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Kings Langley, UK

I work in a professional oven cleaning company in Kings Langley, UK. I started this 5 years ago and I can confidently say that I'm a specialist in removing all kinds of grease and mess from ovens and other kitchen appliances. I love to organise and I love to cook. And above all, I love to have clean and safe home.
I got quite into cooking and sewing - those are the two of my favourite activities that occupy my spare time.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, gifts, restyle, sewing

my personal website:

Member Since: 09/10/2015

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Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 7: Haute Tech Couture

I didn't like the pieces in the show this time. Not to mention the models.
I think I have an apron that looks quite similar to the first dress...

Re: 2015 Emmy Awards Fashions

Gorgeous shades of pink but the last row is my favourite. It's funny, but my kitchen is this shade. I even got a custom oven that is painted in this pale peach pink shadow. Looks gorgeous

Re: Sewing Is More Than Just A Creative Pastime

If I have to compare sewing with other activity, I would compare it with cooking - it is complex, requires some math skills and sharp senses, it's creative. And yes, sewing should be taught more in school, so as cooking. I can't begin to tell you how easier my life would be if someone taught me how to cook, instead of doing it myself. I would save a tremendous amount of time, burned or simply failed meals, lots of money and so on.
It was me who decided to stand before the cooker and learn how to cook - it is an essential skill that anyone should possess.
And I think the same of sewing.

Re: Sewing Tip: How and Why to Sew Directionally

Hello, does this apply to oven gloves? I intend to make some this weekend because I constantly burn myself on the hot oven.

Re: How to Scale an Embroidery Design Up or Down

Thank you, the design is beautiful. I intend to make a tablecloth for the kitchen table. Mine is wooden and has burned patches all over it - I tend to put there the hot pot straight from the cooker... Bad habit, but with a beautiful tablecloth to look at I think I'll stop.

Re: Making Sense of Pattern Grading

There are a lot of patterns in the Internet, but I guess it's never too late to make some unique ones for yourself.

Re: Quilt it Freehand

These look lovely!

Re: Clone Yourself A Dress Form

I don't get this idea...

Re: 9 Ideas to Decorate your Sewing Room

These are all so cute! I want my own sewing room now.

Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 2: "It's All in the Cards"

Is it just me, or all the outfits fit a bit odd?

Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 4: Fashion Flip

This was one of my favourite episodes. So many beautiful black dresses in one place - I was greatly inspired to buy a certain dress for an event.

Re: Eben Pagan Digital Product Blueprint

Wow, you guys really exploded with this Eben Pagan stuff today...

Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 3: "Shut up and Sew"

I'm in love with Laurie and Swapnil's work. So chick. The model is beautiful and makes justice to the clothes, but the job that the team did is amazing. Keep up the great stuff, you guys! My favourites.

Re: Couture Details Inside Ralph Rucci's Workroom

Today I'm on strike for these insiders. Will share them with my mom, she will know best how to implement the technique.

Re: A Close Look at the Stitching Inside 2 Dior Garments

Nice info, it's awesome to know how the greats did it. You learn some quality techniques this way.

Re: Hong Kong Armscye Finish

Oh, so elegant. This will be a great detail finish for a simple cardigan or a jacket. Just a little something to spruce the look.

Re: Simplicity Offers Print on Demand for Out-of-Print Patterns

This is a great news!

Re: From a Warm Blanket to a Cozy Coat

So stylish! These are so in fashion right now, I would love to make myself one.