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Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Underwear Fashion in Detail"

I think all of the different materials, and styles that have evolved and been duplicated through the decades are evident that women have grown an appreciation of the uniqueness of each of us. Spanx and other 'reducing' materials are going to be around because each of us wants to be viewed and accepted as an individual, not understanding that there is 'nothing new under the sun'. I would love to learn how to incorporate this method into my sewing style. I cannot not imagine the possibilites, but then again, I won't have to, those different women will tell me what they are thinking and desiring.

Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a New Look pattern-6181. It is a swing coat pattern, it has a long and short version.
Let me know how much, I appreciate it.

Re: Online Shopping and Resource Guide

I am researching wholesale companies that sell sewing supplies. I am writing a business plan to start a sewing supply company. I would appreciate any and all assistance to help me complete this plan.