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Re: Paper-Tape Dress Form

I forgot to mention. Think Plywood when taping the layers. I other words tape horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. It took me 3/4 of a 600 foot roll but I put on 4 layers. I am an apple shaped size 22 so if that gives you some scale for your needs. Also if your husband does the taping the breast area usually gets a lot attention. Remind him to also do the areas like under the arms and stuff. Thanks to my hubby though, he rocks!

Re: Paper-Tape Dress Form

I made this dress form with my husband with the craft paper tape. We bought it online from DICK BLICK art supply. It was inexpensive, the shipping added some but if you can get it from their store you won't have that expense.
I found that dunking the tape made it too wet. If I used the sponge method it stayed dryish and kept its shape. After we cut it off I repaired it and any edges that popped up with another wet sponge. This helped in adjusting the size afterwards. It was a really good experience. I put it on a suit hanger that was taped to a PVC pipe "T". This is held up by an old Christmas tree stand. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this form. I too got a little dizzy while making the form. (Glue?) It worked out though. Also, I pin into mine but I covered it with a t-shirt that is a size too small so it stays tight. I also put lines on it and they really help with pattern fitting.