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Yeadon, PA, US

craft interests: sewing

Gender: Female

Member Since: 12/04/2008

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Re: Win a Copy of Serger Techniques on DVD!

Please enter me in the Serger DVD giveaway.

Re: DVD Giveaway: Design Your Own Wardrobe with Mary Ray

For me, the hardest part is stepping out of my comfort zone. I tend to make the same type garment, for example fly front pants, over and over and over!

Re: Project Runway Episode 6: "Fix My Friend!"

Ven was really rude to his client! The purpose of this challenge was to make the clients feel good. The only problem I saw with Sonjia's dress was that it was too short.

So far, I've like Dmitry's and Ven's designs. But Ven really lost points from me for the way he treated his "real body" client.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

I enjoy Louise Cuttings techniques. The DVDs would get lots of use in my sewing room.

Re: How to Make a Precision Placket

I recently made a dress with a front placket and I wasn't 100% thrilled with the outcome. I wish I had this information then! That's okay – I have it now.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "When I Get My Dress in Lights"

I think the right person went home. I like everyone's look except Jerrel and Michael. For me, it was impossible to pick a favorite out of Kenley, Mono and Austin.

Re: Finally! Project Runway is Ready to Roll

I will be watching!! 20 designers and a quadruple elimination don't excite me. I won't have developed a loyalty to any of the contestants during the first episode and I probably won't care who get eliminated at that point.

I'd like to see more challenges in which the designers work with real people and not models. Have they done a challenge with plus size women yet? Being a plus size women, I'd be very interested in that challenge.

Re: What's your current fabric obsession?

If it's summer, it must be linen! I love sewing linen because it presses so well. The freshly pressed look disappears as soon as it leaves the ironing board, but during construction, it's great.

Re: What Makes a Sewing Space Great?

My sewing room is small and it has evolved into a functional space. However, I don't have lots of room to store fabric. I'd be very interested in seeing fabric storage options. But then, if I had more space to store fabric, I'd only buy more fabric to fill the space.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: "Designer Techniques"

I like Elsa Schiaperelli. Her designs are often FUN!

Re: Do You Have a Soundtrack for Your Sewing?

I must have background noise when I sew! My first choice is an audiobook. Fortunately, my local library has a large selection. I've listened to book I would probably not have "read" otherwise. My second choice is public radio. I love listening to "Weekend Edition - Sunday" on Sunday mornings.

Re: Project Runway: It's a Party!

I agree with the judges' decision. I also loved Gretchen's design, although I'm glad she didn't win. With two consecutive wins behind her, she's getting to be a little unbearable in the workroom. Three wins might have incited a violent crime against her. ;)

I don't understand why Casanova hasn't be sent packing. The judges question his taste week after week, yet they keep him around. Maybe they keep him around so they can talk about him.

Re: Princess seams, and other treacherous curves!

I absolutely LOVE this technique. I used it on a Burda World of Fashion pattern in which the collar and collar stand were joined by a curved seam. It worked perfectly! Thank you so much, Kenneth, for posting this technique.

Re: Fresh Start for a Sewing Space

I made a cutting table using a hollow core door and saw horses. The 2x4 studs can be cut to a suitable length and the door offers plenty of room for laying out.

Re: Couture suit

Maybe design4u clicked the radio button by mistake and did not intend to say she designed the suit. I tried to post a picture and I discovered when you click a radio button, you cannot un-click it. I had to scrap the whole post.