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Re: A Look at Exposed Zippers

It seems criminal to spoil such lovely construction with that (!*&) ugly zipper application. I am told that this is edgy but it just looks like poor construction to me. This sort of poor taste always remind me of the tale of the Emperors New Clothes. Everyone is told how edgy, new and different. But the facts is, he's naked. Such a shame that this otherwise lovely dress, will languish in the back of the closet.

Re: Project Runway: There's a Pattern Here

I liked Michael C's dress. Gretchens top looked like she was putting a target over each of her poor models breast. Would someone please explain the silly exposed zippers to me? Do they really not know how to insert a zipper? Most zippers are far too unattractive to be any sort of design statement. Whenever I see something like this, it reminds me of the story of the emperors new clothes. If you say "oh" "ah" often enough, people will think it's fashion rather than sloppy workmanship.