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Re: How to Re-create a Vintage Modernist Bag

Mr. King, thank you so much for sharing this bag with us. I'd love to try a quilted fabric version. I once copied a bag, a sort of carry-all with flap, that belonged to my daughter, and gave the copy as a gift. I've since wished I had kept a pattern of the bag since it was a very functional and adaptable one.

user574200: Thanks so much for the links to the Arthur Smith bio. I wonder, though, if the Heffing (double f) mentioned there is the same as the Hefling (single f followed by l) named in the label of Mr. King's bag. Do you think the name is misspelled in the bio?

Re: The Fortuny Jacket: Finessing the Facing

I would n-e-v-e-r have thought of that. I love following the construction of this jacket. Thanks so much for the clear descriptions.

Re: Firming Up Fabrics with Gelatine

I'm so happy to have this tip. Is it okay to let the mixture cool down first, or does the mixture have to be hot when the fabric goes in?

Re: Project Runway Episode 6: "Fix My Friend!"

Nathan's design wasn't the worst. Ven's was. Absolutely awful. Many were awful, though. The winner was a good design, I thought. Interesting combination and arrangement of colors, a very wearable style, and well-suited to his client's figure. The others seemed to disregard their client's figures altogether, trying to fit the client into their idea of style, rather than fitting the style to the client. Mid-thigh dresses were perhaps not the best idea.

Re: Video: How to Create a Beautiful Lace Top

Celkalee, your comments make a great addition to this topic. Thanks for those tips.

Re: Turn Your Special Textiles into Something Special to Wear

I just love this. What a wonderful way to treasure your mother's hand-sewn things, and your stitching and the lining are beautiful additions. I'd like to try something like this with my table linens.

Re: Roy Denim: A small jeans factory with only one worker

What a very interesting approach to a vocation! I loved reading "The Story" on the Roy Denim website, and I look forward to watching the videos included there later on. Who knew there was so much to learn about denim, constructing jeans, and the machinery? May that interest continue to bring as much joy as it has up until now.

Re: A Beautiful Embroidered Beaded Bodice

This does look like the under-bodice of a sari. Beautiful. Is the base fabric silk organza? Hard to tell, but the fabric looks so fragile it's hard to imagine how it holds all the heavy embroidery and beads. Thanks so much for the close-up look.

Re: Retro Glam

Nice work. Looks lovely on you.

Re: Skyscrapers In The Big City

This is a gorgeous, gorgeous dress. I can only imagine the difficulty of all those pieces, with piping too. Love the neckline. You should've won the competition, in my opinion.

Re: And Old Buttons!

What wonderful artistry. I just stumbled onto the photos of your buttons and had to comment; I've not explored the Threads online site in a number of months. Thanks so much for showing these, they're remarkable. I wish you had a booth at the upcoming Atlanta Sewing Expo.

I also liked your "Navy Uniform."


Re: Front Edge and Shoulder Pads for Fantasy Fur Jacket

This is fantastic. Thanks so much for the instruction. I can now actually see myself attempting to make custom-fitted shoulder pads.

And, please, yes, a photo of you wearing the jacket. What a fun thing to wear!

Your comments about taste in fashion are well-expressed. One of the things I dislike about fashion is that so many of us are sheep about it - needing approval of everyone else for our own preferences and sense of style.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Threads Sewing Guide"

I'd love to have this book among my sewing resources. Thanks for the contest, and please, enter me!

Re: Staying a Neckline and Armhole

Thank you so much, Mr. King, for photos and instructions. One question, though, please. The strips of organza are folded in half lengthwise and pressed, so when they are laid onto the seamlines, are there two layers of silk? I can't quite see that from even the close-up photos. I assume that, folded lengthwise, the result is a 3/4 inch wide folded piece, correct?

Re: Cut-on Gusset

Mr. King, thank you so much for your answer to my question. I'm very eager to do a muslin, as suggested, using this technique. Your "rule of thumb" regarding higher armscye/narrower sleeve/increased negative space is most clear, and one I'll remember.

Re: Cut-on Gusset

Trishapat: Thanks so much for your thoughts on the effects of the change on fit.

Re: Cut-on Gusset

Thank you so very much for these instructions. A question - should the jacket pattern chosen for altering in this way necessarily be one with a rather high or close-fitting underarm seam? I'm wondering what happens to the bustline fitting when the armscye is cut lower.

Re: Five Blogs We Love

My favorite sewing blog list is topped by:

Others on the list: - which is no longer active, but old posts are still available

Re: blouse with controlled raw edges + metallic embroidery

I love your blouse, and appreciate the detailed description of your process. The raw edges and decorative stitches are a wonderful combination. I like the shape of the blouse, too - looks like something you'll wear a lot.

Re: Hand Stitched Linen

Your hand-stitching is so nicely done. Attractive design, too. This looks like a most-comfortable outfit.

Re: Handpainted Linen Sundress with Beading

The hand-painting is beautiful, and looks beautiful with the lilac skirt and piping trim. Well done.

Re: Discharge Dyed Linen Jacket

This is super. Who'd've thought that navy linen would produce that color after discharging? Nice arrangement of color on the pockets and sleeves.

Re: Siberian iris

Just amazing.

Re: Sashiko Linen Vest with Silk Dupioni

I, too, love the sashiko embroidery, but I also think your use of the colorful dupioni silk in the pleat and piping really sets off this vest. Great fabric choices and beautiful work.

Re: Sweet Baby Dress

Simply beautiful.

Re: Summer Sewing Challenge

What a pleasure it must've been to grant the request of your nephew. I hope his trip is wonderful and successful, and rewarded by another pair of linen pants from you. Would you consider getting on the Gatherings site and filling us in on some of the details of the pants?

Re: Ixchel Amor

I love this. Creative design, beautifully executed.

Re: Ecouter Gray Jacket original couture

Very nice design. A flattering take-off on the bolero, with an attractive shape on the hem. I hope you'll post photos of your other versions of this jacket.

Re: In Search of a Threads Back Cover

I, too, look forward to the back-cover photos with the arrival of each of my Threads magazines. Thank you for the research. Those garments are treasures.

Re: Multilingual fabric wiki

What a great idea! I especially like the "Sewing challenges" part of the description of the fabrics, with tips on how to handle those challenges; also the "Cutting properties." Some online fabric vendors offer some care instructions, and some sewing and cutting techniques, but certainly not all. Even the brick-and-mortar stores often don't have that information. This site will be a boon for many of us who sew, and you will have the gratitude of many, many sewers, I'm sure. Thank you so much.

Re: "Ethereal2"

The bride looks beautiful, and she was a lucky girl to have you make her gown. What beautiful work you do.

Re: Jewellery

Very nice polymer clay pieces.

Re: lace festival idrija 2007

What a treat it is to see more of your work. This lace is just wonderful. I wish I could see all of the entries up close. The display of the lace on the network of strings is very clever. Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope your work will be chosen for display in the Threads Magazine also. It would be so interesting to know more about the entire creative process.

Re: Frosted Florals

Very pretty. Simple, feminine design makes best use of this beautiful fabric. Your embellishment on the front is just right.

Re: Green Bag

Fun. Don't you love it when you can use those treasures you've stumbled upon?

Re: Strike It Rich Gold Trenchcoat

Very nice job. I like your fabric/button choices.

Re: Advanced clothing construction class.....finished projects in 2008!

Lovely work. You picked some challenging fabrics to work with. And fun patterns. Congratulations on finishing so many UFO's.

Re: Threads Announces New Editor

Congratulations and good luck in your new position. I look forward to many interesting articles under your direction, including the kinds of challenging techniques which have inspired so many of us through the years with Threads.

Re: Guipure Lace Shell

It is beautiful, and something you can wear many times, with many outfits. Congratulations. It must've been a real treat to work on this personally with Susan Khalje in her class.

Re: Embellished Tulip Skirted Dress

Lovely job. You chose a beautiful fabric for this dress, crisper than the "suggested fabrics" on the pattern, but which works beautifully with this skirt. I wonder what a drapier fabric would do, like the lightweight jersey or crepe recommended. I like your simple, elegant embellishment, attractively placed. The binding on sleeves and neckline is nicely done. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Re: print screen

Interesting screen-printing. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.

Re: lace festival Idrija 2008 part 1

Just lovely. Congratulations on a wonderful project. I'd love to hear more details about the challenge, your process, and the materials you used. How about an article for Threads?

Re: Hand painted silk dress

I love the colors you've used, and the dress style is perfect for showcasing your painted design. I'd love more detail about the painting and dying process on the silks.

Re: Kelly's wedding gown

Your daughter's wedding was beautiful, in a beautiful place, too. Her dress, and all the others are so lovely. I can't imagine taking on such a huge project, and not going stark raving mad. :>) I'm sure your daughter and granddaughter will be telling stories about your feat for a long time.

Re: To Go Bag Challenge

Great job(s). That must've been fun to do as a group.


That cheerful vest would be a great pick-up on even a bad-hair day. Must've been a fun project.

Re: Zoe's Dedication Gown

What a beautiful dedication gown. The bonnet is just beautiful. I know it will be treasured always.