. I would like to travel to Paris someday and visit all of the places she writes about in her blog. She continues to pass her creative techniques on to others in her workshops.

Re: Suggest a Designer for the Spotlight

I would like to learn more about Claire Shaeffer. I own two of her books. Aside from learning how to draft a pattern for a tie collar, I have learned to make simple embellishments to upgrade garments I already have in my closet. I have used her double binding method many times just to change the neckline look of a garment. I hope to see an interview with her in Threads in the future.

Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

I have copies of original fashion pages from 1913 to 1937 from Delineator, McCall and Butterick magazines. They are great for fashion design students, vintage pattern makers, or just to browse through. I use them to draft patterns for my 22" fashion doll. You can email me at if you are interested but be sure to put 416 in the subject line.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Horrockses Fashions: Off-the-Peg Style in the '40s and '50s"

Thank you for the reviewa on HARROCKSES FASHIONS OF THE '40S AND '50S. I am currently designing vintage clothes for my daughter's fashion dolls in her private collection. I am also writing a Memoir. Winning HARROCKSES FASHION book would give me great inspiration to use for both projects since I am a senior(80) and remember those beautiful, flirty fashions of that era.

Re: As a sewist, what are you most thankful for?

I am most thankful to continue sewing in my late seventies even after cataract surgery on both eyes. I have a large collection of THREAD magazines that I keep handy as my references for learning new and creative ways to make my sewing projects look professional.