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Re: Clone Yourself A Dress Form

I agree with David Coffin totally. I have, with Hubby's help made two dress forms. The first was duct tape, following a Threads article a few years back. This was relatively easy but wrapping in the right direction was essential in order to get the best shape for yourself, I found. The form turned cylindrical over time so did not keep well, but it inspired me to have a go at the plaster/ foam one. This required a very trustworthy assistant who had to promise not to open the door during the plasterwork. He was not trustworthy enough as he had decided that it was a bit extravagant to buy the plaster cutting scissors, and I bore scissor scars for a while.Our friends and family have had so much amusement at it all. We had to have two goes at the plaster wrap as the inside needed a lot of work to release a nice foam surface. I was able to do a bit of "liposuction" with this by pouring plaster onto the inside cast surface. The form really duplicated my posture so is invaluable for fitting, but is not brilliant for fitting close fitting garments as it is a tad bigger than me, even with the relining.
Being wrapped is not for the faint hearted, I am not prone to claustrophobia or fainting but I was a bit lightheaded standing so long during the process.
My dress form is kept in the wardrobe, unlike a regular dressform as it is a bit strange having my torso on display if visitors turn up because they always comment, and have a laugh.