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Artemisia Moltabocca

The true costuming adventures of a sometimes renaissance courtesan, 18th century lady, steampunk time-traveler, vintage vixen, and pocket pirate.

Diary of a Renaissance Seamstress

craft interests: restyle, sewing, costuming

Member Since: 12/11/2008

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Steampunk Lion Tamer

This steampunk lion tamer costume was made with curtains, tablecloths, and a fez. Original concept with inspiration from 1873 chromolithograph. Also won a Best Master along with 7 other teammates for...

Sacque Gown

I made the basic green silk gown in 24 grueling hours. The gown debuted at Costume-Con, where three friends helped me finish it. All details on my blog...

Clockpunk DaVinci Aviator

Five yards of a beige linen/cotton blend. Black piping in knife pleats throughout bodice. Entire dress draped selvedge to selvedge - no major pattern construction needed. The only curved cutting was...

16th century Florentine Gown

A recreation of a gown worn in Florence Italy from 1500-1525 (approx). I used five yards of orange linen and several yards of black bias binding for the trim. The bodice interior is made of one layer...

16th century Venetian Gown

Recreation of 16 century venetian gown. Refered to various paintings of the time to find a plausible combination of bodice, skirt and sleeves. Eight yards of cinnamon "shantung" poly fabric. Bodice...

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Re: Book Giveaway: Seventeenth-Century Women's Dress Patterns

I've recreated historically correct italian renaissance clothing and am dabbling in 18th century clothing for the past five years. I consider myself an advanced beginner costumer, and am always looking to learn more. I recently made my first robe francais (or sacque gown), and am buying all sorts of books right now to expand on my knowledge. I enjoy the challenge of making/draping my own gowns without the use of ready-made patterns. I believe a book such as this one (which is already on my must-have list) would help me greatly in my endeavors.

D Velasquez
aka Artemisia Moltabocca

Re: Find Your Best Silhouette

This is fantastic to find the ideal. But I agree we need more information. I've tried to find books or a chart on all the body relationships and can't find one. Since I'm a little nuts, I'm creating an excel spreadsheet to do the math. I was once a statistical analyst and I love geometry.

This article educated me about length. Now my questions are: "What is considered the ideal width of the shoulders, width of the hips and width of the waist?"