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Mount Ida, AR, US

I have sewed since I was about eight or nine years old, I have always been tall and couldn't get jeans or blouses long enough,since i have retired, I sew or embroidery most of the time,it is very satisfing to teach young people to sew.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, gifts, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 07/25/2009

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,jeans type jacket

This jacket is made from lenair denim fabric with machine embroidery and I made the front panels from linen strips woven by hand,jacket is lined and notice the cuffs, I changed the style from the...

recent comments

Re: Making Pretty Buttonholes

love the idea of fray check,I also use machine embroidery
thread to make my button holes,they come out with less bulk

Re: handbags

very nice and seems well done,It seems handbage has took on a lot of interest, yes they are very adective to make, I love to make them also, try them

Re: How have you organized your stash?

great suggestions,every once and a while I have to make spaceas our home is not that large,when I get rid of my Threads magazines, I cut out the projects and sewing articles that Ithink I will use and put them in the clear vinyl covers and file them in my Sewing Info note book and this is faster than going through all my magazines.

Re: Princess seams, and other treacherous curves!

I have just started sewing princess seam blouses and this article is great as always, Mr. King always puts his instructions in a way that is so easy to follow, Thanks for sharing

Re: How to Recover an Umbrella

what a nice idea, I have always wanted to cover an umbrella.
this is a new project, i will add to my others asap

Re: New Raincoat Patterns by Amy Butler

I have found Amy Butlers patterns very different and I like very much ,I have made four of her Weekend Travel Bags,they are not easy but very handy and nice.
she has a talent that others like myself wish we could do

Re: Add style and flair with pleats

Ireally can't see why everyone has to make a big issue when someone is kind enough to share their ideas and willing to share( I thought that is what this is suppose to be)
What difference does it make weather they are called pleats or pintucks or what ever.
things like this bickering is what causes the death of a good exchange of ideas.
Why would anyone want to contribute to only be put down by snobs, I have quit other sharing sights because of this bickering.

Re: How to Create a Lapped and Embellished Seam

This is a new idea and I love it, I have used the hemstitch foot on the sleeve of a blouse, I cut the sleeve of the pattern down the length of the sleeve and added one half inch to each side of the pattern and pressed under the half inch and used iron on stabalizer to keep my margin, the blouse was very pretty and I got many can always learn new things

Re: Perfect Partners: Black and White

very nice and clean colorsand inspiring