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Montreal, QC, CA

I've been sewing since grade 9 (when all girls had to take it!) But I've been doing that and lots of other crafts ever since, especially beading, card making and scrapbooking.

craft interests: paper-crafts, quilting, sewing

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Member Since: 12/28/2009

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Re: Using Buttons as Embellishment

I forgot to say that the three or four added ounces of weight help to keep the blue baseball hat on my head in a bit of a wind!

Re: Using Buttons as Embellishment

I have embellished a baseball cap with less expensive gold-coloured buttons of all types. Unfortunately the fabric was too tightly woven to accommodate the button shanks, but it gets a lot of compimentary comments on buses and so on! It`s a great conversation piece! I didn`t want to use the more authentic brass buttons I have because hats are so easily left where they`re not supposed to be left.
Cheers, Craftyrose

Re: Circular Vest

I notice that your model, although very attrractive, has NO hips at all. Does your yardage calculation allow for women whose hips may be, say 50"?