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Re: Installing a Decorative Zipper

Thank you! Very helpful.

Re: Bust Dart Pressing: Cup Size is a Factor in Which Technique You Choose

I will try down for our grand-girls and up for myself. I was taught to press darts only down

Re: An Inside Look at Mary Ray's Sewing Studio

Mary, I love your room. How do you keep the dust off of your open shelves?

Re: Combine Topstitching and Binding for an Elegant Seam Finish

Susan's columns are always a favorite.

Re: Combine Topstitching and Binding for an Elegant Seam Finish

I like Threads emails which remind or feature new dressmaking techniques.

Re: Sewing Workshops and Retreats in 2014

Yes, I will be attending the Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA

Re: Bust Dart Pressing: Cup Size is a Factor in Which Technique You Choose

I have used these methods for sometime and they work great.

Re: Download a Free Alexander McQueen Jacket Pattern

Thank you for the pattern. I plan on getting a full-size copy. Designers are so very creative. It would e great to have other designer originals.

Re: How to Make a Banded Armscye

How fun--I will try the banded armseye. I always learn something from your articles. Thank you

Re: The Colors of Spring 2013

I love the Spring 2013 colors. I have loved each seasons new colors and have found that I could wear almost any color depending on whether I warmed or made the color more cool.

Re: How to Master the Backstitch

This was an excellent reminder--Thank you.

Re: Making a Side Seam Read True

Thank you for putting diagrams and words to the way I would make a straight side seam on my skirts.

Re: Book Giveaway: Summer Mystery Reading for the Sewing Enthusiast

Wow--the books sound like it would be fun relaxing reading.

Re: How to Design with Sheer Fabrics

Thank you for the tech. information. Love "Threads Magazine"

Re: An Exquisite Beaded Embroidery Sleeve

I love it. Can't wait until I have dress to use it on.

Re: Eliminate Separate Facings for Elegant Edges

I use this method and love it. I found the instructions in Threads Magazine Archive. Everytime I see an article written by Susan--I know it will be spot on. Thanks.

Re: A New Improved Seam Roll

I have been using an old Life magazine rolled up and covered with muslin, but after seeing your idea--I like the extra long lenght--I'm going to ask my husband to get me some molding. Thanks for the idea.

Re: A Nice Little Suit

Thank you for sharing I love this kind article.

Re: Inspired By Threads: Issue 64 ~ Ribbonwork Flowers/In Detail

Kathleen, thank you so much for posting your dress and story. I loved both. If you added an addition of 10+ more years to your age, my story could be yours. I agree, never give up the path that The Lord purposed for you and continue to build on the skills that you have practiced.

Re: Weave a Celtic Knot

Something new to try. Thank you. I appricate the ideas for advanced sewists and well as beginners.

Re: Mastering the Narrow Hemmer, Part One

Thank you very much for giving us "the" best information.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Horrockses Fashions: Off-the-Peg Style in the '40s and '50s"

Threads is my very favorite magazine. Every issue includes the very best, in dressmaking. Thank you

Re: Add Your Input to the Sewing Group and Gathering List

I love this issue of Threads--so much info--I can't wait to read everything. Thank you

Re: The Fortuny Shirt

Thank You--I love this finish--I have used it on a jacket, but had trouble top stitching from the right side of the armhole and just catching the tape edge. Your basting first would have helped and will help me next time.

Re: Zipper Madness

I have 4 granddaughters that I am making school skirts that have zippers--for trimming--so fun

Re: 3 Neat Edge Finishes for the Sleeveless Styles of Summer

Wow-How creative. The ideas will be very helpful. I also love the silk burlap. I have used the folded bias facing on children's dresses. Can't wait to try the scalloped edging. Thank you.

Re: Working with Embellished Fabrics, Part 2

Thank You so much--I can't wait until I have fabric to put into pratice. I love your articles in Threads--wish I was located where I could take a class from you. Thank you..