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Jodie Hickman, Little Rock, AR, US

I started sewing when I was 7 years old. I have made suits, skirts, pants, wedding gown, Christening Gown, home decor, children's clothes, gifts, purses and much more.

Recently I have bought a 10 needle embroidery machine and incorporating that into my fun.

I have now added the Silhouette Cameo machine to cut appliqués. I have got to learn more about it.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, gifts, holidays, quilting, restyle, sewing

my etsy page:
http://Its SEW Jodie

Gender: Female

Birthday: 01/30/1961

Member Since: 05/21/2009

recent comments

Re: Dress for Spring Wedding

This looks lovely on you! I am currently searching for a pattern I like to make for my daughters wedding, October 3, 2015. I will be walking her down the isle, so I want it special, but do not want to outshine the bride.

Re: Apply Elastics to Your Garments

Certainly would be helpful if there was a video like said!

Re: Enter the Teach Yourself to Sew Giveaway Sponsored by Janome

I have a daughter learning to sew. This would save me from having my borrowed. We both could sew together!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing"

It would be wonderful to have this book in my library of sewing books. I can always learn new things from her.

Re: Book Giveaway: Dressmaking: 200 Q&A

Question and answer format for a book is great idea! I would love to win.

Re: Re-Create Pleated Edging

You never fail to amaze me! This is brilliant and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. My first thought would be trim on pockets of the evening jacket. Then I started thinking about trim around bottom of a child's dress. I look forward to maybe adding it to trim for a bereavement gown for our local hospital.

Re: Sewing Getaways in 2013

I would love, love, love, to go on a sewing retreat. It would be the best vacation ever! I am saving up for when I get my last out of college next year!

Re: Video: How to Take Four Different Body Measurements

I love this ruler she uses. I went to the website and they sell it there.

Re: How to Miter the Inside Corner of a Hong Kong Finish

Kenneth, you are a genius and incredible instructor. After sewing off and on for 40 years I have learned so much from you. You are so wholesome, a true teacher that communicates so well. I have your DVD's and am taking a crafts class of yours.

I feel like I have gotten to know you even though we haven't met. When my family settles down and I can take time from me, I want to take my future vacations coming to events and classes to learn more about what I love to do.

I have learned more in the last four years on the internet than in the sewing I did from 7 years old through College with a degree in Home Economics/Textile Science. I actually taught the beginning construction classes for my instructor.

The school has come a long way since. My daughter is there in same College getting a Fashion Analysis degree with minor in Marketing. They have the Coda system now and teach so much more than when I was there 30 years ago.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, dedication and sharing your knowledge!

Re: How to Make Painted Lace

I really like this idea as well. It looks like an ombre effect.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "The Art of Fashion Draping" by Connie Amaden-Crawford

I would love to learn to drape a wedding gown for both of my daughters. Their figures are so different than mine, I have been dreaming about it for years.

Re: My New Sewing Studio

I agree with Sewista, a dedicated space is so precious. I have outgrown my space and am hiring someone to help me DIY cabinets and shelves. Enjoy your new space.
I love the industrial looking lights! That is on my list too, and I am thinking possibly can lights.

Re: How to Make Beaded "Berry" Buttons

Wonderful, I look forward to giving this a try. Thank you for instructions.

Re: Help us Choose the Next Threads Cover

I believe cover B is more appealing. The red head and green dress seam to go together better. Too much hot pink on cover A clashes and is unattractive to me. Thanks for asking. I will look for magazine in mail to see what won.

Re: Doublefaced Italian wool sweater knit jacket...

It is beautiful. I too love the button you chose.

Re: More Tips for Working with Boiled Wool

Thank you for this article. Sandra Betzina has a new video out on sewing with boiled wool. It is really good. I just watched it this past week. Her site is POWER SEWING. For me, it is helpful to watch. I am a visual personal. I look at pictures in pattern envelopes and don't really read any of the words.

Re: Shauna's wedding dress

This is such a romantic wedding dress. I dream of making my daughters someday. I made mine twenty four years ago. Your daughter and yourself must be proud!

Re: 80 Yr. Old Liturgical Lace Gown

This is so beautiful. I would be so scared to cut into it, knowing that it was so old. I remember from twenty four years ago looking at the lace for my wedding dress which was on my cutting table (dining room table at the time) for a whole month before I would cut it.
You do beautiful work!

Re: Metallic Cocktail Dress

This is beautiful, daughter and dress! I hope she knows how lucky she is to have a Mom that can sew as well as you do. Your dress is extremely flattering and sophisticated.

Re: glam rock

Wow, this is really pretty and creative!

Re: As a sewist, what are you most thankful for?

This will be odd, but I am most grateful for my grandmothers who sewed and my 4-H group in the 70's. They gave me the desire to want to create and explore.
Friendships with fabric- aholics like myself.

Re: Halloween costume - Jessie

You did such a beautiful job. This is a winner.

Re: Rooster Boy

This is the cutest! I hope you don't mind me sharing on Twitter and my blog.

Re: Help us Choose the Next Threads Cover

I like the blue one also. I would choose the blue or white. The problem with the white for me is the angle of the model. The sweater draws me right now, because I am really interested in sweater knits now. I love receiving your magazine and I have all the DVD's.