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Re: Clone Yourself A Dress Form

I love to sew and have been on a fitting quest for awhile now, after researching body forms for awhile I decided to try the paper tape process. I talked my wonderful hubby , along with my daughter to tape me up:) they had pretty much gotten done with the front and starting on the back when i began to get lightheaded, i actually ended up fainting! Anyways my suggestion is maybe make a "seam" down the sides and shoulder with some duct tape, do the front first, take it off, let it dry while the person being taped takes a break, then do the back and join together. I was able to salvage my form and finish it up, it's going to work out well. Also another tip, use just a damp sponge,don't over wet your tape, it sticks better.hope this helps someone thinking about doing this, sewing is a dangerous hobby.......LOL