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I started sewing at 13 and quickly became the "teacher's pet" in Home Ec. class. I'm fifty now and have sewn pretty much since. I do not consider myself at expert at anything but have had many successes in sewing clothes, quilts, crafts etc.

With those triumphs also came many, many curse words, abandoning projects and lots of trial and errors. Now I'm the clearance section Queen.

I love shopping the bi-annual clearance sales and making clothes for myself for sometimes less than $5.00. My collegues are sometimes impressed and my grandchildren think I'm amazing.

Sewing is no longer offered in the cirriculum at school so I coach my teenage nieces once a week and they are now learning the love of fabric and what can be created.

Sewing has been a real healer for me when life brings it's challenges.

craft interests: quilting, sewing

Member Since: 01/24/2009

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Re: Video: Easy-to-Sew Flat Fly-Front Zipper

Thank you so much for this video instruction. Fly zippers have been my nemisis for decades. I'd start out making a fly zipper and then give up, sew the seam in the front and make a back zipper........grrrrrrrrrr.

Thanks to you, I have two perfectly sewn fly zippers and now have the choice of front, back, or side openings. I'm the clearance queen and love boasting at work that I made my pants for less than $4.00. It helps to boast if the zipper looks good. smiles.

Thanks again