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craft interests: sewing, Woodwork

Member Since: 03/20/2010

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More Shoulder bags

More Shoulderbags-fun and easy! Except pulling bag through handle! All have heavy interfacing and Muslin lining!

Latest Purse (Hand Bag)

My latest Handbag. It's the same pattern that I used on earlier one, however, I added pockets and tried hard to find prints that went well together. I also sewed some goldish strap accross the top...

New Purse

I really like this one! Simple yet cool. Works real nice put over your head and on the opposite shoulder. (A real nice smooth fit! I will be making a tie dye hippiny one later on, with a shirt to...

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Re: More Shoulder bags

I have made alot of these and now I am trying for a different style.

Re: Choose the proper prom dresses for you

No doubt that Chinese can make a better cheeper Dress, however I try not to buy from them when I can make my own!It's tough not buying from China these days but we need to try!

Re: MAGAZINE AND DVD GIVEAWAY: "Teach Yourself to Sew"

I am a 51 year old guy (until the 7th)that started sewing about 4 months ago. I really could use the DVD and Magazine, and it would be really cool to get it on my birthday 11/07/1959

P.S. Sewing is one of the coolest thingsI have done and I am so glad I didn't worry about being teased and started sewing!

Re: What sewing book do you turn to most often?

The manual that came with my Singer CE250
It has alot of info in it! Stitches, how to make them and where to use them, along with needle sizes and types and when and where to use them.

Re: What sewing book do you turn to most often?

The manual that came with my Singer CE250
It has alot of info in it! Stitches, how to make them and where to use them, along with needle sizes and types and when and where to use them.

Re: Flowery dress

AND, it must be nice to be able to make your own pattern!
I still fight the store bought ones :)

Re: Flowery dress

Nice! How many pieces are in this?
Skirt, Midrif, Bodice, Lining?

Re: Project Runway: A Rough Day on the Runway

I real winner with this one!! God I love the colors!!
The prints work so well together!!
Suprised me!!

Re: Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours

I gotta admit, I just finished watching it and all I can say is Andy's swimsuit was by far the best. I may not understand design very well, but I darn sure know what looked the best, had the best color, the most intricate sewing/design cand the one most people would actually buy and wear and it was not that black mess by April!! I have never seen anyone wear something like that (not even at the acadmy awards etc.)But I know women would love to be seen in that swimsuit, but you would get laughed at wearing Aprils design.
It's just my oppinion!

Re: Add style and flair with pleats

Holly cow "WHATEVER"
I just want to see how to make them!!
I will never be able to remember the name anyways!!!
I read the whole article and learned ALOT!
Thats what I am here for. I have a sewing book that is 4" thick and full of fine print! There is no way to remember every thing in it. I looked up pleats and there are many and at the end of the day-they look like pleats.
People come from different backrounds and learn from different people. I work in HVAC and have heard other techs call the same thing by different names. It just depends where you come from etc.!!!
GREAT ARTICLE, I LOVED IT! (and I am a begginer)
Thanks for sharing your knoweledge!!!!!

Re: corset top made from an old shirt



I gotta try this (For my wife :)

Re: Top and Pant

Thats pretty neat! I am going to check out Feather stitch now!!

Re: Share Your Fabric Stash Busting Projects

So far, even though I have made only a few things, I have ended up with a 30 Gal plastic can FULL of scraps. I do not have the heart to through anything out!(Yet)Since I am very new to sewing, a 2 yard dress can take 6 yards of fabric with LOTS of "start overs" etc. So, I can have whole skirts, Bodice, midriffs (With linings) etc. scrapped! SOMEDAY I am sure I will find some use for them :)
The small stuff I am thinking; headbands, scarfs, ties, dew rags etc. OR I could cut them up and use them as embelishments. Or more than likely, end up just throwing most of it out and starting over! (LOL)
What ever I end up doing, I am sure will be a fun learning experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Evening Jacket

That must have taken some time! Some day I will get an emroidery / Sewing machine (Can't wait)

Re: Leopard and Lace

Now thats wild!!! :) Cool work!

Re: Video: Bias Binding

WOW! I just learned alot! I made my own strips and just folded them and sewed in place. They were rather ROUGH looking!!!

Re: Simplicity/Threads 2591

Now thats cool!!!

Re: Knits & Wovens: What's the Difference?

This actually makes sense once you think about it! Now I know the difference.