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craft interests: embroidery, fashion, sewing

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Prom Gown and Evening Bag

This two-piece gown was made for a Senior Prom. I started out using a Butterick bridal pattern, but ended up redesigning the bottom (skirt) and creating my pattern design for the top.  For the top...

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Re: The Life of a Garment, in Honor of Buck Hill

What a beautiful tribute and gift to the family. I love to sew and am also a funeral director. Let me tell you that this is truly a Celebration of One's Life, and a beautiful keepsake for his family. Families often look for ways to preserve a loved one's memory, e.g. CDs full of pictures of the deceased and things he/she enjoyed doing, photo/memory boards displayed during a viewing, etc. You idea of making the pillow out of something he wore is awesome. My dad passed away 6 yrs. ago and I have one of his favorite fleece jackets hanging in his bedroom closet. You have given me a wonderful idea....a pillow I can rest my head on knowing it was made from something he always wore.

Re: Princess Line Dress

Very pretty, Julie. I really like the flair in the blue dress. It is very flattering for you.

Re: My Fair Lady

Your costume is beautiful! I see in your description the fabrics, etc. used to make the hat, but what did you use as the "form" to create the shape, and the piece to hold it on your head?

How long did it take you to make everything. Did you use a regular sewing machine or a serger?

Re: Sexy Gold Warrior costume for women (or if dressing in drag, for men, too!)

It is smoking.....or should I say "Flaming"!!! Great looking sexy costume. Just add some fake boobs and high stiletto type shoes and you've got it made.
Unfortunately you covered your face. Would have loved to see the makeup.
Have fun.

Re: Yellow Eyelet Sundress

where did you find such beautiful fabric? The only fabric store in my area is Joanne's. There are many other stores carrying fabric, but mostly for quilting. It's a shame that so many have moved out of this area.

Re: Yellow Eyelet Sundress

Absolutely beautiful! The dress fits your daughter perfectly.

Re: Refashioned from a Tunic to a Corset

Hi, Very nice. Check out the Prom Gown that I submitted back in end of May or early June. I made a corset top for the prom gown. It too was my own design. I did used boning and it seemed to give more body and shape to the top. Once again, very nice!

Re: Nautical Flutter sleeves Dress and bloomers tutorial

I would love to print out the instructions for the dress and the bloomers, along with the pattern. I was able to print out the blooms pattern and instructions but cannot print out the instructions for the dress. Can you mail them to me at, please.

Thank you

Re: 2pc vintage style romper play suit

That is a beautiful set. I wish I were skinny enough to wear something like that!

Re: Coral Reef Dress Tutorial

Very cute! i bet it looks darling on the little girl. Looks easy to make too. i

Re: Orange Evening Dress

Very pretty. I know what you mean about trying to find something to fit a mature body....ugh!

I have a dress form, but it doesn't have the bulges and lumps where my body has them. I wish I knew how to add those spare parts to it.

Again, very pretty dress.