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Live Oak, TX, US

I have sewn since I was a child. I alter and repair most of the time now but I want to start sewing clothing and home decor items again. I have 5 machines and 2 sergers! One of my best thrift store finds is a BELL Portable Sewing Machine complete with all of the accessories...the instruction manual, the original tag with the serial number, the inspectors initials and the date of 10/26.53. It is in the original case and has the foot pedal.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, restyle, sewing

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Re: Threads magazine Nov. 2000 inspiration

Such imagination! I love to mix different patterned fabrics in the same or co-ordinated colors too. It is just as much fun to plan and sew it as to wear it. Great Job!

Re: Spanish Senoritas Apron - Gotta Love that Fabric!!

This fabric just turns me on!! It would make a pretty sundress. Red is my color! I go crazy over red!

Re: Missoni Inspired Dress

And work I might add.

Re: Missoni Inspired Dress

Imaginative and subtle. A lot of thought went into this dress.

Re: Tapestry and denim jacket

I am sure the inside is as well made as the outside. The flowers look like they are bluish. So much for those who said the denim did not 'match' the fabric. There is cotton damask or tapestry. Perhaps this is what you see here. I do not see any problem with them together. So immmaculate!

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 9: "There's No Business Like Sew Business"

It was way past time for Ivy to go home! Her 'designs' have been simplistic and amateurish. Uli's designs are simple too but deceptively so. They are well made and well designed. She makes clothes that real women can wear. Uli is disciplined and paces herself well. She has a good eye for fabric and colors. I have always liked her on Project Runway. Joshua's dress was almost good but he really messed up!! Often he has been on the edge of being released from Project Runway but someone else was worse than he was. He is a good designer but pulls boo boos too often. Ryan Anthony is clearly the front runner with Uli and Emilio who is VERY talented. I don't care for his personality and I would like to see a straight person win for a change. ULI,ULI,ULI...she is so talented and her clothes are not so far out.

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Welcome Back (Or Not) To the Runway"

Too many group challenges going on...just to create drama??

Re: Project Runway Episode 6: "Fix My Friend!"

I thought Fabio's dress was different. I guess because it wasn't black!! I liked it. Just because Ven didn't want to design for a 'fat' woman doesn't mean he should go home for his attitude. Just for a bad design. Yes, he is 'fat' too!! But haven't we all seen big men do the same thing to their wives and girlfriends? They sport a big belly and criticize the women. I am so disappointed with this bunch of designers with a couple of exceptions. I could hardly watch Buffi(?). She was so unattractive and her designs were not much better. The men are showing the women up. Elena has an attitude that is off putting. Maybe she should go home for her attitude. I have a lot more I could say about the show but...

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Puttin' on the Glitz"

Michael's was cool. I really liked it. He seems to be discounted...not gay enough?? I miss Heidi and especially Michael Kors and Nina but they have already judged these people so we needed new eyes and opinions. Laura would be interesting but she is probably very busy. Bringing that nut case back that marks her garments with spit was a waste of a space.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Puttin' on the Glitz"

I love this show. I hate to see good designers like Rami lose but except for a couple of details his outfit was horrid. The blouse was not for show except for the neck but the judges made him reveal it. Only fair though. He does too much bunchy draping at times and there was too much wadded fabric around the neck. Kenly is personable and cool. She is very retro and this is interesting and different from the edgy stuff the 'gay' guys are designing. When I saw her choosing the feathers at Mood I said 'Don't do it!!'.
I love the 'All Star' theme and hope they do it again with some different designers thrown in. Mondo can be too dark and serious and overdone. Kenley's DOT one piece outfit was cute. I liked Kara but her nervousness and crying got old. She is too simple a designer to win on a show like this.
More Runway!! I so look forward to it.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: Return to the Runway

I love Project Runway and wish it was a weekly show (although it almost is!). I watch the shows reruns over and over because I always notice something I missed the first time around.
I miss Heidi, Nina, Tom and the other regulars but I think we needed new judges for a different viewpoint. I like Sweet Pea and Elisa and I think they were invited back for their personalities.
I would like to see at least three episodes where no one is eliminated. How about a point system awarded so that the ones with the least points are eliminated. That way we could enjoy at least three episodes of the lower rated designers that we may have liked.
Don't forget that some of the designers that were not asked to be on All Stars have businesses and families like Laura who I notice does some other fashion shows. Or Wendy Pepper who has a business in Virginia. I am sure people had to go back to jobs; not all were free lancers or unemployed. Anthony is so cool and his designs are very good. He is too classic and classy as is Rami who has an edge and talent too.
I hate some of the 'junk' that wins at times. Don't forget these clothes are not for the average person in the form they are shown.

Re: Purple and Green?

WOW! Looks like a designer purse. I am impressed.

Re: Project Runway 9: Come As You Are

HEY! I love Project Runway and just live to see the next episode. Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum make the show. That is what they are there judge and criticize. I especially like the older episodes where Nina is showing her thigh flab and cellulite as she sits high up on the stool in her short skirt with her legs crossed. She noticed it because she toned up a bit and got a tan in later episodes. I now have a soft spot in my heart for Michael Kors who had his-look-alike mother on. Soo cute~~
Heidi is just the most gorgeous person I have ever seen. Although her calves and knees look very large and thick at times. Too bad she got those tattoos.
I think it is entirely appropriate to have celebrities as guest judges. They wear designer clothes in movies, on TV, at award shows and in gossip mags etc. Many of them are very savvy about fashion. The big bomb was Jessica Simpson. She was so porky that her cheeks almost covered her eyes! She was not very interesting or expressive.
Vera Wang's clothes are just as Cammillapoof says...I bought a nightgown and after I washed and dried it...on to the trash. I hated the feel of it and it was ruined. Her fabrics are something I would never wear. I do have ONE soft cotton top of hers but they are few and and far between. I have not yet become attached to any of the people on the new episode. I do like Bert because he is older like me and has a history of quite a career behind him.

Re: 2011 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Fashions

I did like Natalie Portman's dress. Who can resist pink and red and a rose? It hung beautifully. Too cliche but I still liked it. Scarlett Johansson's dress looked gorgeous with her skin even though they were almost the same color. All floaty and feminine. Her hair looked so good on her and played up her features. Katherine Zeta Jones' dress was too heavy but still elegant and looked beautiful on her. Helena Bonham Carter was fun and very pretty in a promish way. Her face and hair helped to make it a good look. The two BIG stars...Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman were tasteful and subdued but beautiful still. Julienne Moore was a JOKE! The big pouffy sleeve that went through her necklace. Tackiest of all.

Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

I don't think this machine should be considered a toy machine as it sews quite well and is light and easy to use. Don't be fooled just because it is "cute" doesn't mean it is a dinky toy. I found a Miss Kitty machine like the one shown at a Goodwill Store, ordered the pedal and electric cord on eBay and had a nice machine for $59. I was planning to give it to my grandaughter but I like it and decided to keep it. Her mother does not have time to teach her and I live in another city so I can't. Eventually I will give it to her but for now I like to use it for quick tasks. I have a Bernina 830 which is my main machine, an old Kenmore with the embroidery cams (it is so heavy!!) a Singer that I bought at Goodwill, a White which I bought for $7.99 when I worked out of town and needed to alter some scrubs and three sergers. I am a sewing machine junky!

Re: Project Runway Episode 11 - Make it feel good

I wanted Gordana to be in the final 3 and get a chance to create a collection. The other designers made fun of her and her age (I can see that). Her dress was true to the challenge. I could not believe that they judged it by the zipper alone. That was just an excuse to get her off because she is older. Remember what her background is and that explains her depressing color choices. Irina is cold and uninteresting in personality as well as clothing design. Actually I liked the last dress she did better than any of her others. I am glad to see there are no males in the final three this time. They pick guys (no offense) that are gay and design wierd clothing normal people would not wear. I thought Chloe was a good choice on a previous Project Runway. It is true that these people are not as interesting as the designers on previous seasons.
BY THE WAY I LOVE PROJECT RUNWAY AND WOULD NOT MISS IT. I WATCH THE RERUNS OVER AND OVER. I always notice something I missed. Where can you get the DVDS??
Frankly I like to check out the flabby thighs and cellulite of the judges when they are sitting on their stools in their short skirts. Being skinny is not all; being toned is. Heidi is gorgeous and I can't get enough of looking at her