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Alexandra Reynolds, Prescott, AZ, US

I have been sewing with vintage patterns and machines since 1998-It is my passion!
I contributed to the article in Threads issue #132 Working with Vintage Patterns.
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craft interests: crochet, fashion, knitting, sewing, knitting

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Gender: Female

Member Since: 09/01/2009

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Summer Halter Dress

I drafted pieces off a 1935 Beyer's Modenblatt sheet and added seam alowances to create this halter dress. I went for a fabric as close to the print illustrated in the original.  In this case, a...

1938 Silk Matelasse Blouse

I cut this blouse from an original vintage McCall pattern (9063) dating to 1938. I lined the blouse to give it some stability and I faced the sleeve cuffs and inside of the lower section inerfaced...

'Tucked' Cotton Bobbinet Blouse

This is a blouse I created using cotton bobbinet from an original 1935 vintage Vogue pattern. The blouse is fitted with a series of horizontal pin tucks in groups across the front and back and...

Chic in Wool!

I created this three-piece ensemble for my 20116 Arizona Make it with Wool submision in a spirit I call 'Springtime in Prescott'! I drafted the kimono bouse and wrap skirt from 1940's vintage...

La Petite Mode Gowns in 1/3 Scale

I recently began sewing a series of 1/3 scale models from my vintage patterns.  The models demonstrate how fabric garments made from the patterns will look.   I gleaned inspiration from Le...

Wool Jacquard Coat Laces up the Back!

This is the wool jacquard coat from a late-1930's Vogue pattern I created as part of my 2014 Make-it-with-Wool ensemble.  My inspiration was the Arizona night sky which displays deep opulent tones...

Sheer Wool Dress

This is a 1937 cocktail dress originally from Vogue.  I opted for the short sleeve version with the full scarf which is in one with the bodice front.  The ends of the scarf tie in Ascot manner at...

McCall('s) Ensemble

I sewed McCall's M5233 Kimono blouse in printed silk charmeuse and fully lined it in chocolate habotai.  I paired this top with my chocolate wool crepe McCall 5955 skirt, circa 1929 to compliment...

Keeping Warm with 1920's Flair!

This is a 1929 deco coat design originally by a German pattern company. It has attractive couture details for today's wear in the pin tucks, godets and (faux) fur-trimmed cuffs and scarf. I lined the...

'High Profile' Jabot Blouse

I converted an original 1934 pattern for a seperate jabot yoke and overdress into this 'High Profile' jabot blouse.

Katharine Hepburn Jacket

Years ago, I found this incredibly rare 1933 Butterick 'Starred' pattern at an estate sale.   Butterick did a limited series of only four 'Starred' patterns featuring Hollywood designs worn by...

1930's Mandarin-Inspired Blouse

I cut this blouse using a 1930's pattern from silk jacquard I found at Michael's Fabrics.  This silk was perfect for this style because of its Far-East exotic quality. The blouse is a kimono style...

Gatsby Ribbon Frock

My focus this year of 2011 has been to tackle projects that I thought about or started sewing YEARS ago. This project involved a personal interest in 'making my own fabric'.  In this case, I did so...

White Poppy Inspiration, a 1930's re-visit

This year I have been tackling those sewing projects that I started thinking about or began sewing YEARS ago!  This Vintage Vogue is one of many such projects I have to share on Readers...

'Mixed media' Ensemble

This project was one of my early experiments in combining sewn garments from contemporary and vintage patterns.  In doing so, I also combined gendered attributes.

Laser Etched 1930's Bias Gown

Seems this is a good time to share my laser gown project after spotting Kenneth King's write-up of laser-cut fabric in the latest THREADS. It is a personal thesis project I created in early 2008...

1930's 'Slip' Evening Gown

I have been working with vintage patterns for 13 years.  I see endless possibilities for contemporary garments in vintage patterns. 

1887 Silk Bat

I draped and drafted pattern pieces to create this silk bat costume. I began this project by building an 1886 corset pattern from another issue of 'La Mode Illustree'.  I adapted it to have the...

Scandalous 1920 French Evening Frock

I cut this frock from metal/silk lurex crinkle organza and metallic organza in tones of ivory and silver to match a precious bit of 1920's vintage metal lace I had in my stash for years!

Scintillating - An amalgamation of past and present

I cut the bodice of this gown from contemporary Vogue pattern 8191 and the skirt from a vintage 1930's evening gown pattern. I sewed the gown on my 1941 Singer 201-2 and narrowly hemmed with my...

recent comments

Re: Classical Ballet Tutu - Sugar Plum Fairy - Nutcracker Ballet


Re: Non-Traditional Wedding Gown

I really admire your touch on this design with the trailing streamers of contrast lace running down the skirt. Well done!

Re: Gatsby Ribbon Frock


Thank you for your compliment. I started sewing the ribbon across the cut of organza the end of April, 2011. I didn't clock how many hours total, but I spent May and into June bit-by-bit covering enough of the fabric until I had the amount needed to cut the dress. I then assembled the bodice pieces.

After returning from travel all of July, I cut and joined the skirt pieces, carefully matching the convergence at center front to get the perfect alignment between the right and left sides. I assembled and finished the dress over a couple weeks' time in August.

Re: 'High Profile' Jabot Blouse

Hello Linda and thank you for your compliment.

I have actually worn this blouse with the short brocade skirt you see in this ensemble I posted:

I have also worn it with a long, black wool flannel skirt (from a 1945 Vogue pattern) that is gathered in the back to resemble a small bustle.
So, the blouse is versatile in regard to wearing it with several skirt lengths.

Re: 1887 Silk Bat

Kate_W, I wore this last fall to the Annual Ghost Tour at our local Citizen's Cemetery, it was something of a party!

Jackie, I did not make the headpiece. I have since worn it with a simple crescent of black velvet berries and a hairstyle à la 1887 with some black diamond veiling over my face.
I have updated the photo on this post as such.

Re: Katharine Hepburn Jacket

Thank you Ellie!

Re: 1930's Mandarin-Inspired Blouse

Thank you goin_sewin.

Re: A Sewing Exhibition on the Fly

Nice to see you post about a retrospective feature such as this, Threads. Thank you, Stephani

Re: Gatsby Ribbon Frock


The original gown was sewn in the same manner-ribbon stitched upon fabric first, then cut out. The difference is that a few strips of ribbon were applied after all construction stitching was complete, such as along the joining of the bodice/skirt and the strips over the shoulders. Thank you for your comments!

Re: Retro Inspired Swimsuit

Too cute-love the fabric!

Re: Unlined Fitted Coat

I like the print of the fabric very much and it makes a great effect with this double-breasted style, but is there a reason why you cut the print unevenly on the jacket fronts and back?

Re: Gatsby Ribbon Frock

Thank you for the compliment eMMb, I did not 'clock' the entire project as it were, but I can tell you that placing and sewing each strip of ribbon on the organza took 10 minutes.

I used almost 250 yards of 7/8" rayon/cotton millinery petersham from and 5-1/2 yards of 45" net organza from

Re: White Poppy Inspiration, a 1930's re-visit

Thank you for your quick comment, Sewista!

Re: 1936 McCall jacket

Love it! The color is wonderful-just loaded with all kinds of impact. It must be not unlike wearing a tasty confection of sorts...

Re: Book Giveaway: "THE VICTORIAN TAILOR" by Jason Maclochlainn

Learning more about tailoring Victorian menswear will help me when drafting patterns of just about any kind. Also, having the knowledge will assist me when bulding any kind of garment, be it contemporary or from any passed era for men or women!

Re: Sewing with creative materials

Wow, I am with NoraBora and MMCM.

Re: Satin and Lace

I very much like your use of the lace and color contrast for the train. Also, the restrained use of contrast in embellishment - very well done!

Re: 2011 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Fashions

Apparently, common sense and taste was OUT this year in Golden Globe fashions. I have seen enough to inspire me to sew something at least TASTEFUL!!

Out of the lot, I feel Jennifer Lawrence really didn't do too badly. I rather like the gradient result due to the texture throughout her gown. Milla Jovovich was ravishing in her draped frock as well.

Anne Hathaway looked nice and I understand the demure nature of her backless gown a la 1930's, but not sure the puff sleeve style was 'today' enough to go over better.

Michelle Williams gets the most unflattering 'gown' award, indeed.

Angelina Jolie=way off in wearing that green monster.

Re: Laser Etched 1930's Bias Gown

Robyn, I will like to keep pusing those wool flannel lace studies to create a great skirt someday-just have to figure out how to gain access to the equpiment someplace...

Re: Inside My Chanel Jacket


Re: 1887 Silk Bat


I will not wear a headpiece, but I do have the perfect masquerade mask to wear.
I am putting finishing touches on the gloves now and will have photos made in its entirey on me at this weekend's festivities!

Re: Staying a Neckline and Armhole

I like the results I have gotten when staying with silk organza because it is so low-bulk, especially after being washed for use under lighter fabrics.

I have even used it to stay fabric where I sew zippers in.

Re: Double Bias Length Extension

While I have not used bias insets, I have long used double bias binding as my signature way of detailing the bottom edges of skirts, flounces, jackets and sleeves.
I have also used the double bias binding to make extra length in skirts and sleeves.
Thank you, Louise. Your presentation here also lends to a marvelous detailing opportunity I certainly will like to try in future.

Re: Laser Etched 1930's Bias Gown

Here is a link to my blog post on laser cutting wool flannel:

Re: Project Runway: There IS an "I" in Team

I don't watch the show, but I love Casanova's lace entry above...the classiest.

Re: What's your dream sewing project?

Happy to say I am in the throes of ONE of my projects I ahve dreamt of for YEARS-an 1887 French Bat Costume complete with silk bat wings, corset and flounced skirt over a hoop skirt and bustle pad!

Have most everything to do it (have yet to draft the fichu and skirt polonaise) but, just need more time in which to put it together (always the problem, n'est pas?!)

Re: Cherry Blossoms of Spring coat

Wonderful print and I LOVE this print!!!

Re: Scintillating - An amalgamation of past and present

tracytammaro, I do hope to get around the U.S. to teach perhaps starting with the 2010 ASDP conference.
I also plan to attend the Artwear Symposium at the Textile Center of Minnesota this June 2-8. Perhaps I could arrange something to do for that event in 2011.

Re: Scintillating - An amalgamation of past and present

Thank you for the compliments, Katielynne.
The metal content (I believe it to be nickel) lends this organza a unique stability.
The metal was definitely a plus in combination with the crinkle texture when narrow hemming.
Also, the manufacturer of the fabric cannot guarantee any cleaning recommendations which is why I reserve this fabric for designs which are cut away from areas most likely to soil such as the underarm - a factor which lent yet another level of challenge!

Re: The Winner of the Fancy Fabrics Challenge is...

I am shocked! Thank you, THREADS Magazine for inviting us all to submit projects for this challenge!

Re: Scintillating - An amalgamation of past and present

Not sure if this is allowed, but I will give it a shot: I hope these photos of my submission will earn my photographer recognition so she may embark on the photographic career she wants and deserves!

Re: Russian steppes jacket

I LOVE the colors and textures of this!!

Re: Charles Kleibacker (1921-2010)

As a matter of fact, I had been thinking about Charles the two days I spent building my 'Scintillating' gown. I was hoping he might see it.

Re: Charles Kleibacker (1921-2010)

I was honored to have one of my clients bring him to my dressmaking shop here in Columbus 4 years ago and I since talked with him at The Columbus Museum of Art where he had been curating.

I meant to look him up again not long ago and now am sorry I hadn't.

The sewing world is a lesser place without him and his positive attitude. 'Good things' he would say to me on the phone at the end of our conversation.

Re: Black Linen & Lace 1870's Natural Form Era Gown

I always felt that if I were pre-20th century, I would fit best in the Natural form catagory for the 'scandlously' close fit and somewhat 'free' form.
Your detail on these pieces is stunning for having used contemporary tools and techniques.
I love how the skirt is tied. I am inspired to get the muslin for my 1877 project out and finally make a completed garment from it, thank you!

Re: Mystery Sewing Machine Foot

Of course, VintageModiste is right! I just pulled my old zig-zag attachement out and it is very similar-shows how often I use that one, ha!

Re: What's Your Favorite Non-standard Sewing Machine Foot?

I love using my circa 1889 1/2" narrow hemming foot the most for the wonderful effect it produces on silk skirt hems and flounces of all kinds!

Re: Mystery Sewing Machine Foot

Resembles more of a ruffling attachment, to me.