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Re: What projects are you looking forward to working on this Fall?

With help from David Page Coffin's shirtmaking book, I'm looking forward to mastering custom shirts for myself and my husband. We are both hard to fit: he is 6'7", 205# with glorious wrap-around arms; I have lots of boob, and after completing a course of prednisone, I know none of my tops will fit. I have some gorgeous silk shirting material in blues and indigos saved for him. And pour moi, a beautiful rayon batik in violet tones and some deep blood red dupioni I'm saving for a nice shirtwaist dress with black french cuffs and collar. I've already made cufflinks for him and myself and a glorious sterling and labradorite necklace with pearl accents. Looks gorgeous draped over my uncut dupioni!

Re: QUEEN OF HEARTS - Costume for Alice in Wonderland Children's Theater Production

I'm tearing up reading the 1st comment. How can I add to that?

Re: Valentine Vests for Grandson and Mumsie

Top of the class. Two great looks for a loving duo from one repurposed garment. Can't beat it.

Re: Red Velvet Siren Gown

This really is a great "curvy girl" dress. The ruching having stitch lines at center-front and sides gives it a beautiful drape and also accomodates "a multitude of sins" for those of us who have a few "lumps and bumps" along with our curves. Please note, I'm speaking re how the dress would fit me, not you. I claim all the lumps and bump and attribute none to you!

Re: Romantic floral dress

Great remix. I love creatively reconstructed clothes. Great sense of color/texture.

Re: Valentine's Red Dress.

Adorably sexy and green, also. Perfectly fit. Keep it up.

Re: Silk Dress with Felted Jacket

Drop dead gorgeous. Love the juxtaposition of fabric textures and the color interplay.


Beautiful. Love the back view, too.

Re: Silk Rose Prom Dress

Beautiful. Drapes heavenly.

Re: Flamenco Rose Jacket and Purse

Beautiful design and work. Would love to have seen a picture of this being worn. Would like to see how the sleeves drape on a human.

Re: Goth Coat

What a gorgeous back. I love the Edwardian look coupled with the black and red. This isn't goth, it's "High" goth. Great job and as always, love your designs.

Re: Jacket/Sundress Ensemble

What a perfect fit. Hope to get my fitting skills as polished as yours.

Re: Cruise Dress

Beautiful. What a creative "launch" into original design!

Re: Pirate coat

I don't blame you for loving to wear this. Please submit a photo of you wearing it. It looks absolutely dashing--would love to see it with boots!

Re: First granddaughter's wedding dress

Beautiful in design, in execution, in embellishment and in personalization. An absolutely priceless wedding gift from an extremely talented and obviously loving grandmother.

Re: Emaual Ungaro Teal Velvet jacket

Very impressive! Makes me want to touch the fabric and watch the wearer do a dramatic turn to see the peplum and sleeve ends swirl. This design looks like it would flatter every figure type (when proportioned accordingly). I really admire your creativity as well as your layout talents to maximize the amount of fabric. Construction details sound and look superb.

Re: Enter to Win: Fancy Fabric Challenge

Please, please, please, Could all you talented contributors post pictures of your creations on the intended wearer? Part of the fun of looking at custom clothing is seeing how it hangs and moves dynamically and how well it suits the model. We are all real people, with real bodies, and most of us don't look like Barbie. We should be celebrating who we are, no matter our size, shape, or self-consciousness. After all, isn't that why we sew in the 1st place??!!

Re: Velvet-lace party top

Dear Schmatta, I love your comments!!! You sound like my kind of party gal. I'll bet my "High Tea" group of friends would love you as well--you already sound like one of us. I guarantee, my hometown, New Orleans, is your kind of place.

Re: Recycled aluminum fantasy armor

Loved your costumes. As soon as I saw your sign-in name, I figured you were one of Bubba's kin. The correct spelling of those enamels is Ceramit (I pulled out my stash to look). Haven't worked in the metal clays yet: too pricey. And I discovered my homeowners insurance doesn't consider using propane and O2 or mapp gas and O2 torches "normal use" of a dining room. I tried to assure them that I cover the table with cement board and keep 2 fire extinguishers handy, but they won't cover any damages incurred by a torch. And since Katrina, they're looking for any excuse to drop policy holders. You and your models should come down for Mardi Gras. You've got enough to have your own unofficial "Walking Krewe" and would most assuredly garner international coverage. If you do, make yourself conspicuous at Lee Circle and in the French Quarter (the latter a bigger challenge). That's where most of the international filming is done.

Re: 60s Christmas Ball Gown

So true, so true. I had an autograph book with the autographs of all the original Saints and Buccaneers, which I treasured for years. Unfortunately, my parents moved while I was away at LSU (geaux tigers!)and movers packed my belongings. The only items that did not make it to the new house were the autograph book and my mint in box blonde ponytailed Barbie in her zebra strapless maillot. I could send my son to grad school by selling those, which I would have done in a NOLA second for such a purpose.

Re: Scarlet silk evening gown

Beautiful and flattering. And yes, all we women have curves, whether we're short or tall, big or small. Sewing allows us to celebrate who WE are; not just who Barbie is. The lacing shows great proportion, both in placement and in width of laces. It really emphasizes the narrowness of the waist, something all us big busted and curvy women need. Please resubmit another photo as suggested by barbchr, especially after your planned skirt adjustments.

Re: Silk Christening Outfits for Twins

What a special outfit and how ingenious you were in using the leftover fabric pieces. A pair of outfits for generations to come. This is one I would really have loved to seen on the models.

Re: Fancy Fabric Silk Suit

Love the way you incorporated the Edwardian collar, sweetheart neckline and kept emphasis on shoulders (a la Balmainn). It keeps today's shoulder emphasis from becoming too severe, yet allows the shoulder width to emphasize the narrow waist. Bet it looks stunning on you.

Re: emerald princess

Love the pinching up the middle of the skirt: might steal that for an idea brewing for some blood red dupioni I got on sale.