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Arvada, CO, US

craft interests: fashion, knitting, quilting, sewing

Member Since: 05/04/2010

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Re: Mega Quilt Giveaway

I'm still working on my first 2 quilts, so my greatest accomplishment will be to finish one of them!

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

I have Volumes I & II and would love to have the whole set!

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: The April/May 2012 issue of Threads magazine!

I'm very interested in Tailoring Principles. I am in the processing of making a shirt for my husband and can find very little about 1) correct fit and 2) altering to get the correct fit.

Re: Giveaway: SewStylish Spring 2012 Fashion Sewing Guide

"Make It Your Way. Three designers take the same pattern in new directions" has the most appeal to me. I really like to see how others interpret patterns beyond the example on the front of the envelope!

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: Threads issue #158

I'm usually inspired by beautiful fabric that triggers an image of a garment in my mind. Or, if I see someone wearing something I really like, then I will look for a pattern that is similar.

Re: Are you a Super Bowl widow?

Does anyone know of a similar event near Denver?

Re: I've Pieced It Together: Web Sites Offer Full-size Patterns

I have tried printing patterns from and I don't recommend it. It is very tedious and time consuming to match up about 50 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper. Also, the print scale has been off when I print by just a tiny bit, but that is enough to throw off the whole thing by the time you get to say, the 20th sheet of paper. I have contacted the customer service about it twice, but they have not offered any assistance.