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Re: 4 Steps to Tiny Bias Tubes

SuperiorLiz: Very good tip. Anything making construction easier and faster is blessed info. Thank you.

LenSew: Since the tube is cut on the bias, that wide seam allowance will easily work it ways through the tube, I promise. Seems almost impossible, but it does work. Width: Follow Jane Colon's instructions. After wetting the tube, pin one end to the ironing board and pull the bias piece until you get it to the width you desire, then pen that end. Also, give the wet tube a slight finger pressing to even out the tube and let it dry. Try a practice piece about 12" long from a scrap material, but the practice piece, of course, needs to be a big enough scrap to be cut on the bias.

user-3220369: Once the bias tube is dried and a slight pressing, then sewn into the project, and knowing what the actual fabric is, i.e., cotton, silk, rayon, etc., you should either hand wash and flat dry or cold wash on delicate cycle and lay flat to dry, in my opinion since the tubing in this article is used in a curving postion sewn to the project, especially in the way the bias tubes have been attached to each other.

This garment with the bias attached is absolutely beautiful and, in my case, I would use it for a blouse and adding long sleeves. At the bottom of the sleeves, I would add the same bias tube design. Having lost a lot of weight at an older age, to be blunt, my arms, even slightly below my elbows have some unsightly sagging. This gorgeous design with the bias tubes would allow my to wear my long sleeves, and yet, make it as spring like or summer wearing as any short or 3/4 sleeves. I am definetly going to use it as demonstrated and try to use the idea to change up a little for other much needed summer blouses. Thanks to Jane for sharing this beautiful treatment.

Re: Using Buttons as Embellishment

It's an amazing concept and a beautiful jacket! What a fun thing to wear to a party or gathering. All too often, we miss out on opportunties to use our talents that let others see our creativity which could start up converstations about new topics. What hostess wouldn't love to have THE party which no one could stop talking about?!! Your wonderful creations are trips to thoughts we might never have pondered, and we are so blessed that you, so clearly, enjoy sharing. I drool over beauties you have created, others which you have brought to us from different talented people, plus all the history we would not have known. Please keep close to your heart those of us who love the ENTIRE world of sewing and can see beyond what is only needed. Sewing, indeed, is art!