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Re: Clone Yourself A Dress Form

I tried the idea of making a foam double from a plaster cast of my torso. I had read around a few sites and it seemed pretty simple. My husband helped me (against his will and better judgement). We started by covering myself with a plastic garbage bag and using a bit of duct tape to define the contours. Then we used bandages already coated in plaster of paris that you just wet and apply. I had never read any warnings or possible troubles on any of the websites or forums. I had to wait 20-30 minutes for the cast to dry. It wasn't restrictive or too tight, but snug and form-fitting. After 20 minutes my husband came back out to check on me and I complained of feeling light-headed and woozy. I wanted him to start cutting it off even though it wasn't completely dry. (It was dry enough to hold its shape) After a few snips I started freaking out because I was seeing stars and I knew I was fading fast. I'm not claustrophic or anythig, by the wooziness was rapidly increasing.
The last thing I remember was my husband yelling "Hang on honey!" as I started to lean forward. I woke up in a chair that was near by, covered in vomit and shards of plaster. I had passed out and vomited everywhere while he frantically cut me out of the mold. He said I stopped breathing and my face was bright red. I don't remember feeling uncomfortable or having a hard time breathing, but somehow things went downhill fast. Maybe I was taking shallow breaths intentionally so as not to distort the mold, I don't know.
So $30 dollars, and 1 1/2 hours later I still don't have a dress form and my husband is traumatized. I don't know if duct tape would have a similar effect on me, but I'm too afraid to find out!