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Re: Paper-Tape Dress Form

I tried this this past weekend and had a lot of questions going in so I thought I'd post them because I'm sure I'm not the only one. Let me first state that my sister and I did this and are VERY crafty and found this difficult and disappointing.

Before you start:
THE TAPE-I had a lot of ?s about this.
*I could only find it at staples (I looked all over)for $7.49 and it was 120 yards of the brown paper tape with the criss cross threads in it. There was another tape that said paper tape but had a waxy coating on it, this will not work.

*I made a size 4ish form and still had about 20% of the tape left after doing 4 layers. If in doubt buy more and take it back if you don't use it, it will not be fun to run out half way through and possibly ruin it.

*This is obviously a 2 person job, pick a close friend or family member as you will basically be giving the model several breast & butt exams ;)Feeling them up for a couple hours definitely will be more comfortable with a GOOD friend or family member.

*You'll definitely want a companion tape like wide masking tape (1.5"-2")or duct tape.

*Get a couple sunday papers for stuffing it at the end

*This is essentially like wallpapering the glue on the tape gets really sticky, we started with a sponge and then just filled the kitchen sink with a couple inches and dunked it, it was less sticky on the fingers this way. It made a little more mess on the floor. (Just water drips)

*Model-put on some flip flops before you start, standing there so still will start to do a number on your feet and legs the extra rubber under your feet is a life saver.

*To speed up the process I'd cut a stack of strips before you start.

*I used a trash bag not a t-shirt and it worked great.

*You'll definitely want to use a masking or duct tape around the main dimensions (hips, waist, around bust) first to make sure it is slightly more accurate. The brown tape doesn't hold really tight as the glue makes it a little slippery and it gets larger as you wiggle. Also did some criss crossing which helped hold some shape once we took it off.

*This took us about 2.5 hours, we didn't really dry with the hair dryer between layers. The first layer dried quick. The second wasn't bad,then we did a quick 3rd/4th layer and the dryer was making it hard to breath so it lasted about 10 seconds before I had to stop that because at that point I was light headed.

*I'm a healthy 27 year old and almost passed out twice! Once in the beginning and once at the very end. I'm not sure why, maybe the restricted breathing and the standing still or something but that was really unexpected and awful. So keep talking to a minimum I guess.

*Once we took it off it completely lost it's shape and we had to work hard to get it back. It was so bad we almost scrapped it.

*It add 4-6 inches all over!! and as you know that is a totally different dress size.

*Once we discovered that it was super sized we took a tape and measured me and then the form and just overlapped the back where it was cut and squeezed it until the measurements matched and then taped the back up.

* Then we stuffed her with lots of newspaper since it was collapsing. (A pillow had to much resistance and deformed it again) To give it some weight and a little rigidity we stuck some wine bottles into the bottom and stuffed paper around it. This kept it from falling over while it continued to dry. I'm thinking once it's dry I'm going to fill it with the "Great Stuff" foam from the hardware store. I might insert a 1-2" PVC pipe in the middle so I can make a stand for it later.

* Once it was standing and somewhat the right shaped we did some more taping (masking tape) to give the paper form & strength and then one final layer of paper.

*The paper tape curled at the edges pretty bad.

*I'm going to get some modge podge and add a layer to help with that and make it harder.

*I will definately be adding a tight fitting t-shirt at the end for smoothness, durability and maybe easier pinning.

The results were disappointing but luckily we were able to salvage it, but it was a lot of work. If I were going to do it again I'd say do the duct tape one (I'd imagine it is a lot quicker) and I know it won't have the rigid shape so stuff the heck out of it.