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Re: Book Giveaway and Free Pattern Downloads: "The Magic Pattern Book"

I'd love to win this book, to help me teach my children to sew, as well as have basic patterns at my fingertips! I have some small skills to modify things, but can't draft my own ideas from scratch...

Re: Book Giveaway: "Patternmaking Made Easy," Third Edition by Connie Crawford

I would love to win this book! I do various forms of costuming: scifi, general Halloween, steampunk, and multiple eras of reenacting. I've been relying on published patterns, but the freedom of drafting my own is something I would ADORE. All of my family members are unable to use "off-the-rack" sizes, so drafting correct fits instead of altering to fit would be *so* freeing.

Re: Book and DVD Giveaway: Claire B. Shaeffer's "Couture Sewing: Tailoring Techniques"

I would love to be able to take my garments from looking "home-sewn" to "tailored". I want to win this book to learn the couture techniques that can help me get that finished, polished look in shirts, blouses, jackets, and trousers--as a tall woman, very few off-the-rack items fit properly, and I would love to be able to do tailoring myself that looks professional, not "meh".

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

I would love to have this reference set! As a tall, multi-sized (tops are 2-3 sizes smaller than bottoms) home sewer, I do my best to make custom-fit clothing or tailor ready-made, but what I know is only simple things. Learning new techniques can only make my efforts better! Videos explain so much more than books with pictures can, and this set has so many things I have been wanting to learn.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Underwear Fashion in Detail"

I, too, would love to look at the pictures in this book, as I've been getting into historical recreation myself. Period-accurate undergarments are not necessarily easy to recreate! I've been able to create a lower-class persona from the 1810's time frame ("church charity" leather corset pattern), but I'd love to be able to make a boned cloth version for a higher-class persona...seeing how they looked would be a big help!