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Re: Online Shopping and Resource Guide

I am trying to find some fabric similar to "Carhartt" fabric for construction workers/farmers... Any thoughts?

Re: Modern Smocking Lozenge Pattern

I really like this technique, It looks tres cool! If I understand right, the texture is actually the back side of the needlework, right? I was wondering, as I browse through my ancient books, if there are any more "easy to read" grid patterns for other designs handy? All the smocking tutorials I can find are for prepleated what I call 1970's /little girl dresses and apron designs and I can't seem to translate them into this technique... I can follow "connect dot 1 to dot two with a tight stitch, float over to dot 3, connect dot three to 4..." but am havign trouble figuring out what the other patterns would look like... Can anyone help me?