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Re: What does your sewing space look like?

I'll admit up front that I am very spoiled. The entire basement of our home is my work space. Probably about 800 square feet. One corner of the space has the laundry/furnace room - which has a vinyl floor and spare washing machine just for felting. In the opposite corner is a small bedroom that we use as a guest room that does double duty as a spot for dressmaking clients to change. The rest of the space is all mine - save the litter box (self cleaning, of course! and hidden behind a screen)

The first purchase we made for the space was two large L-shaped workstations from an office supply store, a matching hutch and bookcase. Made by Bush they are very solid and take the weight of paper and fabric and vibration of machines easily. The desks make a large T with an extra thick trunk that accommodates my cutting mat. Most of my cutting, pinning and marking I can do sitting down, which saves my lower back.

The remainder of the furniture is cobbled together bits and pieces that I've collected over time that perhaps are not to my husband's taste. A couple of old desks - one for beading supplies another as a TV stand. The cedar blanket box my godfather built for my 16th birthday and the pine dresser from the nursery when I was a baby both to store fabric. The futon from my single days - great for cats and the occasional visitor. The floor is laminate over concrete and very cold under foot so I've put down floral wool area rugs.

I have made two great finds since setting the space up that others might like to consider. Natural light lightbulbs are amazing! Since my work space is the basement and I tend to sew late into the night, natural light is not available. These are the next best thing and well worth the extra money! And lastly, I came across a clear, plastic notice board system in the office supply department. It is made by 3M, attaches to the wall in panels and is so easy to use. I use it for project lists and a weekly appointment schedule. Because it is so thin and the wall colour shows through, it give me a huge writing space without being visually heavy.

The only improvement I'd make would be finishing the laundry/furnace room into a combined bathroom/utility room so I could contain all the wet stuff (dying, felting and screen printing) in an easy to clean-up space.

Re: Choosing Fabric for Plus-Sized Designs

Finally, someone talking sense to large women! Just because it stretches doesn't mean it will be comfortable and wrinkles are rarely something to panic over. Now if someone would just speak to the ready made manufactures about fibers and fit!