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craft interests: crochet, fashion, sewing

Member Since: 03/02/2010

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Flounce About Jacket (© Saf-T-Pockets Patterns)

This jacket was a lot of fun to make. Very easy and just as easy to wear - it looks fabulous with jeans in a light wash. The pattern used was the Flounce About Jacket...

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Re: Book Giveaway: "Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing"

I'm just now taking Gertie's Craftsy class "Sew Retro: The Perfect Bombshell Dress" and I have all of her Vogue patterns. I would love to know the vintage techniques behind her styles and how to make them my own.

Re: Win a Copy of Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King on DVD

Kenneth D. King's classes, articles and books are my first go to resource for inspiration and knowledgable creativity, as well as for those troublesome fitting issues wherever possible.

If I could put his "Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King" DVDs on my shelf it would pretty much solve most of my fitting troubles. What an unbelievably valuable resource that would be!

Re: Win a Copy of Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King on DVD

The only way to successfully enter this contest through Facebook is to turn on applications, which I refuse to do. It's a security risk. Come on Taunton. You don't need to help Facebook find a back door way to let all their advertisers have our information!

Re: Book and DVD Giveaway: Claire B. Shaeffer's "Couture Sewing: Tailoring Techniques"

I'm about to embark on my latest personal sewing challenge - creating the garments from my collection of Claire Schaeffer's Vogue Patterns Custom Couture Collection. Having her book and DVD combo at hand while I do this would be just like having the expert herself at my shoulder. It would be indescribably invaluable.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Costume and Fashion: A Concise History"

The Victorian era is one that has always intrigued me. As an earlier poster said, the fabrics and silhouettes are lovely.

Re: Book Giveaway "Vintage Lingerie"

Most of my current work is being heavily informed by period dress of the early to mid 1920s, and part of what helps to shape those garments are the undergarments worn. This would be a tremendous benefit to help me in understanding why certain things were done in certain ways.

Re: Making a Side Seam Read True

I'm late to this party I guess - so much has been said and debated already!

I only wish that I, and probably hundreds or thousands of others like me out here on the Threads site, were part of the elite clique of those who appear to be classically trained in tailoring and haute couture methods and techniques so I could contribute in some meaningful way to this discussion, but I - and they - are not.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding much of the material in the books and articles I read but it seems to me that creation of muslins is not a dirty little secret, but a valued and recommended technique in common use - particularly when the fashion fabric is in short supply, is very expensive, or should not be over handled (vintage fabrics for example).

I'm neither ashamed of my skill level nor afraid to admit that I find the use of muslins to be both a time saver and a convenient playground for my ideas around how to resolve a fitting problem.

To me, Kenneth D. King is a revolutionary in the design field, using logic and his own senses to come up with unusual and unconventional ways to produce beautiful, and beautifully fitted, garments without a need to worry about doing it the way it "should" be done. He reminds me in many ways of Alexander McQueen. Perhaps those very qualities, though, are the source of so much seeming anxiety over his methodologies. It makes me think about how "real" musicians often look down upon those who are naturally gifted and play by ear without any formal training.

Mr. King, I salute you and your natural talents, and I look forward to many more pleasurable and productive hours spent with your articles, books, and courses in my efforts to marry my own natural creativity with my growing skill in sewing and garment construction. Thank you for so generously sharing your talents.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Famous Frocks" by Sara Alm and Hanna McDevitt

I would love to get a head start on duplicating these glorious fashions from the past.

Re: Book Giveaway: Seventeenth-Century Women's Dress Patterns

One of the things that I'm constantly drawn to in garment making is the techniques used historically to create shape and structure - something much of our clothing today has a decided lack of. This book would be a treasured resource in my library that I would go back to again and again and again.

Re: Who influenced or taught you the most when you started sewing?

Desire, need and circumstance were my teachers!

One time as a very young woman I was looking for an outfit for a special occasion and I had something very specific in mind - which meant, of course, that it couldn't be found anywhere! So I bought a pattern (Butterick 4189 - c1986), the perfect fabrics and notions (a fine wool, a luxurious tapestry and elegant gold buttons), and a sewing machine (a Singer that only had about 6 or so different stitch functions), and just made it myself.

I still have to laugh at how fearless I was, and how lucky I was that it didn't turn into a huge disaster. I made a couple more menswear garments using a combination of pin tracing existing garments and fabric draping on the men themselves and then never sewed another stitch until about 3 years ago.

Once again I wanted something no one had for sale - curtains this time. I made 3 sets of self-designed curtains, decided I needed a more modern sewing machine, bought a pants pattern and was so pleased with myself that I haven't looked back since.

I'm still fearless, but I know enough now to expect the odd disaster.

Re: Color Coordination

I've always gone my own way, whether that be in style or color selection. I like what I like and I know what flatters me.

I'm drawn to, and look best in, clear saturated blue-based colors. So, while a few of this season's colors intrigue me, most are not likely to find their way into my wardrobe - especially not Bamboo. That one would turn my complexion to mud in a second.

If I absolutely MUST have a season's "it" color regardless of all of that, I usually go ahead and buy the fabric, but use it to make something nice for someone else...therefore, no regrets at all!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Threads Sewing Guide"

Threads is my go-to resource for everything sewing related! I can't think of a more valuable addition to my sewing library than the Threads Sewing Guide.

Re: Online Shopping and Resource Guide

Oh no! Now I have a whole list of places to spend my time and money on. Seriously, thank you for this. It's sometimes difficult to find quality and this list will be invaluable. I'm very glad to see that you have my absolute favourite listed - Waechter's Fine Fabrics in Asheville NC. Beautiful fabrics of the best quality and customer service like you've never experienced it before.

Re: Narrow Back Adjustment

Hallelujah! I finally know how to fix that now. LOL I have a very vivid picture in my mind of those vertical wrinkles. They've been haunting me on a jacket muslin where no matter what I did to alter the pattern it seemed to just shift the problem around. Thank you!

Re: Summer Sewing

I'll be happy to post some photos when I'm done pinkkangaroo. Probably not for a few more weeks though as I'm in the middle of doing up some clothing for my neice's 6 month old daughter. I've made note of your user id and I'll message you when they're up.

Re: Summer Sewing

I've actually already purchased 1244 and I can't wait to sew it up. Finding 5 coordinating fabrics (in the relatively small quantities called for) already in my stash should be easy :-)

Re: Book Giveaway: "Draping Basics" by Sally M. Di Marco

The second garment I ever made was completely draped on the body of the person I was making it for. That was when I discovered that I have an iffinity for this craft - and well before I knew enough to know I didn't know enough to do this :-) I haven't draped a garment since then, but I sure would like to learn to do it properly!

Re: a fitting problem

I'm far from being a pro, but I recently had precisely the same fitting problem in the back of the muslin for a ladies jacket I was constructing for myself. Maybe my experience might point you in a direction you haven't considered yet for that.

After 2 weeks of trying every possible combination of alterations known to man I gave up in disgust and went on to another project. About 3 weeks later it suddenly dawned on me that most of the alterations I had tried were attempts to reduce the size - everywhere except the bust and waist. That tipped me off that I actually was NOT using the right size pattern. I tried one more time with the next size smaller pattern and made adjustments to increase the bust and waist (pretty easy since I was using a multi-size pattern) and voila - a perfect fit. The entire back and shoulders were just too large in the pattern size I had chosen originally and would not hang correctly no matter what I did.

Re: some of my work

I've always admired the...yes...the craftmanship found in a well-made traditional Scottish kilt, and these are no exception. Beautiful!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Horrockses Fashions: Off-the-Peg Style in the '40s and '50s"

I can't describe how thrilled I would be to win this book! I'm fascinated by vintage style, especially with finer details incorporated into them. I've been known to get lost for hours researching these looks and places to find patterns.

Re: Flounce About Jacket (© Saf-T-Pockets Patterns)

To CHL - I am so sorry that I haven't taken a picture with jeans and posted it yet. I truly do intend to but life just seems to be getting away with me lately!

To SewingSteph: Thank you. You won't be disappointed. This jacket works up so quickly and beautifully I surprised myself.

Re: The Winners Are...

Congratulations to the lucky winners! This should be a great tool to add to your kit.

Thank you Threads, for giving us all these wonderful opportunities.

Re: MAGAZINE AND DVD GIVEAWAY: "Teach Yourself to Sew"

Threads magazine, Threads online, and the Threads DVD of all issues are my top go-to resources. I would love to add these to that list. Thanks for the opportunity :-)

Re: Green Crompton Velveteen

These pictures make me want to push my hands through the monitor and right into the fabric. A wonderful design for a beautiful fabric. I'd be proud to wear this jacket if it was mine.

Re: Flounce About Jacket (© Saf-T-Pockets Patterns)

Thank you :-) If I can figure out how to do it I'll set up another post with a picture of me wearing the jacket with jeans and a link from here to there. It might take me a few days to get to it though.

Re: Flounce About Jacket (© Saf-T-Pockets Patterns)

You're very welcome. Thank you for your feedback. This was my first project posting on this site and I was hoping someone would visit :-)

Re: Celebrate National Sewing Month

I sew to challenge my personal creative vision and "just do it" methodology.

Re: Spring Sewing Projects - What Do You Plan to Sew?

Hi all! I'm a re-newbie :-) That is, years ago I took up sewing for a couple of years, and am just starting again now. The biggest difference is that I rarely used a pattern the first time around and this time I'm trying to actually learn some of the tried and true techniques while still allowing my creativity to have some say.

I guess I approach sewing as a creative outlet, but when I thought about it a bit I realized I do have a system of sorts that helps me to complete projects. It goes something like this:

1. See a dress/skirt/pant/blouse in a fashion mag or a runway picture that fascinates me and makes me want to pick it apart to see how they did it.

2. Spend some time rolling it around in my head to see what translations might actually work in the real world, keeping in mind lessons learned from prior projects.

3. Search out and buy a pattern that has at least the basic lines of the image now in my mind.

4. Spend some time with the pattern thinking about how it could be altered without losing integrity, what kind of fabrics might work best, how to use colour to highlight certain design details, assessing if I should make a muslin first, etc.

5. Now I'm ready to go to the store and buy the fabric and notions I want.

Once I finally get to the point of actually bringing some fabric home the anticipation I feel is very high - high enough that I can't wait to get started so I can complete the project as soon as possible. This works for me because even though I might already have a next project in mind, it's still in the "tossing it about in my mind" stage for more than long enough to complete the current garment.

Re: Help us Choose the Next Threads Cover

My favourite is the lower left as well, although I wish one element from another were there - the 5 pants from 1 pattern element. That would make it even more appealing to me.