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Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

I would love to have the DVD set. I have been teaching myself to sew and although I have gotten pretty good at home decor, I cannot seem to make my homemade clothes fit correctly (and I am using a dress form). I don't have a family member or friend to teach me or to give me advice. There are no classes where I live for apparel (only quilting) and the one class I found which is over an hour away is for kids only (I am over 40).... too embarrassing to contemplate! I have a couple of books, but I do not always understand what I am reading. It is better for me to see what I am supposed to do. I did watch a video by a clothes designer on how to make a scarf and my scarf came out perfectly, but it doesn't make my shirts fit. I would really love the chance to receive this DVD set. I'm not ready to give up on making my own clothes. Thank you.