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Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA

craft interests: embroidery, gifts, quilting, sewing, dress making

Member Since: 02/25/2009

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Re: Stenciled Jacket

Hi, a master piece!

Could you please provide me with the name of, and pattern number that you used to make this lovely jacket?

Please email with the information - I would realy appreciate it.

God bless

Re: Tribute to a Pastor's Wife

Dear Sewsalot,
you have opened my mind (and eyes) to the fact that I, through sewing, am expressing my greatfullness, my thanks and appreciation to my God, and to my Mom, for the priviledge of being able to sew.

My Mom passed away in 2006, and one is never old enough to loose a parent. My Mom and I shared many, many hours sewing, and after her death, I did not touch any sewing for years. Now that the initial grieving over my loss has passed (I hope) I have taken up sewing again, and during such pleasant sewing hours, I can clearly feel her presence. It is almost as if she is still guiding me, telling me the many ways in which the colours and richness of certain types of materials call to her, speak to her and weave her colourful dreams. I miss her dearly, and desperately - and I am SO tremendously greatful for being able to connect with her in the expressive manner of sewing.

Seeing you pour your grieve over the loss of a loved one into such a magnificent piece of exquisite art, has made me realize that my soul is yearning to do the same for my Mom. I do not yet know what it is that I shall be sewing as a tribute to my best friend and confidant that is now sewing in Heaven, but I want to thank you for showing me the way.

God bless

Re: Video: All-in-One Piping and Facing

Really impressed! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making sewing-life easier. God bless!