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craft interests: embroidery, fashion, holidays, knitting, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 08/24/2009

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Re: Video: Sew Perfect Collar Points

Racing to the sewing machine as I speak! Gotta try it.

Re: Create a Custom Dress Form

I got my husband to do the tapeing. He used pieces that were too long and it ended up feeling very tight. Near the end I started telling him to hurry up and get it off me as I was getting light headed.
He said "You can't faint - I would be too embarrassed!"
"Why would you be embarrased dear?"
"Because I know every First Responder in the area and I couldn't even begin to explain why my wife is passed out on the kitchen floor wrapped in duct tape and me with a pair of scissors in my hand!"

Re: White And Black Rozen Maiden Mercury Lampe Lolita Dress For Halloween 2010

This dress is amazing! Certainly will win best costume at any party you attend! I am crazy for any sort of velvet or velour. Great job!