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Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 2: "It's All in the Cards"

I'm not a big fan of the card challenge, but I realize they have to put something in there that presents a challenge. I loved Edmond's dress and I loved Swapnil's dress. Either of those could have won or both!

Why did Merline make it through...her dress was just ugly! Amanda's design was prettier than Merline's! I did not agree with the judges on who should be out. Good thing Ashley had ammunity because she would have been in the bottom. Maybe not out, but very close.

Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 1: "Mad Dash Mayhem"

There wasn't really anything surprising about any of the looks. I was not surprised to see the toga dress be the looser. It was awful! I loved Ashley's look. I wish, given her interview, they would have given her a model more suited to her target fun that would be to see! She is correct about there is little choice out there in the fashion world for us that struggle with weight. I'm tired of black!

I liked Candice's dress,but it is not something that I have not seen before. The challenge was to design something that defined them as a designer. I think most of the designers delivered. I was very surprised the Merline's design was as good as it was, given that she didn't get serious about the challenge until late. I hope she doesn't last long...I don't care for her at all and she is a distraction.

Re: Project Runway Season 13: Episode 14, "Finale, Part 2"

I was so disappointed that Kini did not win. I figured he would not win and I really though Amanda had earned it. Who is going to wear fringe! This stuff is horrible; even Sean was trimming it before the runway show. I have been surprised at some of the choices over the past few years. I would not be surprised to see Kini's design ideas show up someplace. His designs made sense. Amanda's jewelry was very nice, but I really don't care for her designs; I did't like her color blocking ideas.

As for Char, I sometimes think she was carried through only because of the save. She should not have made it to the runway show. I didn't care for anything she did. But I could see where someone young (20"s) might like some of her designs.

Re: Project Runway Season 13: Episode 9, "American Girl Doll"

Kini is so talented. I loved his little girl's dress and believe American Girl should put it on one of their dolls. I personally was never into the American Girl Dolls.

I love the history and thought that goes into them, but dolls are just not something I am into. I have never made clothes for dolls, but my mother loved doing this. She made me Barbie doll clothes and I was always amazed at the work that she put into each outfit. I was always asked over to friends' houses to play Barbies because I had all the cool clothes!

I enjoyed the challenge that was given. I geet a little bored seeing the professioal models all the time. The unexpected challenges are my favorite.

Re: Project Runway Season 13: Episode 8, "The Rainway"

I have worked with waterproof materials and I found them to be difficult since I cannot find the proper foot that I need to have the foot glide across the fabric. I did regret not lining my slicker; missed opportunity to add something.

I liked the rainway ----different. Anytime a new idea is used; it makes the show more interesting.

Re: Project Runway Season 13: Episode 8, "The Rainway"

I loved the dress as it changed color in the rain. Not sure abut the upside down umbrella, but unique. I think Kini is my favorite designer in a long time! He is so talented.

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 7: "Shoes First!"

I did not like the winning design. It looked like funeral attire revamped from the victorian era. At this point, I don't know who I really like. I think Kate is a strong contestant. I also think Karen is strong.

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 6: "Let's Go Glamping"

I was glad he was saved because I think we are just beginning to see his creative side pop out. I think what nailed Justin in this round was he over-did the lace technique. I agreed with the cluster of lace at the side. I thkn he over used the lace.

I wasn't a big fan of the winning design, but I don't care for those pants! The jacket was okay but I thought the fit was not that great in the back. I didn't care for the dorsal fin! But after last week, I guess Alexandria needed a lift.

I didn't like Karen's dress--looks like she didn't try. Personally I would have sent home Ken over that dress he created. It was ugly!!!

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 5: "YOU Choose Your Materials!"

I really thought Ken and Sue would both go home. They don't deserve to be there.
I love Braden's dress more than Jeremy's dress. And I liked Kate's dress, but I really didn't care for Karen's. Sorry but that just looked patchy to me. Reminded me of quilting.
I thknk Ken's number is up so he will be out next. I am curious as to what the news will be next week that Tim reveals. I hope it's not too sad.

I am glad that Tim gets to see as much as he does because the judges need to know these things. These people want to be professional designers and act like spoiled brats! There is not room for whinning!

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 4: "Tie the Knot"

I loved Brandon's look! What is so different fro that length then what current designers put out there? Everything is short for the slim and trim--wait a minute--us plump people have a hard time finding anything longer! Live in my world for awhile.

I was so tired of Sandro---he will not be missed! I;m not routing for some of the others that constantly complain or cry! They can go too.

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 3: "An Unconventional Coney Island"

I loved the winning design. Glad to see the "baby " leave!

Re: Project Runway Season 12: Episode 2, "Million Dollar Runway"

I loved Kate's dress and although she may have an edge in this competion, it is far from over. She had a winning gown look from the previous show as mentioned. Clearly she is the one that should be bragging about her gowns; not Helen. I think Helen is lacking in some skills and it is all going to come out over the ciming weeks. Brandon's gown was stunning as well. He clearly has a shot at winning this competition.

I really didn't like Dom's gown. Just not classy enough for jewels! But others disagree with me and that is fine.

Sondro's looks are interesting, but he sure does like revealing looks! I loved the top part of his look and hated that skirt.

Re: Book Giveaway: Dressmaking: 200 Q&A

Know your tools: a good seam ripper and a good pair of sharp pointed scissors are very useful. Pair that with tons of patience and a clear mind. Add in a little of your creative instinct, but remember to edit.

Re: Project Runway Season 12: Episode 1 "Sky's the Limit"

I love the changes. I think the judges should not know the designer. This gives each designer a little edge. Sometimes, I think some designers were kept a little too long just because they were "fun" and not for talent. I like that they get a closer look. I thought the one designer that used more black was going to get away with it. I wasn't totally happy with the winning look since this basic design has been shown several times... I was hoping the second place winner would get it.

I like to see that someone can come back and try again.

I think we have some really interesting people with very little talent. Hopefully they will be gone quickly.

Re: Win a One-Year Threads Insider Membership!

Threads has become one of my favorite sources for learning new techniques. I have been sewing since I was 12 years old, back in the day when your mother taught you to sew; so when I was in home ec class, I discovered I knew more than most of the first time sewers in the class! I have become less fearful of re-designing a bought pattern so that I can create my own look. I enjoy the magazine very much and look forward to every issue!

Re: Project Runway 11, Episode 14: "Finale, Part 2"

I was torn between Michelle and Patricia. Michelle's was more cohesive, but I have to agree that the look is not one we have not seen before, whereas, Patricia's was newer. I loved most of her designs. I am tred of black and dark clothes. I don't want drab color either-what is uplifting about boring drab colors?

At first, I thought Patricia would have it because I kept thinking about the lady last year that won with her island collection; no shape, but all a reflection of her! She won, so why not Patricia! I think Patricia should have won this year.

I have no idea what happened to Stanley-ran out of ideas. I was s disappointed because I loved most of his designs during this season.

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 13: "Finale Part 1"

I don't think anyone really used color with the exception of what little forest green in Michelle's and then the blue dress by Patricia! I guess black is a color but, come on, even the designers were told to think fall! I'm not sure how the bluedress fits for fall, but okay!

I thought Michelle's was the best looking mini-runway collection. I loved the coat! My fav piece by Patricia was the cape. I am not a horse hair person, but I thought that was different. I loved Stanley's beaded dress so why dd he cover it up with that leather jacket. It did nothing in my opinion.

Daniel deserved to be eliminiated. At first, I though everyone would go foward too! I was a little confused. Daniel really didn't bring anything ne to the runway.

I don't think Patricia will win. It's between Stanley and Michelle. And it will be Michelle's if the rest of her collection rocks over Stanley's like the three pieces did! He was not prepared for someone that appears to be so polished. I was surprised when he showed up with items not made yet!

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 12: "Europe, Here We Come"

I didn't like that caplet Stanley designed either! I thought it took away frm that beautiful gown. I really liked his dress best without that caplet.

I thought Patricia was a gonner this week so very surprised when they kept her. I'm not crazy about her stuff but she comes up with some neat textiles. She is a textile artist no a designer.

The only thing I hated about Layanna's look was the way she chose to do those sleeves. I thought it took away from her coat-which I liked; but not wth that blouse.

Daniel is okay but I have not seen anything new! The skirt or dress has been over done everywhere. Black and White stores probably carry something close to what he designed!

Michelle. Well, I'm not her biggest fan. I hated that dress but the work she put into the bib was good. I hated her entire look. She has talent, I just think she is too dark and makes things for people that are depressed!

Stanley is going win this because he has the most talent! He can design and he can sew. Michelle can sew, but she is not a very good designer. Maybe she would be better as a costume designer!

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 10: "The Art of Fashion"

I thought he judges were unfair in the recognition this past week. The design of the fabric was Michelle's. I did think that her dress fitmor in the costume category and Patricia's more avant garde, unfortuately, her design on the fabric was not appealing for the gown she created. The two were at battle. Not sure why she chose the veil, but I thought it did tone down the look.

Patricia is a talented textile designer. I don't think she will make the final four. Ias glad o see Richard go, because his talent is so limited.

I have a feeling that Daniel has his limits too. He appears too over confident. Patricia gts hurt too easily--I can just hear Michael Kors! I'm not sure what Layana was thinking this week!

$10,000 really doesn't very far. I have never designed my own texile, but that does look like fun. I would like to do that someday. I have played wih fabric placng in laces or tucks and done some needle felting--that is fun! Then cut out something from the altered fabric.

We have an artist here that purchases old clothes from second hand places and creates something new. She does over dying, then adds textue by felting. The garments are very intresting. One of the quilters hs created beautiful one-of-a-kind garmets with the fabrics she creates in her studio.

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 9: "He Said, She Said"

I was glad Samantha was sent home. That dress was one of the ugliest desgns yet!

I loved the winning look---the green is one of my favorite colors to wear. Most everyone went some shade of pink--not a Mothr's Day challnge. I think the rose gave most of the designers the wrong idea.

Richard has no ideas, so he should be going home soon.
I liked Patricia's and Stanley's designs. Their pinks were not so vivid. I did not like Daniel's pink ad his dress looked like the hem needed to be pressed!

I didn't think Layana's fabric was allthat bad. I don't know why the judges gave her such a hard time about the floral.

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 8: "Take It All Off!"

I to say that the challenge could have been so much fun, but this group of designers are a snooze! I finally had a chance to view the show today. I fell asleep! The judges made the correct decision to not have a winner because there was not one design that deserved to win. These designers clearly do't design for men.

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 7, "A Sticky Situation"

I liked the winning design but I didn't think it was the best design. I thought Layana and Stanley's dress was much more creative since they had the petticoat under the dress.

I think it woul have been nice to have the high school kids pick the winner. They gravitated toward certain dresses and the winner was their least favorite. The winning dress doesn't look like something most girls would wear to prom.

I was glad to Katelyn and Tu both go. He was ready to go; I think he knew he should go. I sort-of was expecting the double elimination because of the comments we heard from the judges and sometimes they do this. I think it happened because Tu didn't put up a fight and the design was Katelyn's.

I have never created anything from ducttape; nor will I ever. I don't like working with ducttape for any project! I think it's ugly and "tacky" looking. While I think the unconventional challenges are fun, I would not want to be a model wearing that design. Look at Jiffy Pop---praying mantis girl! No teen really wants to go to prom looking like that! But they don't mind going in a white gown with their pink undies shinning underneath!

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 6, "Senior Fling"

I thought Ben or Tu would go but when it came down to it, Ben did a better job than Tu. Tu should have gone home. So, I expect he or Patrica will be gone next.

As for thebest looks, I disagreed with the judges but you could tell which they favored as they critized the two people that did the best work! Katelyn's dress was so her client's personality! The lady rocked that dress and you could tell she was very pleased! Samantha, also pleased her client! I didn't care for the fit of Hudson's outfit at all. Daniel did a better job constructing the near same look!

Sorry, but Hallmarq's dress was the ugliest thing I have ever seen! Looked like rag samples sewn together! Are the judges kidding me?

Re: Project Runway Episode 5: "A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll"

T winning look really wasn't that special; I mean, this is a design used many times over for enterainers that have similar body shapes. My favorite was Layana's dress. I loved theflow of thegown but it would not have sown up on the stage very well. Patrica really doged the bullet--that thing she sent down was just ugly! What was that necklace that Michelle had on her model? There was plenty of ugly going on that I was questioning what this group has to offer. Daniel is getting too confinent andneeded to be knocked down off his glow stick!

I would have cosen eggplant purple. It's a rich color that is oftern overlooked. A fabirc that picks up the lights, sequined for example; why was nearly everythin done in leather---that is hot under the lights! Some fabrics breather better than others. Even trims can be used to catch lights.

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 4, "The Ultimate Hard and Soft"

I have been curious about the same thing. I missed the episode on Thursday of last week, so I spent part of my long week-end looking for the episode so I could view it. It wasn't anywhere! I remember when it could be viewed the following day, but not anymore.

This blog is posted way too late. It needs to be sooner. It used to be the very next day after the show that the blog was up and running. It was interesting to read through the varying opinions.

I would like to see these teams do a newspaper challenge. Project Runway hasn't done this challenge in awhile. I don't like the candy challenge. This one probably was interesting, but I cannot find where to view it. Maybe I can catch it tonight before the new episode.

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 3, "Surprise Me"

Ihve eto agreee with hazelspi: how dothey get this far with management issues? Ben should have gone home over Cindy. I was surprised when it was the other way. I'm tryingto figure out how Ben got into the competition tobegin with--did someone else create the looks he brought? Sometimes I wonder about this because the talend you see at the beginning, those shots of the designs they submit never appear again!
I had not though about the teams being re-done. I guess that could be a twist. Could make for an interesting show full of drama. The Dream Team s management issues an the Keep It Real Team knows how to execute and get things done. I get tired of the drama so I would just turn it off if it got to be too much arguing.
I loved the winnning look by Agiular and Pankake! It was well designed and made up so beautiful! I liked Esquivel's look, butnot as well as some others that I saw walking down the runway. Othe other team, Black's gown was beautiful too.

Re: Project Runway Season 11 Episode 2: "Spin Out"

I thought that Aguitar was the clear winner after getting a closer look at the design. I liked Hudson's look for the ball guys the best, but thought the ball retriever part of Joseph and Richard's design could be easily added. I did not like their ball guy outfit at all!

I wasn't sorry t see James go nor will I be sorry to see Ciondy go. Neither have much creativity. I didn't care fo Ben's kelt either. Maybe in a different place, this would be more appropriate. But for this, no.

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 1 "There is No I in Team"

I didn't feel sorry fo Emily. I think she wantedto do more than she could deliver. She will live it down in time. All is forgotten after awhile.
I loved Patricia's dress although I couldn't really see the blue. I think she is interesting. I don't care for Dniel's design. I don't think it's allthat original. Another black outfit with fluff around the waist. Big deal! And why all the rave about Richard's dress---it was ugly!
I do like the team format. They have to get along. You see who has great leadership skills this way along with design talent.

Re: What's Your Sewing Storage Solution?

I chose to store my thread in my antique thread cabinet. There ar two drawers on mine. The drawers have their orginal painted labels: "Clark's O.N.T." and "six-cord". I found at an office supply store plastic storage containers that are deep for patterns to be placed upright so I can easily thrumb through. I have my patterns divided out by company so each cntainer is labeled for easy pull-out. I would like to have a large room ad have build-in storage with pull-out drawers for patterns---ah, maybe one day:) I like to have a scissors and pins near my machines so I have sets with on the sewing machine table and a separate set with my serger table. I use a spinny storage that is really for scrap booking on my sewing table to keep all scissors, measuring tools---any tool sewers may need really. My fabric is placed in plastic see through containers too by seasonal and color. I have never had an issue with the fabric in plastic--probably because I go through it so much rotating things to make sure its okay. I have a large stash! But when I am in a nice fabric store and they have a sale---he, I have to indulge:)

Re: Gift sewing for the holidays

Soucieville---Ican relate to your comment! Thanks for the laugh after a long day that included a stop at a fabric store to purchase trims for my daughter who designs her own dance costumes. I did purchase her one lace piece that I couldn't resist. At least it won't be in my numerous boxes of stash!

I have made pillowcases too--they are always fun to make with someone special in mind to give the set to. I love adding trims too.

Happy sewing!


Re: Project Runway Episode 13: "Finale, Part 1"

I couldn't believe the designs that they all showed. Dimitry sends down a look we have already seen and love the variety of ways he uses it, but no surprise here. I'm not crazy about the whole see-through blouse, not something I want to see people wearing. I loved Christopher's fabric and the whole idea that he took from that and ran with it. I thought he was the most creative, but he sent down the runway some terrible choices! Then Fabio has designed this whole line of beach clothes, I guess that is what they would be---I'm not liking it. Melissa---oh dear, that jacket was was awful. I didn't like anything she had designed. I was surprised when she was not eliminated. Again, the neckline on the black dress was something similar to something else she designed/

I think Christopher or Dimitry will win this. Christopher is very creative. Dimitry is very tailored and constructs clothes well. I think Fabio missed his chance. Melissa has trouble with time management and second guessing herself.

I'm excited about seeing the runway show to see how everything looks together for each designer.

Re: Project Runway Episode 12: "In a Place Far, Far Away"

I really felt that Sonjia should have been kept over Melissa. Sonjia has been more creative and she knows how to pace herself. I think she would have ensured that a female would have shown at fashion week. I don't have faith in Melissa caring this off and I really feel she'll be eliminated.

As for the men; Dimitry once again shows his talent as a designer. I agreed the collar took away from the design. I liked Christopher's dress and I had to agree that the feathers on the arms made it go the costume route. I didn't care for Fabio's flip jacket --- I think the entire look was odd.

My least favorite was Melissa's. Ially cannot determine the winner at this point. I think Christopher and Diitry are the strongest leaders at this point.

Re: Project Runway Episode 11: "It's Fashion, Baby"

Ididn't care for the crying dolls either. I think tat was unnecessary and really didn't add anything to the challenge. It was annoying more than anything else. I loved the challenge though especially when they were asked to create something for the mother too.

I didn't care for Dimitry's jumpsuit --- I think it fit funny and the hood wasn't right. I love red though. I love bright colors on children. Sonji's outfit was drab to me but then she had the colorful top underneath. Christopher's dress was cute, but one washing and those flowers are going to be falling apart.

I would love to see this challenge used again, but leave out the dolls. I think making something for the mother was a nice gesture since they were walking the runway ith their child.

I used to make my girls outfits all the time when they were little and I had a fabric store that carried interesting fabrics. Now I have to drive three hours away to get to a store that inspires me. I still have many of the dresses I made my girls. No grand babies yet, but I will be sewing for them.

Re: Project Runway Episode 10: "I Get a Kick Out of Fashion"

I was torn between Christopher ad Dimitry; although, I believe Dimitry's as better. I thought Christophr's skyline would have showed up better with black inthe background for the see-through fabric and place the jewels on the fabric to represent the stars like he said. I didn't care for the skirt but his idea was great and I really tinnk that is what made the decision for te judges between the two.

I ddn't really have a third choice,it would not have been Fabio because it looked too "armorish". I thought she could go into battle---gladiator.

There were too many ice skater looks this time. I thought it was time for Ven to go. He apparently has limited talent. I don't care for Elana at all or Melissa. Sonji has put out some looks I really liked. But right now, the three men are the best. They have way more talet than the women.

Re: Project Runway Episode 9: "It's All About Me"

I would like to know how Dimitry did that technique he used on his jacket. I really liked his jacket!

Re: Project Runway Episode 9: "It's All About Me"

Sorry to ee Gunnar lose out this week. I really thought Christopher would be gone or Elana. The one I really thought should go was Elana---did not care for her look at all. Something about the sleeves that I thought wasn't right. Ven---another flower? Really! I liked the sketch he created but then when I saw what he weas doing, I couldn't believe it. I guess if he desn't improve by next challenge, he will be gone.

This week, I really felt that Sonja had won it wth those pants. I liked her look the best. I also liked Melissa'sdress and her print, but I had to agree with the judges that something about the sleeve wasn't right o this dress---probably should have been a strap or straps and not that cap effect.

Thankfully, the judges didn't ask Fabio about his pattern---did Tim tip the judges off and told them no to ask?

Re: Project Runway Episode 8: "Starving Artist"

Ias glad to see Gunnr and Christopher get along so well. I really didn't care for Gunnar's dresses. I loved Sonja's jacket and was glad to see her win. What happened to the other two teams? Wow, their sewing techniques were way off base!

Re: Project Runway Episode 7: "Oh My Lord and Taylor"

I thought Dimetry's dress was temost interesting design too. I didn't really care for Christopher's but I could understand the judges' points of view. I thougth for a brief minute, Gunner was gone also. Glad he got to stay. Didn't really care for his dress but he does have heart! I also didn't like Elena's dress--thought it had an odd shape on her model. Why all the black? Everyone looks like they're dressed for a funeral. I'm tired of the roe motif and the fabric-slashing technique. Surely these two designers have some other tricks they are saving up for the end.

Re: Project Runway Episode 6: "Fix My Friend!"

Nathan made his model looking like a tramp. I wasn't happy with Ven's either becasue of the flutter sleeves that just make arms look BIGGER! The skirt was okay that Ven designed andwas probably his saving grace. But his comments were way out of line. I hope he appologized to her. I di8dn;t care for Gunner's look either. Why black all the time? Dark colors that are bright and upli9fting to the spirit can have the same effect. And really, its all about creating an illusion with lines placed in the correct spots. And why does everyone think women can show their large boobs off at work? Melissa's dress was pretty and black, but the scarf---what was she thinking?

Re: Project Runway Episode 5: "It's My Way on the Runway"

Iloved the dress that won, but other than that; I didn't care for too many of the designer's ideas. Paul deserved go. That skirt and blouse were awful. Agan, I loved Ven's design and I guess I would wear something like that to work. The winning dress is not a look that I felt was for work but that was because of the high neckline. I just looked more evening. Nathan's off the should look is not something women can wear to work! I would be sent home if I wore that to teach a class full of high school students---totally inappropriate.

I wish that designers would get a clue that teens and teachers cannot look like a model, but should be comfotable and not revealing certain parts of thebody. Teens see these on the racks and yes they want to look sexy---lets not go there!

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Women On the Go"

Ven is very good with evening looks. The dress he designed didn't fit all the criteria this week but he was safe. He is very talented.

I was torn between Dimitry and Elena. I really loved Dimitry's dress and I thought it might win after listening to the judges. Gunner's details were nice this week so I like his outfit. Sonjia and Christopher's dresses were nice but I'm not into the look they presented; however you see similar designs oout there now. This look has been around for a few years now.

Melissa's dress had too much fabric--her model was drowning in it! I liked Fabio's print, but he needed to do something else solid to break it up and his dress was too short. A woman on the go would constantly be tugging at the hemline on an airplane just to keep her bottom covered (if that would even be possible---things ride up when you sit).

Buffi deserved to be cut sending her model out in that sorryful mess--it should be torched! Raul will be gone again soon. How did he ever get through design school? Maybe he is just learning.

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Welcome Back (Or Not) To the Runway"

I loved the dress Fbio and Ven created for Kenley. I thought it flattered her very well. Not so sure it is what the stars wear for red carpet, but then the judges never seems to follow all the rules.

The dress Gunner and Kooan designed for Ia was stunning and I liked how the drapped piece down the back hid that hiddious seam they had to take on her rear! The dress was more red carpet looking and the choker really set it off. I still am not a big fan for either one of these two designers. This is probably the best piece we'll see attached to Kooan's name! (LOL)

Dimitry and Melissa's gown for April was very pretty as well. I don't care for April's new hair color!

Oh well, glad this challenge is over. Not one of my favorite ones. I don't care for collaboration pieces.

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Candy Couture"

Ias very surprised when Dimitry was not in the top three. I loved his creation and really thought it would beat Ven's hands down since we have seen the rose motif already. I am hoping next week it is not another rose. I really loved his rose motif last week more than this stained glass one. I agreed that Lantie had to go, she just gave up. She really is not cometition material. She should have gone last week and they let last week's loser stay for this week's challenge. I believe the Elena and Buffie will not last long. Andrea and Kooan will not last either. I don't understand how Gunner got into the top three this week since his creation was so bland next to Dimnitry's creation.

I liked the twist of having someone who grew up with a father that is a fashion icon.

They have not done the newspaper challenge in awhile--that is one of my favorite challenges.

Re: Explore the Fashions of Titanic's Passengers

What does fashion say today? The kids want everything to hang out. They don't seem to care. I loved the Edwardian period and often felt I was born too late. For a brief period in the 1990's I was able to purchase Ralph Lauren patterns through Vogue and make clothes that satisfied my love for the lace and the pintucks. Longer skirts still appeal to me today. Fashion tends to go in cycles though; but the reflection of a period such as the 1990's twist on Edwardian clothing had the slimmer sleeves instead of the leg of lamb sleeve.

When my youngest daughter was a toddler, I purchased some patterns from Past Patterns for children. I learn that the sleeves were set in differently and the skirts on the dresses were very full. The patterns came with very little instructions so you had to be an experienced seamstress to know how to construct the garments. It was fun to have her pictures made in these period clothes.

In college, I studied the Titanic sinking in one of my science classes. After the wreckage was discovered and museums were having special displays set up with the relecs found, I made several trips to see these relecs. I was amazed to learn so much more from the items found and the people that lost their life that horrific night. Every display was different, but the names and their stories never changed.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "When I Get My Dress in Lights"

I was sad to see Jerell go home becaseu he was one of my favorites. I thought Michael's was just dreadful, yet he stays. He is not creative at all. Mondo has the most creativity of any designer out there. I love some of Kenley's designs but not all of them. She tends to stick to one idea. Personally, when Mila was sent home, I thought that was a injustice to her because while she is out there, she is creative. Austin is fun to watch and he can come up with some beautiful designs. I thought this week was one of his best. He stood out from everyone else.

I would like to see Mondo, Austin, and Kenley in the final round.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 2"

Unbelievable! I don't think Anya des3erved this win. Where did her other bathing suit go? When did she find time to suddenly make all this. I notice the long dress she had in the pre-view was suddenly shorter and hemmed! With her, everything looks the same----boring.

I loved half of Viktor's collection, but there is not way I would wear most of the black pieces, but some were interesting. I really thought that Josh would have the win after listening to the chat among the judges. I really didn't care for the plastic on a garment, but some of this colors were really nice. I still loves the white leather jacket Viktor designed! Then there is Janet. What can I say? The colorful collection was nice but she doesn't do anythig that hasn't already been done before.

I was not very entertained this season so I hope the next season is better. And now there are the copy cat shows beginning! I tried to sit through the first assessory show, but it just wasn't grabbing my attention. Same format just a different theme!

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 1"

I have to say that I agree, Viktor deserves to win. He is the most creative and I loved everythig in his collection when Tim visited him. He was ready and the most prepared.

Anya's evening dress was nothing but a drapped piece of fabric and cut off at the hem! What was she thinking. I doubt her abilites to sew.

I have to admit, I liked Josh's clothes. I liked some of Kimberly's. The only thing I didn't like about Kimberly's was that awful pink skirt! I thought the judges were too nice when it came to that skirt.

I didn't think Anya deserved to go to fashion week. I don't think this is fair to the others.

Re: Bad Sewing Habits

I used to hate to press so much, but this is such an important step. Now I find that I will do what I can before I go press so I might not work in sequential order of the pattern instructions. For example, I may work on the main parts of the body of a shirt, go to sleeves or cuffs, put together collar parts, then go press. I get things done that I can without effecting a next step that should have pressing before I attach something.

I am just getting back into sewing from a long break. I have found that I have to read instructions more closely because some of the steps have been re-written so I'm learning something in a different way. I used to know the instructions so well, that looking at the picture was enough. I was always correct, but not anymore.

Fabric prices have changed over the years, but you still get what you pay for. Quality fabric is not something anyone should be willing to to give up, if money permits. I would rather have a nice quality fabric, well sewn garment than most of the ready made garments I see on the racks. It is sad to see what people pay for and wear once or twice then pitch it.

I am glad to see people wanting to learn to sew again. I have students that want to learn, so I have considered a sewing camp for the summer. I think it would be fun. Has anuyone ever done somethig like this?

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale Challenge"

Anya is the only designer that sent down something interesting to look at, even though she doesn't know much about sewing. If it had not been for Bert, she wouldn't have made it because she doesn't know what she is doing. Josh is two faced and gets to go to fashion week with the looks he sent down! Laura had more interesting design that Josh with the exception of that one rediculous dress. Viktor played it safe, although, I am not sure why he did this. Maybe the final show will reveal what is up his sleeve. I didn't care for Kim's designs. Why does everyone want the skirt to sweap toi the side like that? It's not becoming at all!

I'm looking forward to seeing the past designers that have won go into a competition. They were interesting before, so that should be good!

Re: Project Runway 9: "This is For the Birds"

I was hoping that Bert would make it to the end. Anya's dress was very original and I believe she did deserve this win. However, I didn't get to see the whole show so I was curioous about the comment from Josh that her model was sewn into the dress. I;ll have to watch this show over the week-end. If she is not able to complete garments for her lack of knowledge on the process of placing pieces together in an order, then she won't make it during fashion week without some serious help. Kim won't make it much further because she is struggling. The other designers have more talent.

Re: No Halstons Here: Project Runway Episode 10 is "Sew '70s"

Why is it Joshua squeeks by when he acts like an overbearing jack--- in almost every show?

I loved the direction Anya went with her top and the pants, but the top was pulling in front. I don't understand how she won over the tailoring of Viktor's suit. I loved Lauren's little dress too. Bert's little "booty" showing beneath the dazzling shirt dress managed to get enough notice to win a spot of recognition.

I don't know if Anya has enough experience to make it to fashion week. She doesn't appear to have enough knowledge to me to make it. She has some missing skills that will be needed in the final week. I think Viktor and Bert have a spot; although, there have been times that I have questioned Bert's excperience. If Joshua would learn to shut his mouth and learn how to critique his own designs, he would make it for sure. He has the experience and the ideas; but his mouth turns me off. I like the blouse he made but those pants were awful!

This season has been interesting and uninteresting. I cannot say it has been one of my fav seasons. I hope next season is better. I liked the newspaper challenge they had a few years ago. They should stay away from party stores, food, circus----anything that lends itself to stupid looks! I like the period or era challenges and inspiration from a place (ocean, deseart, safari, art, city scapes, etc).

Re: Project Runway 9: "What Women Want"

I loved Josh's dress too, but his self-centerness is a big issue with me. The dress was very attractive. I liked less flamboyant --- he always tried to overdo everythig. I was not impressed with Bert's dress. Boring! Anya's dress was pretty and I was surprised she got it to hang well. For someone that has little sewing experience, she is doing really well. I didn't really care for the one sleeve either, but the dress did show well.

I think I liked watching this challenge just to see how difficult it was to have husbands try to discribe likes and dislikes of the wife or girlfriend. This was better than that circus challenge.

Re: Project Runway 9: "The Art of the Matter"

I was not crazy about this challenge. I didn't really care for any of the looks. I expected more out of Bert ---- he is a major disapointment. For someone with his background, you would think he would know what to put on the runway. I was not a fan of Josh's look, so I was glad it didn't win. But come on, Anthony's was falling apart on the runway. The idea is what won, sure wasn't workmanship!

I think ideas for challenges is hard to come up with anymore. I like it when they design for someone. Those challenges are interesting. When they do something odd like circus, avant guade, etc, the looks are not very good.

Re: Project Runway 9: "All About Nina"

I liked Kim's end result and thought it probably did deserve the win since it was the one outfit mostlikely to be worn to the office and afterwards for an evening. I liked the details in the top.

I liked Anys'a jumpsuit once she dyed that awful fabric color! The dye toned things down, but the design didn't say office to me either with so much of the back missing.

Laura's green dress looked more like a party dress for a Christmas dinner. I liked the styling but it didn't fit the qualifications for the challenge. Viktor's black dress was also very nice, but not something I would wear to the office. It didn't look comfortable enough to wear all doy.

Olivier's was just plain ugly slong with Cecelia. I was surprised she wasn't out since she just gave up. Granted Julia's was not a great design, but her idea was there, she just didn't execute it well. I thought Cecelia deserved to go home and Julia should have got to stay. Josh M's dress looked too space costumy---not a good look. As for the other designers, they all appeared to play it safe.

Having to design for Nina made the challenge interesting. Much better than that circus challenge!

Re: Project Runway 9: "Go Big or Go Home"

I was not a big fan of this challenge either. I never like the odd challenges, except for the newspaper challenge a few years ago. Most of the time, the unusual challanges are lacking in creativity. The pairing and the grouping of contestants never bring good results. Why do they keep doing that?

Re: Project Runway 9: Come As You Are

I agree with the others commnets about Anthony's garment. I was not impressed with it at all. I did love Bert's garment and I loved Anya's garment. I believe Anya will be challenged with her limited knowledge with sewing, but she is creative. Bert will have a edge since he has worked in the industry. Once he catches on to what looks win, he could be one of the final three.

I am excited to see what the designers do this season. I love going into the stores after a season of Project Runway and seeing their ideas show up.

Re: Is sewing taught in your local school system?

Sewing wasn't a reguirement when I went through hgih school; however, my mother taught to to sew beginning at age 12. By the time I reached high school, I knew more than most of the girls in the class.

I think sewing is making a come back due to shows like "Project Runway." For years, I have watched quilting take over in my area. The nice fabric store gradually became a quilting only with some home decor fabrics. They took oout their patterns nearly 10 years ago.

Now, people around here want fabric that is quality, but it means driving a distance to acquire anything of quality for clothing. Fabric prices have gone up just like everything else, so don't let the sticker price shock you!

This spring, I am teaching sewing to a small number of students in my school. They want to learn. Since we can get quilting fabric, we'll start off with a customize pillowcase. Teaches straight stitching and corners. I want them to take a basic tee shirt and design their own look. The come back with sewing has to include getting away from the pattern envelop and allowing creativity! That is what the kids want to learn while learning the basics.

Our new all inclusive high school will be teaching design and sewing. Schools are bringing it back because the kids have asked to be taught.

I wish there was a better selection of fabrics and patterns in my area that didn't require an hour or two drive to find it. I would like for kids to see the difference in quality of textiles. They need to know that that cheap top is not such a good purchase due to the poor quality of fabric. Sometimes feeling the difference coupled with seeing goes a long way!

Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 2

Just like everyone else, I was really surprised that Grethen comes out the winner! Her things were all the same, not what I call high fashion---just plain and boring. Mondo, while I was not as blown away by everything, continued a creative side. What aurprised me was Andy! I felt that Andy had more interesting pieces and most were interchangable so why is it he didn't come out the winner? I really felt he won this one! I would wear more things in Andy's collection than Mondo's and I dont' think I would wear anything in Grtchen's. I think what really bothered Kors was that Mondo was edging (not the black but the "death" statement) on the Gothic look that is so appealing to teens (although that look is dieing out). I liked Gretchen's jewelry, but one peice looked like any other. Every ooutfit looked the same. I cannot believe she won!

Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 1

I loved Andy's green dress; just a little on the short side for me. I didn't care for the swim suit and agreed with the judges---why did he place that in the three? I was glad when he was chosen to be in the final show.

I didn't care for anything Gretchen showed, thought the one she made in two days was really ugly. I liked the jewelry though. I don't see anyone walking around in colored undies and a suit jakcet with no bra on ---- oh, I guess that explains the hat to hide your face!

I was disappointed in Michael's work---everything is in the same color! What was he thinking!

Then there is Mondo which I have enjoyed watching his mastery of prints! I loved the long dress with the large circles! I couldn't wear it, but I still thought it was a great looking dress. I didn't care for the flower hats so as far as I'm concerned those could be left off.

I think Mondo is favored to win.

Re: Project Runway: We're in a New York State of Mind

I hope Mondo wins too. I think he has the most creativity and who knows what he can do given more time to produce a line. I think he will be the one to actually carry a theme.

While I am happy for Michael C on his continued success, I feel he is not capable of making anything that really fits to flatter. Most his things involve drap. The weaving pattern he did has been done before on the show so I was a bit surprised nothing was said about that from the judges.

I like Andy's dress, mostly because of the back detailing made it somewhat unexpected. It was looking so predictable and then the model turns and that detailing was a nice surprise.

I don't know hat Gretchen is doing anymore. Her things are really ugly! That skirt was one of the worst things she has made. It ranks right up there with the robe she made with al the strings attached to it (and the judges thought it was great). I don't think she will get to be in the final three.

I was a little disappointed for April, but her continued black theme throughout the show was a mistake on her part. I sort of liked the dress she made. I thought it was more interesting than Michael C's. She has talent, but she needs to find some color in her life. She is young enough to have been in the crowd of teens that was influenced by the black clothing; Hot Topic look. Slap on the mesh hose and a mesh glove, dark eyeshadow and bright red lips---Halloween!

Re: Project Runway, Season 8, Episode 11 Recap

I agreed with the judges this week about Andy's win. I wan'st too crazy for Michael C's over sized things! They just hung there looking drab. Mondo gets a little touchy, but then so does Gretchen. I think we're close to seeing Michael C be out of this competition or maybe Gretchen. April, though, she loves that edgy sexy Fredrick's look, has talent. Who will be the final three?

Re: What sewing book do you turn to most often?

When I became more passionate about sewing, I purchased a Vogue Sewing book becasue I was so interested in tailoring. It was difficult to locate many of the items mentioned in the book for taloring in my small city. Even though, we have grown over the years, quilting has serged since we have a hugh quilt show in the area every spring. Our beloved fabric store gradually switched all fabrics and notions over for quilters.

The book taught me skills that were missing and I found that I often prefer to use Vogue patterns over others because of their great care in details for construction. I have depended on "Threads" magazine for ideas to update old patterns and spark creative ideas. I enjoy the articles that discuss fabric stores in larger cities so that when I go visit these cities I already have my list ready!

Re: Project Runway: There's a Pattern Here

Iam really liking Mondo's mixes of pattern. He is a very interesting designer and his reveal was very touching. It was nice to see all the designers rally around him and be so supportive instead of the usual selfishness.

This is the first time in weeks that I have liked anything Gretchen has designed. For once, this would be something I would like to wear ---- just don't have that kind of figure anymore :) I loved her print and the accent trim on the pants! Also, I loved April's print with the tree and hearts, but I wan't crazy about her design.

I really didn't care for Michael C's dress this week. It was very drab! Christopher's was just okay, nothing I couldn't make myself. And finally, I want to celebrate,Valerie is off the show. The twisted, frowny mouth thing she does and poor designs will not be missed!

Re: Project Runway: Race to the Finish

I love Marilyn's comment that it looked like Grethcen's robe looked like it needed a lint shaver!

I think just about all of us must be from the 70's back when home ec still taught sewing and our mother's or someone in our family helped us at home learn as much about sewing as we could. Now, teens want to learn about sewing again and so many schools just don't teach this art like it should be taught. It saddens me to see this art get the shaft. I kep hoping that with programs like this on TV that more students will desire to learn and hopefully schools pick it up from the point of view there are students out there that are interested in designing clothes.

Re: Project Runway: Race to the Finish

I liked Mondo's evening look to a degree, but there was just a little too much going on for me. He did a good job of capturing what the challenge was about. I'm liking Mondo more and more. I also am liking Andy more.l I liked his look, but I thought he just had a little too much detail and I'm not a fan of those really high boots. Michael C had a nice looking dress for both, just too much train on the evening look and I didn't care for the wire. Valarie's white dress wasn't too bad, but that other one was terrible. April should design for Fredrick's! I didn't care for Ivy's dresses at all! Poorly made on both. Chris' two dresses were really nice. He has designed some pretty clothes, but he doesn't get recognized. He is just in the middle. I think Gretchen is running out of creative steam! Those two dresses were awful. The day look probably saved her from being on the bottom.

Re: Project Runway: A Rough Day on the Runway

I loved Mondo;s look because I could see Jackie O wearing this.l I could see her in Ivy's without the jacket. The jacket didn't fit correctly and she went for toomany diagonals; in other words overkill! It is a shame, because I think she would ahve won had it not been for the jacket. I loved Christopher's dress from the moment I first saw it. Very glammorous and who would want to cover that intereting look he created? No one. Again the outerwear was a death sentence to a garment that didn't need any other pieces---the statement had already been made!

Gretchen's was just plain ol' baggy--her look is changing. I don't know if she can end up in the top now. Why didn't Valarie go home? Her outfit was worse than Michael C's. Michael's was targeted toward a youthful person, not someone like Jackie O. His construction was much better than Valarie's. She is undecisive. April created yet another black dress---black is becoming too safe. It's like the designers decide the challenge is not their style so stay safe and go black. I didn't care for Michael C's dress combo. That jacket was all wrong. Andy tried to place his design into the Jackio O look and it just didn't work. maybe if he had stayed away from pants and had done a dress.

Re: Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours

I r4eally thougth that Andy's looked more resort that April's Fredrick negligee! But then maybe it depends on the resort one is going to.

Casanova just wasn't understanding and I think the judges seized a moment that they thought was a good time to let him go. Although, I am ready to see Gretchen and Ivy leave. They have a problem with attitude!

I did like Michael D's dress just because of the interesting look around the shoulders.

There is way too much black and earthtones in this collection. When I think of resort, I thin of color! For the most part, these designs were depressing with few believing in color!

Re: Celebrate National Sewing Month

I sew because I love to create my vision from a piece of fabric. I love to alter patterns so a little of my personality is reflected in the finished garment.

Re: Project Runway: You Can Totally Wear That Again

Let e start off by saying that my favorite was Mondo's dress! I loved that dress because it was interestsing and eyecathing. I understood why Chris C won, but I really thought Mondo should have won this one. Chris C's dress had an interesting design to it, but I didn't care for the backside. Valarie's dress looked too patchy and what is it with bows? I don't care for bows; they are too little "girlly."

That was the ugliest dress that Peach ever produced! I do like her personality though. She was so nice to everyone and some of the designers should take some lessons from Peach. Mike D's dress looked okay to me, but it wasn't anything very interesting, just simple. Casanova just idn't know what to make so he made pants. He is living on a short string---he won't be in the top three. April didn't use much of her orginal gown that I could see. It appears that when in doubt what to do, make a black dress. I like Chris' dress and I'm not sure what was so wrong with it. Ivy and Andy;s were okay but not interesting. That ugly thing that Grtchen make looked like a Hot Topic purchase! She might not make the top three if she doesn't keep her mouth shut.

Re: Project Runway: There IS an "I" in Team

Congradulations to the winners. I loved Michael D and Casanova's looks the best. Once I could see the collection on stage as a whole, it was clear which team had clearly met this challenge.

It's about thime the the judges see that Gretchen is not a nice person and hard to deal with. She always wants to through someone other than herself under the bus, naturally, she wanted that to be Michael C. She didn't agree with last week's choice so she wanted him to look bad. It all blew up in her face! I'm glad that the judges saw her true colors.

What is this with all the zippers showing all the time? I don't find it appealing to see a zipper going up the back of someone's real end. I like Valorie's jacket and nothing else. Peach had a really nice dress this time, but the top part of it was my favorite part. I wasn't crazy about Mondo's look and why is the designers trying to copy this backless look. It's ugly---like someone cropped off the back. The front of that garment was okay, the back side ruined the outfit.

Re: Project Runway: Hat's Off to You

I understood why Michael C won this week with that fabric picking up the sparkle from the hat, but I have to agree with sew4fun's comment about the hat. I was not a big fan of that one either. I love red, but that hat! Kristne didn't have a clue what she was doing. I would have perfered to see spring color with her hate, even though this hat is not something I would wear either. Valorie's dress wasn't anything special, but I did agree with the judges that the dress and the mask really didn't go together. Peach's dress looked like a familiar spin-off of another one she designed and I didn't particularly care for that dress and hat combo. A tribal look would have been fun with that hat, not necessarily a dress. I thought Mondo's was cute---the first hat that I would wear. His outfit and hat didn't really go together, but he made it fun. Michael D's outfit was really cute and the hat did go with it, but again, that hat is not something I would wear. It reminded me of the Dutch wooden shoes. I though Ivy did well with her design and hat combo. While Christoper's fabric was interesting, I did understand and agreed with the judges that the fabric was too heavy for the look of the hat. AJ and Andy also did a good job creating looks that complimented their hats. I liked April's top, but those shorts were ugly. I didn't think she did a very good job with the challenge and really thought she would be the one going home. I did agree that Kristen's sewing looked pretty bad. She wasn't inspired with this challenge and I don't think she could get her heart into creating something ---- she appeared releaved to be going. Then there is Gretchen, already exploding with too much confidence. Her design and hat went well together, but she doesn't know how to keep comments to herself and she doesn't mind her own business. She is not a favorite. I have a feeling she will be around to the end; may even win this season.

Re: Project Runway: It's a Party!

So far, black is the in-thing with the judges. But I did like the dress that Andy created. He would not have finished if it had not been for the two assisting him. I think that Gretchen spends too much time sticking her nose into other's business. While she designed three pieces, I wasn't as impressed with this one. Peach's dress looked very "teeny-bopper" to me, but much better than last week. And I thought Christopher's was pretty, but it did look like fabric. Casanova has too much going on in his and he leans heavily on not understanding "English"----how much longer will he be in this competition? Valorie's was okay, just looked patchy. Nicolas' looked like the skirt had been starched stiff! I didn't like it at all. I thought Michael C.'s gown was very pretty. I love red though and I'm not much on black. I like these unusual challenges because the materials they have to use makes the designers pull out their creativity. If the designer has that "gift" then the designer really shines!

Re: Project Runway Season 8, Episode 2 Recap

I thought the red dress should have won hands down! Valorie's would have made a more interesting billboard than the "modern day prison garb" (sewsforfun). Today's woman wants to look like they just got out of prison? I don't think so. Sexy and flirty is the red dress!

I did think that Mondo's skirt was better than his evening dress last week. But does he has some issues when it comes to pattern making?

Nicolas tried to copy a certain look from Gretchen (i.e.; blouse)--- then, did he try to cover that up adding the cape? I really think this sealed his fate.

I'm glad Peach didn't get eliminated because I think she has the talent. She just didn't approach this challenge very well.

As for Jason, I was glad to see him go. He clearly needs to spend some more time in the classroom! Those safety pins were unforgivable!

Re: Project Runway - And Sew it Begins

I was surprised to see Casanova continuing because his design reminded me so much of this past sesson: too much skin showing. I personally thought he had more "breat" showing than McKell! A little lower in the back and we could have seen her crack! Granted, McKell's skirt length had issues, but that shirt conversion was a good idea! She deserved another week and Casanova should have been gone. If not him then why not Ivy: Hello! She made pants into pants! The judges kept pointing this out; yet she continues. They hated her top but I sort of liked it. I didn't care for Sarah's hotpants jumpsuit ---- those were made in the 70's---not new!Jason's project was just ugly! There is another one that could have gone. He didn't have a clue what to do with his garment. No color and no imagination. I personally thought there were four people that could have been given the "ax"----guess we'll see what happens next week.

Re: Project Runway - Season 7 Finale

I thought that al the designers were true to their style with maybe the exception of Emilo. He went out on a limb to show a different side. Everything he had on the show would sell easily. Seth and Mila have a traget audience. I figured Seth would win because he is so edgy with his look and he is a talented designer when it comes down to construction. I would not wear a thing that he showed on this show, but I'm sure it would appeal to some out there. There were a few things from Mila's collection that I liked but she does design the oversized look and everything is black and white.

In Mila's collection: I loved that tee with the black stripes overlaying each other. I liked the jackets and coats she had paired with some of her outfits.

Emilio: I thhink I would wear almost any of the jackets, but I love those bright colors. They make you feel youthful.
His evening gown was futuristic and not something that appealed to me, but I did like the flow of the gown.

Re: How did you learn to sew?

I learned to sew from my mother. By the time I entered high school in the late 70's, I had made a few simple things and was ready for something with some challenge to it. My mother began teaching me to sew when I was in midle school. I wore all hand made clothes throughout elementary and then a mix of store bought and homemade through middle school and high school.

I remember going fabric shopping and hating that experience. I wasn't sure how to read a pattern or how to visualize the garment made in a fabric I liked. My mother was better at this and I developed the talent over time.

My first home economics class was being taught at a beginners level, but the teacher knew that I had been sewing for three years at that point so she took all of that into consideration. I wan't the only student who had been sewing for awhile. We were paired with inexperienced sewers so we could halp teach! I thought this was smart for the teacher to do this.

I got to make a pair of pants and a simple jacket for my project where first timers were getting to make just pants or shorts. Another girl with experience got to make a lined dress!

Now that I'm back in the high school again as a teacher, I am floored at how little sewing is taught in most schools. Students have purchased kits that have the worst fabric I have ever seen! The patterns come with the kit. When did we decide the student didn't need to know how to read the back of a pattern?

I account for the decline in fabric stores to the fact that sewing has not been taught in the schools for so many years. I think that shows like Project Runway have created some renewed interest, but just as it took time for this decline to impact our communities, it will take time for it to impact the communities in the opposite direction. I find that there are students that want to learn, but they need to be taught by people with experience. The teacher we had here didn't sew for herself; therefore, the students constantly came to me asking questions the year I collaborated with the teacher. (I'm in special education.)

I think the technology used by the designers on Project Runway to create their own fabric would be cool to have in the schools. Our students today are not afraid of technology but embrace it. I can see students enjoying creating a fabric and then making something from that fabric.

It would be nice to see Threads offer competitions that target hgih school age groups only such as the ones that you have but are open to all readers.

Re: Project Runway - Finale Part I

I'm hoping Emilo surprises us at Bryant Park. Mila just showed more of the same, so I hope there is more to this collection than what we have already seen from her. I was surprised to see Jay's and then to see him be booted out. He actually surprised me with those three garments. I expect to see Seth do more of the same as he has done in the past.

I think it will be interesting this week!

Re: Project Runway -- Welcome to the Circus

I loved Emilo's dress! He is the only one that took the challenge and interpreted it the way it should have been interpreted!
I was so disappointed with Anthony. He could have been in the final three.
Mila is taking lessons from Seth. Her look is starting to copy his but he is much better at it---he has so much talent with garment construction. His ideas are not something I would wear with one exception, the mother daughter look, I loved that look!
Frankly, I was surprised to see that jay got the chance to go forward. I didn't care for his look at all. It wasn't very creative. Just appeared to be another version of someone elses' idea.

I'm looking forward to the final show. I think it will come down to Seth and Emilo. Which one will walk away with the grand prize?

Re: Project Runway - Sew Much Pressure

I loved Anthony's dress! It's stunning the way it flows. I also loved Emilo's dress because of the sparkle. Gold/copper colors are not something I would wear, but I did think it looked very red carpet. I would wear Anthony's dress. I am so glad to see Anthony back.

I was glad to see Jonathon go. I liked jay's dress but I wish it were longer in the skirt. The short length added to the rear--not good. Mila's dress lenth was okay but it didn't look red carpet; more cocktail syle. Seth is just Seth---he has a one track design. However, he has come up with some great looks, this just wasn't one of them.

The show was interesting with all the announcements! I'm surprised about Maya leaving. But at least it gave Anthony a chance to redeem himself---he is so much fun to watch!

Re: Project Runway - Hey, That's My Fabric

I thought that Johnathon was headed home the way they attacked him. Mysecond choice was Mila becasue her dress was ugly. She can only do one thing: black and white. I think she would fit right in with the Black and White chain.
I was sorry to see Anthony leave, but they are right, he only knows one design so give it time adn Mila may be gone since black and white is alll she knows.

I didn't totally dislike Jonathon's fabric. He just didn't do it justice with complementry fabrics and the design of the dress was bad. A little more color might have been best instead of playing it down.

Seth is another one that while he is creative, and I'm shocked he wasn't the winner the way the judges went on and on; his designs are for a targeted group. These tend to be fads. I am curious as to how long he gets to stay. I expect to see him in the final show because he has the most talent as far as skills.

I wish Mayo had won the challenge because her fabric was my favorite. I didn't like or dislike her dress. I thought the fabric fit well with the design.

I really didn't care for Emilo's blue. I have seen designer's use their name before on fabric so this is not a new idea. The heart think didn't bother me, I got it. I just thought the blue was harsh.

Jay's fabric was another favorite of mine. I loved it! I didn't particularly care for the outfit, but I rarely see myself wearing any of the designs.. Now there ahve been some that I wish I could wear, but on me and this body---no way!

I am curious as to who decided they have had enoough.

Re: Project Runway - NY State of Mind

There were more looks this week that I loved than any other week. It had to be a tough call for the winner this time, but after viewing the show a second time, I think I could see that the judges really liked Emilio's and Seth's looks the best. I had to agree that there was just a little much on Seth's look. Emilio's dress was jut right! Sleek with a slight edge with the gold and zipper.

I loved the dress Anthony created! And I loved the top and skirt by Maya. I liked the punch of peeking red on the skirt. The sleeves were made special with their treatment.

The two teams worked well together. They used the best of their talents so I had to agree that they belonged on the top. Double winners----congrats to the two designers for being the first!

I have to admit that I love Mila's edgy jaket, not that crazy about the skirt, but its worked with the jacket. I just prefer something longer. Jay's outfit was horrid! What was Amy thinkig? The colors worked together and I got the detailing, but the length killed the entrie look. Maybe a dress would have been better or a different style top. Jonathon's dress was okay. I wan't that thrilled wth it. I got the era, but I agreed with the judges about those solid panels.

Re: Project Runway - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

I liked Jonathon's dress because it was the only one that appeared to symbolize what it was supposed to and it did compliment the model.

I have no idea what Amy was thinking, but she should have known that all that hair was not going to be successful based on the sling outfit from last show.

Ben's pants were awful! I am amazed at how many cannot design nor sew jackets and pants! Don't they teach these garments in design school?

Mila stayed with the darks this time, but she cannot seem to break away from geometrics. I give her a few weeks and she'll be out.

Seth is a costume designer more than a designer of women's clothing. He should seek a job doing costumes for movies---sci fi to be specific. My fav outfit was the mother daughter----only think I have like by him.

Jay's dress was much like another one he designed, so he stayed safe!

Ho Hum----I am ready to see something different.

Re: Project Runway - Week 6: Mini Models Take the Runway

I loved this challenge. So often designers are given a challenge for women only. Why not children? Their clothing can be fun! I always enjoyed sewing for my children when they were small. My favorite was Seth's. I loved that jacket he designed for the mother. I thought the mother and daughter complemented each other well. I also liked Jay's design and wouold have accepted him as the winner too. Interesting lines from these two this week. Most everyone else played it safe or went too crazy! I hated those pants of many colors! Yuk! Emilo's(mother)dress was beautiful but his child's dress was too safe. I thought the "toliet paper"dress was not that bad on the model, but I didn't care for the girl's dress. Loooked a little odd to me.

Re: Project Runway - Week 5: Run for Cover

Emilio's dress looked like something from Fredrick's of Hollywood! I didn't care for it at all. Poor Anna, if she had chosen to do this outfit some other time when it may have matched a better challenge instead of this one, she might have won the challenge in a different category. I didn't care for that vest thing. I like the top and the shorts. I thought Ben's dress was going to win. It was very interesting. I liked the colors. While I liked Anthony's dress, there was something about it that didn't look well made. I felt it won because Heidi liked it. Mila produced the worst garment. It puckered, the colors were terrible, ---- totally a mess!

I have not seen anything that looks that great on this season. I don't care for Mila's designs at all! Clearly, I have no doubt, she will be in this for a long while yet. I hope the designs get better.

Re: Project Runway - Week 3 - Iconic Inspirations

I didn't care for the winning design but I could tell that the judges were interested. After their "chat" I figured the design had won.

I was surprised that last week Ping was kept. I don't think the designer should be kept when they send their model out with her rear hanging out!

I liked Jesus and Amy's dress; although, it appears to be a bit copied from other designs I have seen designers produce. It was elegant!

Re: Threads February/March Issue is on sale now!

I love the felted wool jersey! However, where I live, this fabric is going to be difficult to locate. I would like to know where I can purchase felted wool jersey.

Re: Project Runway Season 6 Finale - Tim has a meltdown

I personally liked Carol Hanna's collection the best. The sweaters were too oversized in Althea's collection. Irena's was too outer space. They looked like costumes for a sci-fi film and the hats just sealed that look. Black may be the "in" color for large cities but I don't think the average female wants to wear all black. Althea appeared to loose site of her own creativity and began looking like Irena's ideas. Carol Hanna may have performed better if she had not been so sick. I agree the blue was too strong of a color for her to wear. I do wish she would not giggle so much.

Re: Project Runway Episode 13 - Feel the Burn

After watching the show again, I have to say that I really don't like any of the designer's collections. Irena has too much black on black. It does have a unified theme, but I think she may have made a mistake going against a judge's recommendation. I don't like the tulle outfit by CH either. I think it looks like a bottle brush. Althea has some good pieces, but they are knitted. No one looks strong at this point.

Re: Project Runway Episode 13 - Feel the Burn

I was surprised how unfinished the garments were when each was visited. I don't care for Irena's designs, but I can't say I really cared for any of them. I like black but I want a splah of color somewhere. I thought the most creativity was in Althea's. I plan on watching the show over just to look closer at each of the three again. I did feel sorry for Carol Hannah. I thought it was nice that the three designers came in to assist these three with the 13th garment.

Re: Project Runway Episode 12 - Who Goes to NY Fashion Week?

Kate W and I agree on something. What kind of "sick show" is this that allows only 30 minutes to sketch and then 30 minutes in that awsome fabric store, running around like fools searching for the perfect fabric?! I take my time too. I have to think about all the details. I want to be happy with the end product and not end up with something disgusting and totally unwearable which is what we witnessed in almost every episode!

After seeing Mood, I want to go there with a couple $100 or so and buy something awsome to make for me! We have nothing where I live. Those chain fabric stores carry junk compared to what I've seen in some nicer stores that are privately owned.

Re: Project Runway Episode 12 - Who Goes to NY Fashion Week?

The only design I liked was Carol Hanna's dress. I thought anyone would love to wear that one. What was Irena thinking? That was ugly and I couldn't believe the judges liked it. Athea's dress---hummmmm----I think she made some bad fabric choices. The combination isn't bad together, but the design of the two pieces are in conflict with each other. Gordana's dress was okay, not stunning or different. The back did look bad. I had to agree with the judges on this one. I thought a scoop back would have had more impact and a different closure or a zipper in the side, so it would have been hidden from the eye. I have not cared for anything from Christopher for several episodes. He needs to take some classes and learn about fabrics.

I'm tired of Irena's comments too. I think the other two girls, Carol Hanna and Althea have nicer personalities. It will be interesting to see the show next week. I think that Carol Hanna could win this!

Re: Project Runway Episode 11 - Make it feel good

I would wear Athena's because the perportionally it is the better look. Irena does show a great deal of talent, but I could not see many people wearing her dress. The fur on those sleeves made them look bottom heavy, almost as bad as Christopher's dress. I don't know what he was thinking with that dress. I was glad to see Logan finally off the show. His design probably would appeal to a limited young population. I loved Carol Hanna's dress. I was a little surprised she didn't win this one. I thought it would be between her and Athena. For fuction, Carol Hanna dress would allow one to wear it to a dinner party. You really cannot wear Athena's or Irena's to dinner without removing the sweaters.

I don't find the jealousy appealing among the designers. I think that the contest will come down to Atena, Irena, and Carol Hanna. They have shown the most talent for the limtied amount of time they have to sketch and shop.

Re: Project Runway Episode 10 - Talk to me

I was very disappointed in the designs that came out of the designers imaginations last night. I try to keep in mind that they are only given 30 minutes to sketch and 20 minutes to shop----really doesn't seem like much time in alloted for thought.
I have been very disappointed in Christopher because he has so much talent, but he doesn't show it very well most of the time. Carol Hanna is too giggly, but I do see some thought processes developing in what she design. I was not a fan of that print for the dress last night. Gordana is showing some signs of creativity but she needs more time to execute her ideas. Irina sticks with what she knows how to do and work with. But what she designed last night was not anything new. I liked Logan's jeans, but again, they were not unique. This idea has been around for a few years. Nicholas needed to go and I expect Christopher will be right behind him.
This is my first year to watch Project Runway. While I have enjoyed many of the first episodes, these last few weeks have been disappointing. Where are the fresh new ideas?