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Lisette Schroth, Metairie, LA, US

Went by nickname "Lilo" till I GREW UP! Born in Gemany; taught sewing doll clothes by Marujita Sanchez from age 6 in Baranquilla, Colombia; moved to New Orleans in 1954; been sewing and designing my own clothing, draperies and grandkids clothing - BUT just sporadically!

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, sewing, French Hand Sewing and reading

Gender: Female

Member Since: 04/17/2012

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Re: Making Pretty Buttonholes

WOW! I was totally averse to making button holes - and would rather make bound buttonholes than machine made! Or just put snaps instead of those dreaded machine-made ones. But YOU have changed that for me forever! Can't wait to do another "perfect" set of machine-made one!