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Re: Clothing History from Afar

I am definitely inspired by 1920-1930's fashion. My grandmother died very young in 1935, and I think I "inherited" her sense of style from that period. My favorite designer is Erte, and love to infuse his skills into my own garments. I love everything Art Deco, and the fashion of that period in history is unbelievable.

Re: Look ahead to spring

I am looking forward to a more profitable Spring for my website: I make hand crocheted accessories for Brides, Grads, and others. My feature item this year will be swimwear and beach and pool accessories. Hope to create something beautiful for you this year!

Re: Tangerine Tango

This can be a tricky color for very pale skin tones. I would advise them to do a pastel version or a lighter hue, so they won't look washed out. Darker skin tones should also avoid too "orangy" tones because it could make them look clownish. Everyone looks better in the reddish hues that are complementary to most skin tones.

Re: A Fix for a Baggy Seat

This fix is a little tricky for pants that are already made but it can be done. You would first have to take the pants apart in the crotch and also take off the waistband. Hopefully the pants have enough of a hem to add to the bottom. If they don't you will have to add hem tape or some type of lining facing after you take out the hem.
You need to shorten the length of the back seam by the amount that would normally be folded together on the paper pattern; typically about 1". You cut off the amount needed from the top of the waist to crotch seam and taper it into the front of the waistband. Then re-sew the crotch seam a little deeper ("1/2 - 3/4") deeper than the original seam, tapering to nothing toward the front of the crotch. You then put the waistband back on and add 1" - 1.5" to the hem. You are basically shortening the length of the back of the pants to compensate for the lack of "filling" that would normally take up that space.