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Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

I learned to sew sometime before kindergarden on an old Singer machine (I don't remember the model). It was electrified, made of heavy metal, operated with a knee lever, and could make only straight stitches without attachments. It had a zipper attachment, and maybe a zig-zag attachment. It belonged to my step-mother, and it was fabulous! It NEVER misbehaved. It's probably STILL working flawlessly. At first I had to sit on some thick books to reach the controls properly.

After a while, a new Singer Touch 'n' Sew came to live at our house. I never liked it. All the sounds it made sounded like plastic! Every machine I've had since then sounds like plastic, too -- not like smoothly whirring metal parts. I was very spoiled by the sounds made by that old machine, and I still long for them...

Singer used to make tiny little machines for children, and I know I had one, but I don't think I ever really used it. I liked the big Singer too much! The Hello Kitty machine sounds bigger and more useful. If it intrigues you, go for it!