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Re: Sew Better with Staystitching Fundamentals

How does one "finish" a clipped seam. Turn under the seam allowance of each little section? sew on bias binding? serge the edges? overcast?

Or does one serge or tape the edges of each seam allowance BEFORE clipping?

Re: Do You Have Questions for Sewing Expert Angela Wolf?

I am very excited that Angela Wolf will be making a video.
It's clear that her head is filled with wonderful, creative ideas for sewers.
I watch her every time she appears on TV and often play the sections that she is in several times.
Since you have asked for comments, I would like to take this opportunity to make some suggestions for her video presentation.

1. Please, please, please speak slowly. It takes a few seconds for us to process what you are saying.

2. Please ask your camera operator to keep the camera focused on the item you are working on and NOT on you. Camera people have a tendency to want to focus on the person who is talking. As a consequence, when you say something "like this" or "you can see" or "watch this," the camer is often showing us your face (lovely as it is) rather than the procedure you are demonstrating.

3. Please use solid colors and contrasting thread. Seams, folds, and markings do not show up well on prints.

4. Please take a look at the videos created by Neukam, Shaeffer, King and Cutting for examples of very clear, easy-to-follow videos.

5. Please have only one piece of fabric on your workspace at any given time. It's very hard to know to what you are referring when you have a pile of different items within view of the camera.

6. Please avoid moving the fabric around any more than necessary. When a piece is twirled around, thumped up and down, and twisted, it's hard to follow what is happening at any time.

All that having been said, I look forward eagerly to your video. I am sure I will learn a lot.

Re: How to Sew a Basic Kick Pleat

I am only an intermediate sewer, and I found these instructions challenging. It was hard for me to visualize how each step was going to work. I photocopied the illustrations and then wrote out each step separately - there are actually 24!

Then I put the number of each instruction on my copy of the illustration and proceeded to make a sample. The result is truly elegant and worth the effort. Thank you.

Re: Explore the Fashions of Titanic's Passengers

It wold be fun to see a discussion of the fashions (including an examination of the differences among the classes) shown in the PBS drama Downton Abby.
They are magnificent.

Since Downton Abby begins with a telegram announcing the sinking of the
Titanic, the timing is very apt.

The costumes in the show are magnificent. There is even some discussion about the evolution of men's clothing during the period.

Re: Copy Your Garments with Precision

Each time I attempt to obtain so-called "insider information," I receive an invitation to become an insider.
I believe I am already signed up (as, so the process sends me in circles.
Am I the only one who is having difficulty availing myself of the new offering?
Am I doing something wrong?
I even went so far as to go through the change-password process, but that didn't work, either.