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Re: Do You Have Questions for Sewing Expert Angela Wolf?

I'd like to know where the answer to all these questions are??

Re: Velvet-lace party top

Cordelia, aged 91, Get a grip!~! This is a lovely dress and right in style for todays look. Don't you know that it's not skin your observing but a skin colored knit under that pretty dress? Guess you don't watch any television either. Be careful, you might be offended watching those soap operas, there's plenty more skin in them too...and real skin, not a soft peach jersey knit.

Re: Not Your Traditional Patch Pocket

I can't understand that a Threads poster could see sex in "How to cover a snap". Whoever you are, you need help!!Here's that sick comment.

iceni writes: HI I love all the wonderful tips that the experts and other sewers give, But OH!OH! I shudder at the sexual content of your esteemed website. I am talking about THE TERMS MALE AND FEMALE!.
Excuuuuuuse meeeee.Who would fail to see the pornigraphic conotations of the piece with a ball, and the other piece coyly called the female piece, with one fitting in to the other. I am shocked! Please put a warning at the top of the page regarding sexual content!
Seriously though, aren't these terms a little sexist and outdated? How about the 'prong bit fited into the prong case? Oh I don't know. It's the same thing when you talk to an electrician or a mechanic. what devious mind started this in the first place. (By the way I say all this tongue in cheek) I love your magazine. Posted: 11:21 am on November 10th

Re: Pink and Green quilted shoulder bag

These bags are adorable, you did a magnificent job, such talent! If you don't mind me asking, what pattern did you use, I'd like to make one too.