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Vancouver, WA, US

I learned to sew because my Mother forced me to. She said it was an important skill to have; I hated it at the time. That was over 40yrs ago. She was right about it being important, but as I got older it became my favorite way to spend my free time! I'm retired now and have plenty of time to play in my sewing room. I am happy with my playtime but even more important, I keep my brain exercised while Im playing.

craft interests: embroidery, gifts, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 04/28/2009

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Re: Where Do You Most Frequently Shop for Fabric?

VOGUE ... I no longer live in Chicago so I use their mail order swatch service. My daughter knows I call it the fabric shrine.

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 4: "Keepin' it Classy"

I enjoy watching the show however I would prefer to see more detail of the construction process & how the decisions of what not to try due to the time constraints are made. I also would really like to see the details of the true short cuts they make. What I REALLY don't like is all the drama of tears, especially from contestants that do not show the ability or willingness to try something new or different in their designs.

Re: How to Make a Custom Bog Coat

I was looking for a simple wrap to go over my dress for a formal event for the trip from the car to the restaurant. Either this one or the sew & go poncho in a fine fabric will do the trick and be light to pack for our trip to Japan, so Thank you!

Re: The Bag-Lady Giveaway: Four handbag books and a quilted bag to carry them all!

I have been making my own bags for years now. Sometimes it is to show off a new embroidery pattern or quilt block. I always add certain features I like such as eye glass or cell phone pockets. For work I made large carry all type bags to store my purse, lunch bag & water bottles with hooks to attach my key rings to the inside so I don't loose them. Another favorite of mine is a small bag that attaches to my waste with a belt to carry my phone & glasses when I take my dog out for a walk. I've also made gardening bags for friends but the most requested bags my friends ask for always start with them handing me an old pair of jeans and a favorite color lining request. I was just thinking about my need to replace my current purse that is wearing out and was checking out this site to get inspiration for it, when I saw this article.

Re: How to Sew with Lightweight Knits

Thanks for the tip. I am about to start a knit blouse today and was suffering the usual worries about the fabric.