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Red Bank, NJ, US

My design career began at age 13 and continues to evolve in an ever growing range of media. I acquired my sense of style while studying fashion in Europe and continued honing my digital design skills at Parsons, Rhode Island School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology. I enjoy the *thrill of the hunt* for unusual fabrics for my couture collection, Atelier L'Amourphosis.

craft interests: fashion, restyle, sewing

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Member Since: 03/09/2016

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Re: Perfect Machine Tension Every Time

Like Pinky57, I also gifted myself with a sewing machine after graduation from design college in 1973. Sears Kenmore Model 1803. Still in use today, joined by a Viking Husky 170 and an Omnistitch 1000. I maintain all my machines with a regularly scheduled oiling, and have never had a professional servicing in over 40 years of dressmaking, draperies, and crafting.

Re the Tension Test, I wanted to point out that according to my Kenmore manual, the test needs to be done with mercerized cotton thread and the bias line stitched 1/2 inch from the edge. Attempting to use cotton-coated polyester thread will drive you to drink, it will never break when you pull the swatch. Also, the threads do not have to break in the exact same spot, but both top and bottom threads must break simultaneously. Once the tension is established you can then use your chosen thread.

Been a reader since the 1st issue, L-O-V-E your magazine, and am so delighted to see so many Millennials rediscovering the art of sewing and creating a unique vision.