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Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Threads Magazine Archive, 1985-2011

As a subscriber to Threads almost since Day 1. I have saved every issue and I've moved 4 or 5 times. Hauling all those magazines is not easy, storing them is becoming an issue also. I really don't want to give them up, I do refer back to them and love looking through them. A DVD sounds like an ideal solution to me.

Chris Sloss
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Re: More Sewing Misadventures

This may not be quite fair, as it was my sister's boo boo, not mine, but funny none the less.

Joanie was taking a home ec class and had to make a peasant blouse and had discovered that sewing was not something she enjoyed doing. The blouse needed to be finished for a fashion show that night and it was already late into the afternoon. She sewed the sleeves into the neck and hem and became a complete basket case when she couldn't get her head through the armhole. Fortunately, my sister Heidi was home and able to rescue this for Joanie.

Joanie has never so much as sewed a button back on since, and has been known to staple hems. She thinks her sewing sisters are magicians and regularly comes to us to create for her.


Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

There is nothing worse than trying to interest someone (child/adult) in sewing with a machine that is finicky or doesn't work properly. My advice - before buying try it out yourself. If you don't like the way it operates do not attempt to try to teach someone how to sew with it. There are lots of well built nice sewing machines that do not look like toys or behave like them. They don't have to be top of the line, they just need to sew reliably and be easy to use.