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Pace, FL, US

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, holidays, knitting, restyle, sewing, painting in watercolors and acrylics

Member Since: 07/11/2012

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Re: A Vintage Blouse Embellished with Soutache Braid

What a great look for a modern nod back to a vintage look. I think your running stitches look like the easiest. Good idea to steam in the curves ahead of time. Any thoughts on how to figure out how much you might need? The site I used to see about ordering soutache sells it by the yard or in a 288-yard spool.

Re: An Interesting Embellishment Technique

Thank you for sharing. I like that it would be a fairly quick way to embellish something. It took confidence to use the machine to sew it... that sounds like my kind of challenge.

Re: Apply Hemstitching to a Garment

I'm going to receive some linen I recently ordered and look forward to trying the technique on a summer top. Tea towels would look great with that, too.

Re: Don't forget to Vote for the Winner of the 2014 Fancy Fabrics Challenge

All these beautifully-made custom fitted and hand sewn gowns are very beautiful. It's difficult to see the modern mini-dress in this category because it doesn't appear to be as laboriously made. However, it shows a great deal of creative thought since a directional fabric was manipulated to flow becomingly across her body and mirrored on the other side, too. That certainly isn't easy to do and I greatly admire the results.

Re: Take a Tour Inside a Chic Couture Skirt

The waistband of this lovely skirt looks like PETERSHAM. I learned about this finish used in couture clothes from Sandra Bedzina and other Threads articles that suggest it as a stablizer for waistbands of skirts and slacks. I began looking in local fabric stores for it but no one ever knew what I was talking about. I plan to order some petersham online since it looks like a great feature on its own as well as supporting the structure at the waist.

I love the fringing and want to try that feature too.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful garment.

Re: Interview with Designer Joi Mahon and Giveaway

I love to sew for myself and my daughter. We both have curvy figures with a larger bust cup size. The commercial clothes for both of us are very large around the armholes and across the back if we choose the size with ease for our bust. I can't claim the Barbie figure of my daughter and would like to have the means to make a pattern curve in and out with her figure. I'd love to try Joi's method and am looking forward to trying her way of fitting for each of us.

Re: Perseverance Dress

The dress fits you amazingly well, so all your perseverance was well worth it. I've had projects like that one and I hope to remake a linen dress for my daughter soon.

Re: How to Sew Vintage PJ Bottoms

Looking at the instruction illustration for the step where the leg trim is being put on (3), it appears to be a picture of the inseam, not the side seam. You wouldn't want to make that mistake. The seams and ribbon trim might not match perfectly and it'll be less noticeable on the inseam side.

I suggest another step that will keep the elastic from twisting in future washing/wearings. Once the elastic is evenly distributed through the back and front panels, tack the elastic in a few places with your sewing machine. Take a few stitches at each side seam top and bottom, taking care not to close the channel you want to put the ribbon through.

Although I don't like to see pj bottoms being worn in public, it's better than some other choices I've seen.

Re: An App to Track Your Sewing Projects

A special thank you, Redhead_Kara, for taking the time to provide a thorough review of your use of this app. It appears that the Vesta app doesn't deliver all that is promised, from all the reviews I've read.

I'm wondering if there are any programs offered that are designed to work on an Android. I tried the link and ended up on a page written in a Middle-Eastern language of some kind...

Re: Vote for the Winner of the 2013 SewStylish Fall Fashion Challenge

The Crinkled Taffeta Jacket has inspired me to try the flat lining method. I love her combination of fabrics. Congratulations on the lovely work by all that submitted entries!

Re: Summer wedding

All your particular steps come together to make a beautiful dress that fits your daughter beautifully. Great work!

Re: Enter to Win an Oliso Pro Smart Iron!

Before you hem any garment, sleeve or curtain panel, take your project and a guage to your ironing board. You can use the iron to press in and "mark" your hem, measuring with a guage as you go. This assures that the hemline will be straight and neat before you turn under or trim the edge, especially on woven fabrics.

I love the bottom plate of the Oliso Pro. Because it doesn't have deep grooves that might snag on narrow creases, I will use it to make bias tape in bright colors. The bias will trim girl's aprons and make pillowcase dress ties for mission groups overseas.

Re: Rich, Regenerating Emerald Green

This color brings back great memories! I had a summer cocktail dress in this color last time it was popular. It always looked ready for a celebration. I have a warm skintone so it's a great color for me. It doesn't stay in style for very long, I've found. Unfortunately, you'll start seeing the saturated color used for pants and jackets and that can make one look like an overgrown leprecan!

I think the trend toward jewel tones is terrific and can't wait to see it in the local stores.

Re: Oscar Fashions 2013

Many of the gowns were lessons in what did not flatter as well as what did... agree with Softwear when she says that the short, strapless bodices shorten and don't flatter the proportions of the wearers, like Reese Whitherspoon's dress. She usually has a very balanced figure. Some of the gowns don't look very up-to-date. Jane Fonda's shoulder pads look like something pulled out from the 80's... does she always wear unnatural pads? Sally Fields has a petite figure so she must have looked overwhelmed with all those ruffles. A little more realism would have helped while choosing something for her figure.

The tight metallics with all the lines and seams probably show a trend. They do have a lesson here about "just because you can doesn't mean you should". I agree about Halle Berry's gown with user_110... She did look rather like she was in a sci-fi costume.

Valentino, Gucci and Christian Dior all proved they still respect the proportions of a woman's figure.. they were all beautiful gowns. After seeing Zoe Saldana wearing the lovely gown by Alexis Mabille I'd like to see more of that designer.

Re: Iron Carrier

Thanks for sharing this great idea and how you've used it... there have been times I've needed a temporary ironing surface and then had a hot iron to take home.

Re: Pin cushion for sewing machine

I love the way you made it look like a spool of thread, it's very stylish and functional.

Re: Sewer vs. Sewist

Seamstress, sewer... and now sewist! I'll take any of them as long as I can keep sewing. This argument reminds me of an old art school debate on whether crafts were really art. Artists often felt that anything that wasn't an original creation couldn't be described as art.

So often, we put our own creative spin on an idea we've seen and it evolves into something new. That's the best part of being a sewing artist, so I'll accept sewist as another apt way to describe what we do.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "All Sewn Up"

The gifts I treasure most are the ones someone made for me. I want to find some special things to make for others this year.

Re: Toddler Girls Party Dress

What a beautiful party dress. It is very clever of you to add the underslip to make sure the little girl's tender skin has a comfortable time in spite of the tulle ruffle.

Re: uniform-service

just an ad, not relevant. thanks for butting in.

Re: Summer Dress 2012

What a beautiful dress. I love the way you carefully placed the ornamental parts of the fabric.