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Re: Get ready for Spring!

While there may, somewhere in the world, be a redhead or two who can wear it successfully, orange (in my opinion) should be limited to citrus and never used in clothing for humans. I prefer, and look reasonably alive in, soft and grayed colors: slate blue, sage green, mauvey rose. I do not wear yellow, black, stark white, orange, or any of the other colors shown in this palette. Just one more reason to stay out of clothing stores, I guess, unless I don't care that I look as though someone forgot to bury me!

Re: Trending at the 2013 Golden Globes

There is NOTHING sexy about the display of unsupported, saggy cleavage. On the other hand, apparently you still can't go wrong with de la Renta. And that's all I have to say on the subject.

Re: Quilt it Freehand

As is so often the case, this was just what I was looking for - I just didn't know I would find it here! Thanks.

Re: Couture Techniques for a Better Fitting Waistband

Lovely article, which includes some tips and information new to me.

I've been sewing for about 50 years or so, though, and I've never heard of a "locking stitch". Is that something like a buttonhole stitch? Or a blanket stitch? Is this something I've been doing automatically without knowing it had a name? And what in the wide world is a "petersham"?

"petersham |ˈpētərˌ sh am; - sh əm|
1 historical a kind of heavy overcoat with a short shoulder cape.
• the thick woolen fabric used to make such coats.
2 a corded tape used for stiffening, esp. in the making of belts and hatbands.
ORIGIN early 19th cent.: named after Lord Petersham (1790–1851), English army officer."
- from Apple's Dictionary application